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  1. EDIT - I "remastered" and remixed a few things for this new version Original post. Well I might swell post this here... I made this song. Upgraded my native instruments and headed straight for the 80s stuff. (I know i can't sing but hey I tried to cover it best i could) I hated the 80s music when I was growing up in the 80s but I hear people like paramour do it authentically and it just makes me feels fantastic. Synthwave EXACTLY like what Monkeyboy posted is what i'm after. It sounds soooooo good. What a track.... It feels really really strange, I don't normally feel like this about electronic music. Gonna have to go look up this French 79 business...
  2. ‘You guys are nuts. Apocalyptic are amazing. I saw them live too... They even did the intro to Eurovision one year I remember. anyway that game looks completely nuts and i’m All in! hopefully I’ve accidentally;y booked holiday for that week.
  3. So I started a game of this after ditching god of war. It’s quite a decent dumb fun game. It needs some serious quality of life improvements and i’m Not ecstatic about the controls. The character movement is really really janky which is disappointing but I like the combat (batman) I’m quite happy to keep playing it. I actually want to upgrade the car and the harpoon is a nice mechanic , again it;s not implemented terribly well but this game does have something. I kinda like flawed games more than something like god of war which was polished to hell but dull...
  4. I think secretly I just want to play Apex but the community ruins it and i’m bitter. I’m just into no nonsense gaming right now and I think this god of war has a lot of nonsense (gears of war style slow walking segments) It had a strong start but I think there was a reason I stopped playing it immediately after the Stranger fight last year...
  5. Doean’t He have a new studio or something?
  6. Wait..no big boss fights? The stranger boss fight was fan bloody fantastic but I’m constantly waiting for the moment when you realise the entire mountain is just the elbow of a giant foe. I’m like 4 hours in if that and your telling me it’s not going to change? If so I might kick it to the curb and go play something more fun. I don’t like the boat, the really lame puzzles (makes darksiders looks like genius) ,the dialogue ,the camera angle and movement etc etc. Some of the characters are kinda cool but I just can’t get this game out of my head when playing it... I actually loved Darksector.
  7. So a started a new game of this. i bought it on release last year and only made it to the big turtle. I think I’ve just finish one realm or whatever they are and I’m not too impressed. Around every corner is a road block, stupid crystals and the dumb plants. Kratos is a god but can’t step over a foot tall weed. The boy is just moaning the whole time. If this game was a remaster of a game from 2008 then fine , it’s a nice remaster. The original God of War games are really really good even today, this is just odd and strangely feel more retro. It’s like Dark Sector 2
  8. They need to ban people for 15 minutes from finding a new match if they leave before their time Out is reached. Just like rocket league.
  9. ...and i’m Out. EVERY SINGLE GAME my team leaves after been downed because they dropped in a hot zone and can’t be bothered to wait to be revived. The community in this game is horrible, full of arseholes. I’ve deleted it and shall just play Titanfall 2 which I’ve barely played instead. (3.99 bargain)
  10. I like it alot despite its simple construction. Im not a fan of the production though. Could hear zero bass on my headphones at work and the drums seemed to have too much high mids, like tin cans. I guess some of them are like tin cans but still... Also about 3db too loud. still better than the last 10 years of stone sour I guess.
  11. It feels like a mess. I seem to die in 2 shots. Earlier I got a red arrow flash up to say I was hit, I heard one shot.turned around and saw lifeline firing at me from a fair distance , one second later I was dead. Then I heard the gun sounds. The Audio in this game is some of the worst IMO. It’s special stuff is definately the worst. you think you can hear someone underneath you when your on the roof but it’s your own footsteps. I have to stop playing this. They could do the decent thing and show me my ping so I know when i’m Being shit or when the game is impossibly laggy.
  12. Lag is awful. Litterally game breaking sometimes. The community can sometimes be amazing but 80% it’s selfish and has zero patience. One more game and if a single fucker quits 2 seconds after being downed then i’m OUT.
  13. I got all the trophies on this so I could say i’m Done but I can’t tear myself away. People leaving when they die is ruining the game though. It happens all the time, without fail. Why even bother going for your team mates... They should stop you quitting out until the timer has run out on your respawn box.
  14. ...and the operating system. Power doesn’t matter now. Between the Xbox one x and the PS4 pro but when the difference was playing battlefield 4 in 900p/1080p vs 720p then that was significant.
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