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  1. I’m kinda fine with it but it’ll sting for a while. They have to offer digital ps5 owners some perks. Maybe for psych titles they can rotate one on sale every week. That’s where the money is. Us spending more on more things that are more fairly priced.
  2. 65 quid ooooch oh well. I’ll probably start tipping up my psn every month from now on so I end up with a few hundred by launch
  3. I just bought a Samsung Q85R 55” 4k HDR tv it got motion settings in game mode to smooth things out, also has free sync. Am I right in saying the PlayStation 4 pro doesn’t have free sync? When playing this game in “4k” HDR there’s massive tearing when moving the camera around swiftly. Anyone else had that? (this is the only game that does it)
  4. Yeah but I think Sony’s economy is a really good one right now with the sales. The sales have been the biggest up side of this gen for me. I know it would be quite sometime before the ps5 games were on sale but there’s always cut price credit and I’m happy to wait till I can pay something that’s fair for a game. If it’s a must have then I’m ok paying 60 to have it on launch 3 or 4 times a year
  5. I can’t believe they would charge 100 world dollar pounds for a UHD disk drive?
  6. There’s a lot in that. I remember the quake 3 arena demo (please can they make another one of those..) obviously only a couple of maps but they became more comfortable to play. So much so they probably remained the most popular when the game was released.
  7. I’m going to have goal guess PS5+Disc = £479.99 PS5+1 year PS Plus = £449.99 Dualsense controller = £64.99 Dualsense charging station = £44.99 Wireless headset 3D Pulse = £134.99 Media Remote = £34.99 HD Camera = £89.99
  8. Have you tried starting your PS4 in safe mode. Try turning it on and then loading it up then just pull the power and boot it again.
  9. Oh and the bit with the mirror. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about. It’s really really impressive from a technical standpoint.
  10. This is some top tier gaming. Absolutely wonderful. The graphics make Red Dead look last gen, that’s how good it looks. The gameplay improvements are a real step up. It’s flawed in a number of ways though. I feel utterly compelled to methodically scan each and every space Starting from left to right for loot, it’s less than ideal. I find some of the player animation and movement a bit funky. JumpING off stuff should be more satisfying like a pounce but it feels like you hit an invisible wall mid air and just drop down from that point. I miss a crouched sprint mode like some other game I’m sure I played that had it.
  11. I haven’t looked into it but what they don’t tell you about the 50” and under tv is they generally start taking out features , one of the first things they do is make the 55” 120hz panel 60hz when you get to 50”
  12. I want to buy a tv but I didn’t want to go above 50” which severely limits your options for high end stuff. I’m a maximum of 8ft away In my room due to how I’ve laid it out but down here (in a massive 11ft x 27ft living room) I’m sitting maybe 7.5ft from the screen and it’s glorious. im going to try some other games later and see how it is. Red dead looks like blurry shit in “4k” But if thing like rocket league seem ok I might pull the trigger. My only gripe is menu items and the PS4 dash are fecking bright but actual games are fine. Maybe in the future they will allow you to dial down the text brightness. The motion smoothing is utterly fantastic too God I’m love...
  13. My mum got a Samsung Q85R. It’s last years high end 55” TV for 930 quid. Shes gone to bed....cya So I’m down here with my PlayStation having my first ever 4k HDR experience. Samsung motion game business enabled for almost zero hit on latency. I simply cannot believe what I’m seeing. Utterly stunning game (not to far into day 2)
  14. I find myself listening to radio more than anything. Radio and gaming when I’ve not got the tv and Mac on making music myself. I have been taking my headphones to work recently and listening to a few albums I really like. My HomePod isn’t playing music All that often , mostly due to me wanting some background tunes but the HomePod wants it to fill the room so keeps the Bass turned up even on low settings. The music app guys have a long way to go. I don’t like playlist culture ,I like album structure. If I wasn’t forced to listen to King For a Day Fool For a Life Time because I only had the tape I probably would have bounced off Faith No More And that album extremely quickly. It’s not because we’re getting old either. Almost all the young guys and girls at work have no real interest in music, they just like some songs and they don’t explore any further than that.
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