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  1. Wow. on the plus side I get some space back. well damn. No surround for me.
  2. Some of it looks stunning, incredible. Some of it looks very suspect and I’m more than a bit concerned about the dialogue and story telling. I found the gangs video a bit cliche. I just find it hard to believe they can pull off what people are expecting them to pull of in just 4 years. Ill wait for reviews on this one, it would need to hit quite a high bar for me to take the plunge but it might be the only ps5 compatible game I can afford lol
  3. Shit. For the first time you actually made me realise I’m going to pay £70 for a game. I kinda shrugged it off till now. Damn that’s a lot of money isn’t it.
  4. Just got a shopto email asking to turn my registered interest into a pre order but I will obviously have to take a pass on that as I have 2 already. I might see if someone at work wants me to order one for them but they probably won’t come launch day.
  5. I read a few days ago Sony are producing 11 million units after cutting production from 15 million. they could sell all of that within a handful of weeks though I think.
  6. I managed to bag 2 pre orders for the digital last night. I think I’ve got a higher than average chance of getting one on launch day. I’ve told everyone at work if they don’t manage to source one then they can buy the theoretical 2nd console off me for cost price. Might have to be a name in the hat kinda thing.
  7. I started playing this a few days ago. I’m almost shocked at how high quality it is. I’ve forever been under the impression it was like a £30 on launch Ratchet and Clank thing but I’m very impressed overall. It is pretty difficult At times. Took 6 tries to clear out a Fisk hideout. It’s a great example of a AAA title though with excellent production values. I’ll probably get the new one on PS5.
  8. Yeah you can’t have a Console throttling. Nothing stopping anyone from modding them with some fancy work. Anyway I’m dying to hear the price and release date but also to see what ports it’s going to have. We are almost in August and we have no real idea of what the PlayStation 5 experience is going to be like. I’m talking dashboard and connectivity and those side features like media playback and recording or streaming. Come on Sony.
  9. That’s what everyone said just before the 360 came out. Seems crazy now.
  10. I’m a hardcore gamer and was an Xbox devotee since the first Xbox till 2014 but I have no idea what their vision is and I’ve never heard of xcloud. I think the lack of a full scale press conference is really hurting things here.
  11. To me the games look almost over westernised , almost generic. It feels like A fresher version of the games that were around in 2008. The gamepass thing sounds cool but....meh
  12. Yeah that’s what I did when I played it. That was one of the best bits. Soon went back to normal though.
  13. I love the stick tension in the Xbox controller but hated the triggers. I would be very happy if you could use a DualShock 4 with the Ps5 just incase the transition is a bit rough.i won’t be able to handle vibration in triggers if there’s any of that.
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