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  1. Can someone with a camera using the DualShock at least confirm if the camera helps with the imp calibration? Also does it allow you to do depth movement when using the controller?
  2. I find there is a huge disconnect between the cursor and the camera. i want an option to press the touchpad to enable the cursor when I need it but otherwise have it in the center of the screen. Tropico is a very tough example of how I would expect a camera system in this kind of thing to work. The DualShock alone is sub par technology for this kind of thing which is why you have to calibrate it literally every 20 seconds. Just having a camera I’m sure would help and perhaps help deal with the depth side if things also. i want the camera to auto lock on to the axis of a selected object rather than use that grab button. perhaps a toggle shift buttons option so you don’t have to hold them down you just engage up down movement or grab mode. I also want a non perspective 2D view when working on stuff. Cant they just add mouse and keyboard support lol
  3. I dunno. I can’t handle these controls. Might be the worst control scheme ever.
  4. I have a fair bit of experience with 3dstudiomax from about 15 years ago so i’m Pretty comfortable on that side of things too. Just finding it a bit of a fiddle to get around at the moment. I have to constantly calibrate the imp which is really annoying. I kinda just wanna turn motion controls off and use the sticks for more precision. Also if you make an object then you make a new object and intend to stick them together at a later time is there anyway of moving through the layers of that combined object? I tried making some music in the DAW lol It;s got bloody piano rolls and multiple tracks. Like a real basic version of Cubase. I think i’ll Do my website logo in the scene thing and then add in a few bars of my own music as a starting project. Something to aim for... also....Holy shit at the stuff people have done. Like P.T
  5. No idea what I’m doing. Is this better with move controllers? If so i’ll Order some pronto
  6. Does the imp cursor thing not need calibrating if you have a PlayStation camera?
  7. Wow what a game I just had. Great team work by some random. I came away shaking. G7 scout is all I need. Pap pap pap pap! I really like all the characters (except wraith) Im bloody addicted to it though. I have a game every hour on my days off and havn’t loaded anything eles in days and days. my only complaint (apart from some bad randoms who drop health packs when you spam “I need health” instead of deploying their healing drone FFS) is that when you win you kinda go back to the menu and your back at zero again. Level means nothing, the unlocks mean nothing. None of it means anything....
  8. Harrisown

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    As someone who Platinumed Bloodborne I’m finding it strange how I’m not getting the feels for this game. I haven’t even thought about buying it. Perhaps I’ll get it in the summer drought .
  9. I play this way too much. It’s so good though, very moreish. I did for the first time since the early Xbox live days loose my rag though. I dropped in somewhere and some guy with a mic was swearing at me through my TV. I came over with rage and plugged my mic in and said “You got a mouth on you C8NT” I kinda felt like Walt telling Skyler he was the “danger” He soon shut up though lol
  10. Harrisown

    Love Death and Robots

    This thing is amazing. i was a huge fan of the animatrix so this is very welcome. The art styles are stunning. Episode 3 I just watched at work, had to keep turning it off though because it’s so ...adult. totally going to watch the entire thing again when I’m done.
  11. Harrisown

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    Could easily be solved by them moving that power on function to the option button instead. so not the controllers fault..... Oove the triggers as I say.just want to punch that point home, as someone who has hand strain and weak arms I can hold that thing all day long.
  12. Harrisown

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    Love the dual shock. It’s the best controller ever. Love the triggers. i took the rumble packs out to make it super light. My favourite white one is playing up though so I’m using the PS4 pro one at the moment.
  13. Only if your angry about someone. Not like you meet the same people either
  14. They should allow you to rate players based on their team play and match you up with others by your actions.

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