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  1. Harrisown

    NFL 2019!

    Bills were sensational tonight. 2 high quality defenses. Bills had the edge of offense. Infact Cowboy were bad offensively . Go Bills. Josh Allen legend.
  2. From what I've heard about this it seems they literally just carried on from where they left off? complete with stilted weird voice acting? It's probably the right way to go to be honest. Can't say it's not Shenmue. The review I saw did say that some people going in fresh might find it a little jarring by todays standards and expectations.
  3. Your a sensitive bunch aren't you.
  4. Some gameplay elements have you in front of a mirror putting on makeup like lipstick etc....
  5. I’ll be honest. In 2005 Shenmue was amazing and I loved it but it was clunky even then. I say don’t buy the originals before playing this. Go watch the Shenmue movie instead. On Xbox Shenmue 2 shipped with a dvd of Shenmue 1 movie and I’m guessing someone somewhere has done 2 aswell... I just feel playing the originals now might be really off putting.
  6. What’s wrong with me. I played shenmue 2 on Xbox back in the day. I loved it. I waited and searched for every bit of news about the 3rd instalment. Silly pictures of story boards written in pen on a white board etc. I don’t have this pre ordered.
  7. I watched my mate play this via share play last night and I said it looked weird. The main character looks all puffy. I saw the cut scene models pop in as they switched from gameplay one which was really strange too. The level design looks like a PS3 game done up for PS4. That blocky section by section non sensical placement of things. I do think it’s probably a good game to play though, it looks responsive even if it also look dark and dingy. I’d get it for a tenner for sure.
  8. You reach a point in the game where you can put restrictions on things like time. You can make the time limit shorter to make it more challenging.
  9. Raided a camp a knocked out everyone in it. Stole their truck. Loaded it full of stuff and went on a multi drop run. Made life so much easier. Then I got sent to some far away base and it was fun getting there but it forced me into my personal room and alas it was gone when I came back to the surface. Of course it was bike time once again... :/
  10. I found it funny you were listening to the Skyrim soundtrack while you were playing lol A lot has been said about the actual gameplay. I’m currently really enjoying it. Everything’s going well and I’m enjoying the terrain I’m on. Also just unlocked something to help take down the enemies so I’ve been playing a little hide n seek. I could quite happily play this for a while I think. ...and I can carry an -insane amount of stuff now which is entertaining
  11. No idea why people watch other people play games they want to play themselves...
  12. C I think. I just got some leg things. I was expecting the sprint function to be super quick but it;s not. I gotta say, I don’t have a problem with the fetch quest business I’m enjoying it. I like the enemy design, just wish there was a better arsenal to deal with them
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