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  1. I caught some of this on tv the other night (15 mins max as it was all over the place) and can someone tell me how Jon Richardson managed to get the bad guy part?
  2. Jesus, I wonder how many U.K people on this forum have tried those! (I certainly haven't) On a side note, it reminded me of the weird donut flavoured Skips that I have a vague memory of from the late 90's, which were sponsered by the kids show Reboot. I only ever had one pack, but can't remember if they were any good!
  3. 🕹 High Score Day #77 - https://highscoreday.com Played this on and off for a few weeks now, first time I've posted a score and number 4 I put Overwatch when I knew I'd completed it sometime... (brain frazzled)
  4. Can someone put the Predator in one of those DALL E things? Or create a Bill Duke meets Ainsley Harriott and they go for an unforgettable luncheon.
  5. Sex Lives of the Potato Nan The Running Nan Nan's Labyrinth
  6. This is really great news for me as I've been looking to buy Team Sonic Racing recently after going through All Stars Racing on XB360 and look forward to trying out GoT Legends. Feeling a bit exhausted and down today but this has cheered me up!
  7. Is there anywhere selling this on offer for PS4? I've been keen to check it out because I like Sucker Punch games, especially Sly Cooper.
  8. My first attempt! Daily Quordle #24 quordle.com
  9. The Milka Lu are great - I just bought two today from a local newsagent. But I tried to hunt down the original Petit Beurre which I haven't tasted yet from the local Tesco which didn't have them and then I look them up on their website which says they don't stock them anymore!
  10. A Garth Marenghi inspired Theme Hospital spin off.
  11. From the PSN store I was tempted to get either of the Jedi Knight Academy games, never played this series but I've enjoyed KOTOR and the sequel and played many other Star Wars games (even The Phantom Menace on PS1 which was quite good at the time!). Does it control well on the PS4 and how long do they roughly last?
  12. I liked reading this thread even though I'm a bit younger than some of you (32) and it made me think which PS1 game I got first. I know for sure that one Christmas I got Wipeout from my brother and we had great fun multiplayer races. Then I thought actually I had a see-through Game Boy (which I still have with the case) slightly before and the first game I had for that was this little gem: Never did get past the underwater capsule section - the damage and time limit were so harsh!
  13. I'd recommend Soma Fm as they do quite a few christmas stations, my favourite being the Christmas Lounge where they do nice modern remixes of classic tunes like this:
  14. The Lost Boys - 3/5 Got this from CEX a couple of days ago as I've intended to watch this for quite a while. Much effort seems to have gone into the look and feel of the film, the music is over the top cool and the makeup very impressive. Sometimes it has average teen comedy and the menace towards the end just became silly, while some of the actors eventually get on your nerves but overall its a fun watch.
  15. The Futureheads Haven't heard their recent stuff but Decent Days and Nights was on the awesome Burnout 3: Takedown!
  16. The Towering Inferno (1974) - 3/5 I watched this a couple of days ago for the first time and its quite impressive given it was made 45 years ago. It goes on a tad too long and some of its silly but there are many good edge of your seat action moments plus it has a moral message at the end.
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