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  1. 4 days. 4 is the number of days it’s taken me to find the Media Gallery in “‘game Library”
  2. Just turned on the Ps5, loaded Demon’s souls and for some reason I went in the menu and saw the display settings picture looks shit. I checked and HDr wasn’t available according to demon’s souls. ‘Checked the TV and it wasn’t in HDR mode but the PS5 back end said HDR was available and supported. Rebooted and had to do the HDR calibration thing again.
  3. I think the ps5 software is a mess. Bar noisy moving parts it’s far more likely most if these crashes are down to software. Obviously there will be failures of hardware whatever happens.
  4. You would sell it to a “friend” for £600? What about mates rates?
  5. It’s not like Sony don’t know how to put together a console. They know all this stuff and they don’t believe it to be a problem for now. I watched a great deal of the video but not all , did they mention the fan was at capacity at any point? Was it spinning to give maximum cooling?
  6. I did....and absolutely nothing happened. EDIT. Here it is. When I uploaded it the downloads and upload icon disappeared from the taskbar so I figured it hides it when there’s nothing to download or upload thus no point in showing it. Probably yet another bug.
  7. Screenshots available for Twitter sharing aswell as trophy videos but not anything else. I edited down the 41 second clip to 27 seconds and it still won’t allow Twitter sharing. Also F me the PS5 is awful at editing video. It might aswell be running on a 286
  8. Add to cart but they are closed. They won’t deliver it They don’t allow pickup from the massive store 2 miles away. christ
  9. I;ve been using an external since launch day and havn’t any issues with the same approach. I did have issues with 2 patches on launch day that refused to install but just downloading fresh seemed to work.
  10. Come on peeps let’s get speed runnin shame you can’t export direct to Twitter so this is the potato version
  11. Found it. Even by Souls standards that was stupid
  12. I spent 15 minutes going round in circles I have no idea what your talking about
  13. I killed the first boss and she started saying to go do something but I can’t see what it is I’m meant to do
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