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  1. It strangely has that PC port to console look to it too. Like Tropico 5 for example where the colours seem a little duller and they dont use as many screen effects. It has a slight sense of the original Dragon Age which I highly approve of. The controls like I say can be troublesome. In this game I feel it would be relatively simple to get them into check. having the move cursor come out when you move the stick instead of moving your character is jarring for example. Also having to confirm an action with an extra X button press and not having the closest enemy auto selected. Pressing triangle and having to switch to d pad for the action bar. My brain says press triangle and use R1 L1 to select actions... Needs to be a quicker way to organise the action bar also. but it’ll all come in time no doubt. I finished red dead 2 after all
  2. I got this in the sale on ps4 i like what Ive played so far but find the camera and workflow of the combat a little troublesome. It’s quite frustrating not being able to zoom in enough and how the conversations sometimes cut off half the person who’s talking. I really want to look more forward than down , not by much but a enough to not feel slightly trapped. Text is really hard to read sometimes too. Any tips in general for getting The most out of this game?
  3. In 3 weeks I’ve done Evil Within 2 Steamworld heists steamworld dig 2 Titanfall 2 Doom Gravity Rush 2 Detroit very productive of me. I’ve had some of these hanging around for a number of years and it feels good to finish them off. Rather enjoyed Steamworld Dig 2 and Detroit. Gravity Rush 2 got annoying towards the end. Titanfall was decent but not quite as glowing as the reviews had been (still the best feeling shooter I think in terms of response curve) Doom was a bit senseless and I don’t want a sequel. Evil Within 2 was a mild step down from the original IMO but all of them worth picking up in a sale.
  4. it would be interesting because I think if Sony included it then immediately all the “I used to love...” nostalgia would disappear because there would be no barrier to people satisfying their cravings. Can’t wait to play Rocket League on my super powerful PS5 though. Expect a lot of PS5 patches....maybe Sony won’t allow it :O
  5. I really liked it. I want more. A few good twists though I was expecting some more high octane entertainment. oh Did anyone spot someone PUT ON SOME SERIOUS BEEF!! In the time since the show ended? Also skinny Pete in real life is 48. Now it makes sense why he looks like that lol
  6. I used to land on top of the operation market garden bridge in battlefield 1942.
  7. Yeah The Evil Within would be a good one. I liked the first one a lot despite it being quite a poorly made game. In December 2017 I bought Evil Within 2 but never played it until last week. Currently on chapter 13 and should have it finished by the end of the week ready for the winter onslaught of games. I really like it. There’s a couple of jumpy bits but not really, it’s spooky more than anything and very much an old school horror game with unique and quite hard bosses.
  8. Just think if they are using proper real world weather then you could fly over the Miami and try and fly through the latest named storm as they form.... I hope they ad in the gyro captains chopper one day and let me drop bean bags out of it or let me lead a bunch of birds to their migration point.
  9. the traffic moves! This is a revelation. Im gonna have to either get an Xbox and pay whatever they ask for a flight stick or build myself a pc just for sims.
  10. Wow I actually can’t tell the difference between real life and the game. sounds like it’s working as I was expecting In terms of a lot of streaming going on in the background. Finally that cloud computing thing they talked about is becoming real. Those clouds....I wanna be inem
  11. Harrisown

    NFL 2019!

    Big one for the Bills tonight. I have a sneaky feeling the Bills have got the wind in their sails this time. We never ever beat the patriots with Brady but today could be the day the tables turn. Unfortunately I have blackout so I've got to get a 24 hour pass from Now TV. They raised their prices to £9.99 :O I was ok with 5.99 or 8.99 even but 9.99 is annoying...
  12. I remember fondly growing up with a c64 in the 80s and my grandad bought me a copy of F16 combat pilot. Me and dad sat at the table trying to land the thing, never made it. I remember the enemies were just flashes of pixels.
  13. Incredible. So interesting to hear how they are handling this. I think it’s going to require a lot of bandwidth. I reckon most of it’s being done on their servers and then streamed somehow. The resolution is so good you could really go on a proper sight seeing mission around the world. Mind boggling. Wheres the choppers?
  14. Holy moly. Didn’t even know this was coming. It looks incredible. I’m a DCS guy and I think I got pretty into it when it’s comes to the ka50 black shark so I’m absolutely fine with any complexity. I had flight simulator a few years ago but it was already so old I had so many compatibility issues. This is jaw dropping oh beautiful and I must say I’m watching closely now. I would want it to look like those trailers, I assume this is being built for the next gen rather than the current gen. I know it’ll be on “Xbox one” but no way a base unit will pull that off. I would be prepared to build a fight simming pc or maybe some kinda super Mac with external graphics. But if I could use my stick on Xbox and maybe keyboard and mouse too I would very much consider buying an Xbox.
  15. might be difficult or rather more challenging to look past the older 360/PS3 era style gameplay at times but the story is worth it. I would say actually that Left Behind was better than the main game. I would obviously recommend playing the last of us first but Left Behind was magical. Some of the best acting I’ve ever seen....that includes tv or movies.
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