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  1. Huh? How can you get better drifting? I've been playing the demo like a mad man over the past couple of days and the drifting is basically all automatic, there's so little you need to do to get it right.


    Stop talking fucking knackers.

    Be online this evening at 8pm and i'll show you what difference manual gears make to drifting...done automatically for you my arse. :(

  2. 1. Its given away for free in return for putting a deposit on the game...its not being sold.

    2. Even if you've got a copy preordered somewhere else...whats 3 quid for fucks sake???!!! Give them a false name and phone number when they ask you.

  3. Tonma, knob off back to NTSCUK and read Cacophanus posts there instead. It's very obvious that you and cacky are aquainted. While your posts may in your own mind come accross as the voice of reason against the oh so unfairly picked on Cacky. They don't.

    Just as you are i'm free to read whatever i like when i like. So no, thanks anyway but i'll read his posts on here too.

    As for me and Cacophanus being aquainted then i'll guess you'll think what you want whatever i say. If i did know him (which i don't) then i'd still feel the same way as i do now so it makes no difference.

    Oh and i don't give a shit how my posts come across to others. I'm writing what i feel, i don't care in the slightest what you think of my posts.

  4. Are you really that narrow-minded? Strider worked with Cacophanus (well, the same office), and has no "fear" of him. I'd say whatever I say here to him. He's a blabbering fool.

    I'm not implying that you should have any fear of him. I've never met him, spoke to him and as far as i can remember even conversed with him online so how should i know. What i am saying is that any Small Man with a Big Mouth can slag people off online.

    If you really would say whatever you say here in real life to people then well done. You've managed to be just as rude and obnoxious as you appear online. Congratulations.

  5. nobody is slagging of Cacophanus anyway. unless by slagging off you mean, having a different opinion, or disagreeing with him. infact considering the arrogant and pompous nature of the majority of his posts, people here have shown a great deal of restraint.

    I suggest you read the first few pages of the thread then where you'll find various people having a dig at him with the "Rolling Eyes" remarks and comments about "mechies" etc. If thats not having a go then what is?

  6. The bottom line is guys that the vast majority of you come across as being mouthy fucking dickheads who are all quite happy to slag people off from safe behind your keyboards. I'm sure if you were to meet Cacophanus in real life you wouldn't say half the shite that you're coming out with here.

    One of the few reasons i bother coming to this forum anymore is to read the information on mecha that Cacophanus shares. I know next to nothing about the "genre" and the views of someone so passionate about them is a great source of information. Unfortunately for reasons only known to himself he continues to come here instead of sharing his knowledge with people who are interested.

    If you're not interested in what he's got to say then don't read it. Why on earth do you feel the need to write post after post slagging the guy off? Unless as i suspect its because you're all timid and powerless in real life.

    Its not a crime for somene to be either passionate about something or to have their own opinions you know.

  7. It has no meaning that makes any sort of sense to anyone but you.


    I agree with Cacophanus...this forum is full people who i'd describe as "middlecore"

  8. so instead of downloading a copy, I send money to some guy for the same thing on CD with a cover.


    You'd be sending a small amount of money to the guy who's paid for the original GD-Rom out of his own pocket and has made it possible for you to actually play this game in the first place. A small showing of some gratitude. Is that so unreasonable?

    Wow. What an imensely sweeping statement with little or no thought behind it.

    Yeah i admit i shouldn't have put it exactly like that. If there are people in this thread that are downloading the game that make other positive contributions to the games scene instead of getting what ever they can for nothing...i apologize.

  9. 1 Made in Dreamcast era for the arcades.

    2 Ooooh Nintendo ask Sega to make a rehash for them!

    as for Panzer Dragoon Orta; it's upstairs right now but have never played it. Doesn't really appeal. Hardly a revolutionary, memorable classic like JSR, SOA or (thinks hard for another Dreamcast Sega classic...) even the stupidly over-rated Shenmue.

    Hey jet_set_radio...

