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  1. I'll change it back on the 12th.
  2. anyone having difficulty finishing off the last few chieves on the xbox version? I got three collectable chieves still outstanding on the robot revolution dlc despite ploughing well over a couple hundred hours into the game as a whole.
  3. Jellibits seems to rate him. He's not that old, it just depends on whether his knees hold up. Hibbo testy tomorrow. Odds on him scoring? I predict a riot...
  4. So cold stream then. Not liking it. It's like a hoard mode non stop and there's no new achievements. Playing the rest of the old levels with l4d2 mechanics is alright but it has reinforced how much I fucking hate spitters and jockeys.
  5. I'd rather we had the hard matches at the start of the season for when we do our perennial slow start. Anyways, great news!! Pienaar has come home. We could still do with a couple more additions to strengthen the smallest squad in the premier league but Naismith (provisionally) and Pienaar are good starts for the summer's business.
  6. ventress


    they should do a murray-o-meter where he swings between being scottish or british as his level of defeat/success changes.
  7. this made me want to pick up a gameboy color. There's one nearby for £10, should i get it?
  8. 5live had benitez/holloway as options for moyes replacement. I'd take holloway but benitez? Might be worth it to piss off the lids... Dave Whelan also had something funny to say, He was joshing on about Martinez being the first name to be raised whenever there's a vacancy, it's similar to moyes. Everytime there's a vacancy, it's all about whether he'll take on the challenge/move to the next step/spend wisely. tl;dr: Moyes stays, we start the season shit, shout how he should've left at Christmas then bum him hard when he brings us in at sixth in May.
  9. i fear Eire could get the record for most goals scored against per game here. (worth £2 in work sweepie)
  10. so Eire v Italy predictions?
  11. That said, Johnson is so fucking shit surely hibbo would have been a better call. Still Mr Owl and his liverpool player obsession.
  12. I really want England to lose badly now. Never have I seen such a poor England squad. We're going to be the joke of the championships. Heck, Belgium should've bummed us yesterday.
  13. i wouldn't mind the trials code but i have nothing to trade for
  14. A sugar daddy who doesn't bother coming to the games but willing to put in £110m a year would be nice too.
  15. RAWK_meltdown is just quotes from the bindippers on redandwhitekop. Nothing the internet has provided is funnier than a bunch of rabid koppites searching for someone to blame for their shitness
  16. I was watching the blackburn game last night wishing them on. Oh how I lolled when the red card came out. Then there was almost the second. But anyway, enough of the fading power of dogleash and his klanfield. I'm pretty stoked that Gueye finally got his first goal. The game where he spent the entire time bombing up and down the left wing shows he has got pace and heart. I just hope he doesn't get disheartened with Moyes' slow bringing on of players and make a mistake and leave like Gosling. If Peanuts was playing on saturday I'd say it was a shoo-in. As it stands I'd say we were actual favourites despite what all the redhsiters like bignose, and the two muppets from motd like to delude themselves into believing. PS if you twitter, follow @RAWK_meltdown and lol your face off.
  17. And yet again we knock in two goals, keep our defensive steel and wander away with three well deserved points. This is beginning to become a habit. Plus yesterday we got the bonus of Merseyside shiny head keeper no2 bebe reina showing his toolness and butting an opposition player. To be fair Perch went down with the panache of Ratboy but if you live by the dive, you die by the dive. Red card, thank you and that'll be a three game ban for violent conduct. Contact or no, it's violent conduct. Popping in the liverpool thread it's affirming as ever to the heady mix of "Kenny out", "Kenny needs time", "it was all the FA's fault" and "It was Ferguson what done it". The table never lies lids: 1 Man Utd 30 47 73 2 Man City 31 50 71 3 Arsenal 31 21 58 4 Tottenham 31 20 58 5 Chelsea 31 17 53 6 Newcastle 31 4 53 7 Everton 31 0 43 8 Liverpool 31 3 42 9 Sunderland 31 5 41 10 Fulham 31 -3 39 11 Swansea 31 -4 39 12 Norwich 31 -7 39 13 Stoke 31 -14 38
  18. Well done against Cardiff too
  19. So 322 of us have filled in the poll so far which is not a bad set of data from a gaming enthusiast forum and what can we tell? (disclaimer I'm sure this poll could have been written better but I hate marketing and I only wanted a rough opinion) In the last month 15% of us have bought from Game/station. Not bad you may think but let's look at the inverse: 85% of gamers here have not bought from 'the specialists'. Clearly something is wrong there. So why did we last shop there? Here convenience is clearly the winner. I guess we like going into a shop to touch things, browse and have it there and then ready to play. Game/station's claim to be able to offer the service to get us shopping there doesn't appear to be working, only 1% of respondents chose that. Either they're doing it wrong or we really don't care that much about service. Finally, where did we last buy a game from. Here the internet is king though I probably should have had the game/station website as a separate option.
  20. Added a couple options for question 2.
  21. So the last thing I bought from Game was xenoblade chronicles with classic controller pro. I got it from Game because it was the only place that stocked it. That was before Christmas though.
  22. So there's lots of anecdotal evidence in the "Is Game finished?" thread but what is the actual truth behind how and where we buy our games? I've hopefully set up this poll with three simple questions just to gauge what is actually going on and to help the discussion in the other thread. Ta. (If this doesn't work right can someone just delete it and we'll pretend this never happened)
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