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  1. Something a bit different...
  2. TheFixx


    Rain upped its game today and came out on top.
  3. I look up at my now depleted PS3 collection and see I still have Bioshock 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Virtua Tennis 4 and realise I should really have the originals (especially VT on the Dreamcast!).
  4. It made me remember the forgotten 80's band Icehouse. I could so see Alan miming along to this, whats weirder is the poster is called Alan! (with two l's)
  5. I want to go up in my loft and search for old computer game stuff because I have an original used Commodore 64, but the floorboards are ridiculously flimsy and I don't want to fall through and die. Does anyone know if its worth anything now?
  6. Death Wish? And then you had number five - The Face of Death!
  7. Wolly Winka and the Chocolate Factory
  8. TheFixx

    Best CCG on iOS?

    Have you heard of a thing called Solitaire?
  9. Does anyone still play the original Little Big Planet on PS3 online anymore? I used to think the original was such a revelation, in that you could play so many different types of levels by many different gamers. I have the second one but the first was always more magical to me.
  10. Of course, but I have a sneaky suspicion Molinari will do it with his consistancy...
  11. Quite catchy but its not as good as their "fast dump"...
  12. I watched Brain of Morbius again on the Twitch stream recently, he should be in the Spiderman comics!
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