    I was wondering if you could give me a quick run down on what you think about Mario 128. I know its not even been announced yet, but since you seem able to pass judgement on games without even having played them i thought that you'd be the man in the know.

    Back to PDO though, and i think its like a lot of Sega games in that it gives back in relation to how much you're willing to put in. Spend some serious time with it and i feel it becomes a seriously good shooter...easily as good as REZ imo.

    Why are there so many people on games forums who feel qualified to give opinions on something they've never experienced first hand?

  10. I don't think i've ever read a thread which summed up better my complete and utter dislike for the majority of gaming forums and most of the the people who post on them.

    You set of silly childish twats...

    Buy a PS2 or don't buy a PS2.

    Buy an XBox or don't buy an XBox

    Buy a Gamecube or don't buy a Gamecube.

    But for fucks sake please grow up a little, play the games that you profess to love and stop arguing over nothing.

  11. I remember the day very well...

    I worked at a small import games store at the time and my friend who owned the shop had driven down to pick some of the initial Japanese shipment up from our nearest supplier (about 100miles away.)

    By about mid afternoon it had started to snow really heavily and i got a phone call from my mate to say he was delayed because of the the snow and that i should shut the shop at the normal time and wait for him at his house as he thought he was going to be pretty late. Anyway, 5.30pm finally came and the weather had become so bad that all the buses had been cancelled. I had no choice but to take the 2 mile trek through the blizzard by foot. I finally got there and waited until about 8pm when he finally turned up with 10 brand spanking new Japanese Playstations and a copy of Ridgeracer for each one. I bagged mine (at cost price obviously :huh:) and left for the 4 or 5 mile walk home. Needless to say i didn't get a lot of sleep that night despite the extra exercise and stayed up while the early hours of the morning playing Ridgeracer. It was amazing to be playing what had been blowing our minds in arcade only a few months previously in the home.

    We sold each and every remaining machine the very next day. Infact i think all but one had been preordered by some of our regulars. If i remember correctly we charged £725 for the Playstation, Ridgeracer and a stepdown.

    There was only one problem, at first there wasn't an RGB cable available and so unless you had an NTSC capable TV (they were few and far between in those days) you would get a black and white picture. A lot of the people who bought machines from us also had to buy a NTSC-PAL standards convertor box which added another £60 onto the price of the setup.

    It was a great time, and certainly created a massive buzz amongst the local 'hardcore gaming' population.

  12. Totally agree Quexex.

    I played this loads at Sega Gigo in Akihabara on a recent Japan trip and loved every minute of it.

    Although the easy route through the game is perhaps a little too easy and can be finished within a few goes at most, the difficulty improves vastly if you take some of the harder routes through the game. Heart Attack mode is fantastic too and adds a lot of depth and replayability when you attempt to get all 'AAA' scores.

    Sega have done the Outrun name proud. :ph34r:

  13. VJ is OK-ish. Its a bit boring (i.e. consists of nothing more than holding the L button and smashing punch and kick whilst jumping), and it seems as shallow as Super Smash Bros. The odd puzzle, such as the bus one, provides a nice, if short lived respite from the button bashing. Its dead hard too, so you might like it if thats what you're after.

    Ikaruga is stupidly hard, and is more of a memory test than a true shooter. 2 player co-op can be fun as you push each other into oncoming fire.

    Both games are essentially centred around building combos, from what I can gather, but to tell the truth, thats not how I've played them. I've just tried to complete the fuckers, and failed miserably.

    In total, I've probably played them both for about 4 hours before tiring of them. IMO, 2 of the most over-rated games in years.

    Seems slightly odd to me that you admit to not having played Viewtiful Joe in way its been designed to be played, which as you quite rightly state is for combo's and rating's. But then complain that the game is boring and nothing more than "holding the L button and smashing punch and kick whilst jumping."

    Its a bit like me saying that Elite was boring after flying around just shooting stuff and never bothering with the trading side.

    If you're going to pass judgement on a game i'd at least play it properly first. (Unless of course you fancy a job at Edge :wub:)

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