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  1. I've been calling for this reboot for years! The video spin offs are going to be insane. The second movie is my favourite but together they are my favourite films. I saw both sequals in the cinema back in 2003, loved the animatix , really loved the animatrix and really enjoyed the Enter The Matrix game. I'm going to have to buy the trilogy on iTunes now. I have the DVDs but who wants disks anymore.
  2. New album out... spot the pantera?
  3. Harrisown


    I know parabola is on a different album. I meant to say I think it’s their best song. Closely followed by the pot.
  4. Harrisown


    Well as a huge fan of 10,000 days above anything eles they’ve done (parabola is aaaaaamazing) I like this new track. The bass line sounds a bit too familiar, almost recycled and I waited in almost frustration for it to kick in with a hard snare and groovy rhythm but it didn’t really happen. I’m sure there will be magic in this album somewhere.
  5. Harrisown

    NFL 2019!

    Here we go again. Hall of game game between Falcons and Broncos kicks off tonight. Pre Season starts on the 9th August. Bradys last year? Browns comeback year? Is a wide receiver worth $100 million?
  6. As someone’s who’s been a fan of machine head over the years but always hated slayer....no
  7. No one put this in here so....
  8. Sad story https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7213645/Miami-Dolphins-defensive-tackle-Kendrick-Norton-suffers-career-threatening-arm-injury.html
  9. EDIT - I "remastered" and remixed a few things for this new version Original post. Well I might swell post this here... I made this song. Upgraded my native instruments and headed straight for the 80s stuff. (I know i can't sing but hey I tried to cover it best i could) I hated the 80s music when I was growing up in the 80s but I hear people like paramour do it authentically and it just makes me feels fantastic. Synthwave EXACTLY like what Monkeyboy posted is what i'm after. It sounds soooooo good. What a track.... It feels really really strange, I don't normally feel like this about electronic music. Gonna have to go look up this French 79 business...
  10. ‘You guys are nuts. Apocalyptic are amazing. I saw them live too... They even did the intro to Eurovision one year I remember. anyway that game looks completely nuts and i’m All in! hopefully I’ve accidentally;y booked holiday for that week.
  11. So I started a game of this after ditching god of war. It’s quite a decent dumb fun game. It needs some serious quality of life improvements and i’m Not ecstatic about the controls. The character movement is really really janky which is disappointing but I like the combat (batman) I’m quite happy to keep playing it. I actually want to upgrade the car and the harpoon is a nice mechanic , again it;s not implemented terribly well but this game does have something. I kinda like flawed games more than something like god of war which was polished to hell but dull...
  12. I think secretly I just want to play Apex but the community ruins it and i’m bitter. I’m just into no nonsense gaming right now and I think this god of war has a lot of nonsense (gears of war style slow walking segments) It had a strong start but I think there was a reason I stopped playing it immediately after the Stranger fight last year...
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