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  1. Turned HDR brightness to max and it looks better. 30fps cut scenes and 60 gameplay, so jarring. Doesn’t even support the dualsense. It’s rumble is either full on or off. Terrrible
  2. No the last of us part 2 patch needs to come out ASAP. They don’t need to touch a single thing other than frame rate. GO!
  3. It’s a far better console in the hardware department. Just overall it’s an upgrade. It’s got issues don’t get me wrong , a whole bunch of them but if you can get one. Dont wait
  4. Also kena 30fps? looks amazing but I think I’m a frame rate nazi now
  5. E3 time I think we are all going to have our heads blown. Bummed there’s no last of us patch.
  6. June I can handle but October....no point even thinking about it right now or for the next 6 months.
  7. Can’t see that happening. I mean when it comes out there’s a high chance it’ll be the best looking game ever. Its also going to be very short, a weekend game so maybe but 35- 40 quid I’ll be there. I reckon The studio are going to be big in the future.
  8. So if you name yourself JimmySavillesAccumplice you should be safe?
  9. So this generally seems to be a legacy issue from the old PS3 days? Pretty shocking. Why would a kid go through all that to play a free to play game.
  10. Last of us 2 patch please. dying to play through it again but will wait the entire year before giving up.
  11. No one knows controller pain until you experience trying to calibrate this thing. My mate at work also has stick drift. I should really get on to Sony about mine. Do they just do a delivery swap?
  12. I have stick drift from the first couple of weeks with one controller so I don’t use that now. The good controller has funny feeling touchpad button action and I’ve notice when first starting something like apex the cursor is moving on the screen until I touch the stick and it stops. I can’t believe how much is In These controllers and they only want to charge 60 quid? Surely better materials and a slightly higher price would be better overall. You all think it’s too expensive. I think they are too cheap and made cheaply.
  13. Probably really bad for your eyes
  14. I fired up battlefield 1 last night. OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE LOADING TIMES! I deleted it. it’s second only to GTA V
  15. I think the thing that’s hit a lot of people in this thread is just how fast the turn around has been. I was fine with 30fps. Now just a few months on...I hate it. It’s quite stunning to see so many people say the exact same thing at the same time.
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