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  1. the first sequel was planned to be a PS2 game and it looked like this.. Now it looks like this….
  2. Oh my word. The cut scene for the originals were top class back in the day and the game itself revolutionary. These cut scenes look about as good as cinematics get for games so I expect the game to knock our socks off. Looks all high budgety Fantastic news.
  3. I feel like each bad guy should have had their own intro like in Hitman. Then I would know what’s going on in the story , I haven’t a clue.
  4. If it’s hanging leave it for 30 seconds. i haven’t had a single problem since mine hung on Tuesday. Seems very stable overall.
  5. Silky like doom. Field of view needs to be set back a touch. it is a lot like Prey in terms of feel but better. they don’t quite have that precision you would like but I love it.
  6. I got janked. She had stupid invisibility nonsense.
  7. The more I play this the more I like it. Killed an invader this evening. Got a big fat reward. Had headphones on and the sounds was pretty great and could hear her coming up behind me. Currently just going into loops to get upgrades and kill stuff and I’m finding weapons that have extra effects like a silenced machine pistol thing. The frame rate just makes it a pleasure to play but I still don’t have the muscle memory for the controls. I really think they should have had a customisable d pad for selection of powers and maybe a hold d pad option for a secondary set for things like the hackythingy. Perhaps I’ll offer my services next time they make a game. Excellent stuff.
  8. God the lighting looks shit. I can’t believe people still play this tosh it feels so old fashioned. cancel this game now and never make another one. They did it with X factor and big brother.
  9. A TRUE innovator. Without people like him in history there would be a dark hole. RIP
  10. Karnesis to someone near a ledge is incredible satisfying. How do you make it go in a different direction?
  11. Would have been better to switch with the shoulders and then execute with the triggers , each hand independently.
  12. I really like it. I’m kinda just playing at at the moment trying to understand a lot of stuff. My goal right now is to just pick an area and go explore and kill stuff. I find the combat really fun and you can die very easily if your not looking out. It’s great. It’s not a masterpiece but it’s great in the same way Prey was. They could have called this Prey 2, it’s got about as much in common as Prey had with Prey 360.
  13. Pretty frustrating when you go in and get the loot and die on the way out. The trip mines are causing me a nightmare. Juliana turned up but I could figure out if it was a real person or AI. Had a real person killed me I would have turned that feature off.
  14. I’m trying it out. It seems like there’s a big phasey hole in the middle of the sound stage. It doesn’t help that Samsung TVs have a game mode audio thing which tries to do some of this stuff. I would like to get a new amp to get my surround sound back but I’ll just stick some headphones in when I really want to get into something.
  15. I kinda wish they let the guys who made apex make this one. Apex plays great, Battlefield needs all its numbers and hit boxes completely overhauled.
  16. It’s going to be another bad battlefield isn’t it
  17. One of the PlayStation game cards says to be careful because if you kill them in a way that makes their remains inaccessible you won’t be able to pick up the slab. So it’s more by design
  18. Yeah there is something weird about the balancing. single player I’m talking about, I’m beginning to learn that the game really isn’t that hard. That said you can get overwhelmed very quickly. I guess all this came up in testing and they know what they’re doing.
  19. Sometimes it’s handy to use the PS5 cards to figure out what your supposed to be doing. The menus really are a mess.
  20. I really like this invading thing. It;s tense. I haven’t succeeded yet.
  21. Well I just invaded someone’s game. We saw each other through a locked door. He nearly killed me. I couldn’t find him after that and he escaped. So if you get invaded by me, just ignore me lol
  22. I just finished another day. I now have two abilities. I couldn’t save them with the Residuum I had so I literally recycled everything to get 15,000 so I could infuse that ability. Was I right to do that? I was going to lose all the stuff that wasn’t saved anyway right?
  23. I’m really surprised it only pushes 1440p in performance mode because it look really crisp, especially in the starting sections to the levels. I was getting fed up with all the reading. I feel like I’m missing vital clues and stuff but it just throws it all at you. Especially when you get back to the bunker and it does the tutorial thing. The menus themselves need explaining. IMO if that’s the case then your menus are shit. Over complicated. The mechanics are sound though. If you liked Prey then you will like this. It’s kinda 46% Prey, 22% dishonoured, 12% bioshock, erm ….46+22+12= 80…..20% batshit crazy. I think it’s important to not get overwhelmed and just take it all in my stride as it’ll all come together later on.
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