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  1. Watched a few videos and for a while now I’ve heard so much about how ruff the first game was. I don’t get, I thought people were just talking about the frame rate in a perticular section and dodgy mako controls but there seems to be a widespread view that the first game was somehow difficult to get on with. Strange people.
  2. No go. timer counted to zero and reset to 11 hours Fecking Sony.
  3. I’m going to be able to get 40 minutes in before I have to leave for work
  4. Love the art style and it seems to be running at 60fps? The bit where the wind is blowing looks really nice. Look at that fur. The enemies look kinda awesome too and the dodging fire thing. Its open world but looks like they give you the tools to get around without frustration and Lots of big open spaces for combat. Think I might end up pre ordering this. £55 seems cheap. Just watched a video where the developer says they are an 18 person team. Which I guess is how it was funded for such a long development. Amazing achievement.
  5. Good question. also, will they have the original ending that I played or the one they did later for Twitter complainers.
  6. i smell something potentially quite special. If this reviews well then I think this is going to be a smash hit.
  7. The character creator should be abolished. I spent my first two play throughs looking like the guy from Disturbed.
  8. Thanks I’ll check that podcast out
  9. I just heard the news about Brad and Vinnie and Alex. I havn’t watched really in many months but it feels like I’ve grown up with these guy since the early days of Gamespot. It’s quite sad. I know I’m being lazy but can someone say what they might be doing next and also is them leaving something to do with giantbomb changing? I mean I’m nearly the same age as Brad, I can kinda understand.
  10. What the hell has happened to Battlefield. I’m old school, I watched the 1942 trailer 20 years ago a week before it came out , played the demo and got obsessed along with all my friends. We even did a couple of mods with hover craft and hot air balloons. Battlefield 2 was exceptional and so much better than the shit they released on console at the time. In fact Battlefield 3 was the first time Battlefield came to console IMO. I played a lot of Battlefield 4 too, it was very good but I never ever ever ever want to play a Battlefield single player again. I got B
  11. Your right you know. Too bad i start work at 2
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