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  1. I’m pretty gutted I don’t have any trophies to go for. I kinda really want to buy the update. 5 quid for a couple of maps is a great price but they have to give me new trophies to make it worth it.
  2. I got the patch today. Not played in a few days. I see they change the weapon load out thing. Still my vehicles don’t spawn with my load outs equipped. Also the character screen is really framey for some reason? (PS5)
  3. No no and no. Giving stuff away for “free” is a waste. ive spent close to zero time with Gamepass games because …. Well why bother.
  4. nah don't want a gamepass for playstation. Would be interested in them combining the two current services though. Not sure it will happen though because what we all forget is that PS Now isn't available everywhere. it's a brand builder.
  5. The rule of 3. it’s so predictable.
  6. It’s a dogshit game and I can’t see it ever being saved. shame on me for buying it.
  7. I don’t remember getting shot in the back so much in battlefield 4. It’s a bit shit.
  8. Harrisown

    NFL 2021!

    It’s go big or go home week for my bets. I put about 15 quid on in total this week. I think skybet is fucked up. It’s not been displaying the score properly…. I’m taking full advantage of their ridicules cash-outs I got about 250 quid lol 3 more to cash out with
  9. The most annoying bug is where your plait reverts to default so you end up with irons sights and a stupid chain gun on the hovercraft.
  10. Also, I just realised sundance has 3 different grenades. I wonder what else I’ve missed.
  11. there is two layers of sprint. click the stick to run then click again for extra sprint. doesn’t effect gun reaction time.
  12. You don’t need a lift….you need a hovercraft! I find the skyscraper points a bit limited. Normally you would expect there to be a collapsed building next to it which would open up a hilariously convenient way in for any attackers but it’s just lifts, choppers and gaming the system with hovercraft. I hope it’s not too long before we get a new map, I feel like we need one every month. Im guessing the time line is more like every 3 months.
  13. I hear this battlefield now has a back end that means the devs can balance stuff on the fly without having to realise a patch. I bet that’s where most of the work has gone.
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