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  1. Getting your £70 out of ratchet I see Shimmy
  2. They’ve bought so much stuff but I don’t know why?
  3. I find games like this make moving feel like your in a small car. Almost like rocket league or the guy in Austin powers, it’s totally not suitable for a melee action game. I would totally buy a god of war collection remaster. I loved 3 and that’s the only one I’ve really spent alot of time on. That’s what god of war I’d to me, memorable wow moments.
  4. All I've heard from people is the word "masterpiece" What is it that everyone is seeing in this game?
  5. Just finished this on PS5. I hated it the first 5 times I tried to play it. I managed to get through it this time. It's very underwhelming and I can't remember the last time a game was so overrated. I don't like the camera angle with melee combat, I don't like the combat really at all. It's got hardly any cool moments and the end climax was really disappointing. IMO nothing really surpasses the knock at the door in the front end of the game. That bit is excellent....the rest, nah. The puzzles are so basic and numerous it felt like tomb raider for a good 30% of the time. The rest of the time it was like I've run out of ammo in Gears of war. The whole God Going Straight story line is a bit iffy too. I'd probably give it a 6/10 because the art direction and technical side of things were somewhat flawless. It's a really technical achievement (for a PS4 era game)
  6. I want to get back into this, it’s been a few months. I’ve put a lot of hours in though. Got all the trophies from the first game and did all the trophies for the first in the second game etc etc. really pleased they’re keeping things going. All that hard work with making a platform from 2016? Is really paying off massively.
  7. Harrisown

    NFL 2021!

    Crazy scenes last night. the 17 week thing is the best thing the nfl have done in many years. Big Ben in the playoffs against all the odds. Incredible. Maybe they can get Antonio Brown or something for a last horrah. Not that I think that prick is anything but a loser. Bills and Patriots. I want to use the “not like this” meme. If the patriots knock my team out , man will I be sour.
  8. My tv got a Firmware update (Samsung Q85R) so I went searching for patch notes. Someone in the thread mentioned putting the TV in FULL RGB mode rather than normal or automatic. I gave it go. I tried changing it in the PS5 menus and sure enough if I set the option to limited/normal the screen switches but if I pick Full/Low it remains the same. So the PS5 must be defaulting for me at full RGB. Anyway, I changed it and holy shit everything looks amazing. Even God of War looks incredible. I always thought it looked a bit 7/10 before now it's a 9. It's like a getting a new telly.
  9. If you watch it on a larger screen the background does look pretty blurray and not in a nice depth of field kinda way. Good luck getting one of these at launch lol
  10. Than you look at Alyx…
  11. I can already tell what this is just by the footage they showed. Disappointed by the visuals. Robinson the journey 2.
  12. I was telling some young people at work about the early days or Xbox live and 1 vs 100….they didn’t seem to interested.
  13. This thread popping up reminded me I need to do mooncrash so I’m on it now. Going to start knocking some games off. Going back in reminds me how good it is. Shame about the seemingly terrible resolution and really dodgy movement and frame rate but it doesn’t stop it being an excellent game. Arkane at their best. They will do a sequel one day and people will go crazy for it but that might not come for another 10 years.
  14. No the general feeling is that it’s superb. I just hear a lot of awkward endings to sentences. I mean it’s fine but a lot of the time the peaks and valleys of the tone don’t match the length of the sentence…..hence why it sounds like someone’s reading it for the first time. I just think Divinity OS 2 was excellent in that respect, maybe an unfair bar.
  15. The 7/10 games are my favourite games. They do stuff really well and your left with low hanging fruit on how to improve them. As someone who’s not a game designer it’s still really easy to see what needs to be done with my favourite flawed gem Snowrunner. That was 2020 though. This years flawed gem is …damn hard because I feel like hardly any games came out this year. Does Battlefield even get a 7? Maybe.
  16. I bought this the other night, only managed an hour or so but it’s interesting. Its a bit more wordy than I would like. The narration voice over Isn’t that good, it’s very man in a booth reading a script for the first time. Divinity had perfect narration voice over. The other voice work is good, I love how the cops are French. Artwork is really nicely done. Playing on ps5 and it loads like a PS4 game, no idea why, Unity engine I guess…
  17. Definitely Snowrunner for me. It was a complete chore at times but after I got the platinum I felt like I deserved it. It’s a great game to listen to podcasts or radio or watch Netflix with. Shame they couldn’t shit out the next gen version in time for me but I really can’t wait to see what they do for snowrunner 2. Hopefully they will leave behind the PS4 gen and really take advantage of the cpu for really complex physics interactions.
  18. I really liked it. The twist was pretty ….gross
  19. Well this one is a technicality but Ghosts of Tushima. The open world is really fisher price and I just can’t be arsed with it. Such a shame. Was expecting much more.
  20. Now watching Dont look Up. Editing is appalling and the direction too. Ive never ever once noticed bad editing. Its not funny but I think it’s trying to be? Edit - the second half is probably better and ends up being somewhat enjoyable. I find the humour lazy and obvious. Theres some good characters like the tech guy and the dumb arse actor bringing the world together. I just find the whole thing a bit ironic, taking the piss out of the US and the general social situation yet blindly falling into the cliche that of course only America can save the world and if they don’t do anything no one will. Still think the whole thing is like watching a headache. The ending ending was actually good
  21. Oh there’s a thread for it. I liked it a fair bit, just thought it was well made with some interesting bits though it’s not a classic. It doesn’t put stay it’s welcome. Effects we’re half decent and for some reason I found it fascinating how they slowed the video down to make it look like they were on the moon. So cheap.
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