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  1. I’m reading that as “they will work but don’t quote me on it” ‘There might a game somewhere that fecking flips out with the new clock speed. I guess Sony can’t really know how each game is coded. Its a bit disappointing but still expect pretty much everything to work.
  2. I was an Xbox fanboy from the first machine. 360 remains the best console in history. Absolutely disgusted by the Xbox One. They might have me back next gen. at the least I think I will buy both as Microsoft will have the simulators but there’s no way I could not get a PS5 with their first party efforts. Sony are stunning at making console sellers.
  3. China said they had no new cases. This is of course China lying because they can’t stand it anymore and need to reopen their economy. Lying might be strong but you know. I wonder how many years this whole thing will set China and its goals back by. A guy at work said only ps5 was delayed cause their making the Xbox in America, which is utter nonsense of course.
  4. Have it another go. Found the roll button which was a game changer. Really like it, boss fight was epic. I think I will pre order but I have so many games to finish off before ps5 I might just leave it till summer.
  5. “‘absolutely loving it..” if only I had a £ everytime I’ve read that or even posted it myself. It looks nice. Framerate is pretty good largely. Camera is a little problematic at times. I adjusted the settings to have it swing behind the character which was better but I’ve had a few occasions where I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at because it’s clipping through a wall. Combat is maybe an upgrade from 15. It’s decent but a bit awkward to control. Barrets voice acting and dialogue....erm. Nah. You know what.I like it. I’m a huge fan boy of the original but that was nearly a quarter century ago. I MIGHT just wait for a sale on this in summer. Temptation might get the better of me though.
  6. Finished shadow twice but I’m fucking pumped for some sonic!! I spent about 100 hours trying to get all the achievements from Sonic 2006
  7. They didn’t really show us anything new on this gen of consoles though. The only real differences would be the introduction of Mass market consumer VR. So you can be sure it’ll be more of the same next gen. The next gen will be a strange one. There’s going to be so much customer cross over. Everything will be backward compatible and the perceived improvements might be tiny which could prevent people upgrading. We are now in a free to play generation so asking (finger in air guess) £69.99 for a launch game is going to be really hard to swallow too.
  8. Yeah a PC release but why not just have mouse and keyboard support for the PS4 version. I used to do a lot of 3D stuff in 3d studio max about 20 years ago now so I know what I need. I need a non perspective 2D view option for a start. It’s a shame they did something so capable and creative yet unintuitive.
  9. Anyone get the patch? The single player story thing is about 2 hours long maybe? It’s very impressive. The last 3rd is really cool. It’s the only thing that resembles a game though. I would be really into this but the controls are just too annoying for me to get going on anything. I’d buy the move controllers or the camera but I’m unsure that would solve the problem
  10. When was that first ever tech demo released. I think it was for PS3? Thats how long it feels like it’s been.
  11. Harrisown

    NFL 2019!

    Seahawks made a big mistake bringing lynch back. It’s a pure nostalgia trip and so far he’s getting nowhere.
  12. Harrisown

    NFL 2019!

    After not winning a single thing this season I get £162 on a throw away bet. Fantastic. Now I can buy my mum a filing cabinet from ikea lol Not really watched any packers or Seahawks this season so I’m unfamiliar with both teams. Can you imagine Tannehill winning the super bowl lol
  13. Harrisown

    NFL 2019!

    Last week fantasy free football on paddy power I came 132nd out of about 4000 people and won £2 Sat down watching this game and my mate was going on about fantasy football. “‘oh yeah I got 2 quid in my account I’ll stick it on” The Texans are winning by 24-0? So it’s 80-1 for the chiefs to win the half and then win the game. I put my £2 on that...Potential returns of £160
  14. I thought Ricky’s speech was unbelievable. If you can call it a speech. The bit about Apple while Tim sits in the room ...wow
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