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  1. It's kind of a lose / lose situation isn't it. Reading them in order can be frustrating the books jump between continents and rarely follow the same set of characters between books. While reading them out of order, can like you said, help you follow sets of characters, but can massively spoil developments in other books. Still though, I love the Malazan series and most of the spin off books.
  2. It's a good series, enjoy! 1 - The Blade Itself 2006 2 - Before They Are Hanged 2007 3 - Last Argument of Kings 2008 4 - Best Served Cold 2009 5 - The Heroes 2011 6 - Red Country 2012 7 - Sharp Ends (Short Story) 2016 8 - A Little Hatred 2019 9 - The Trouble With Peace 2020 10 - The Wisdom of Crowds 2021
  3. Mashle and Spy x Family are two of my current favourites. Mashle is an absurd action comedy about a boy who can defeat magic with his muscles. Spy x Family is a great family comedy series about a guy who recruits himself a fake wife and child to spy on a reclusive politician. Unbeknown to him the pretend wife he's found was also looking for a fake husband to better fit in at work, to hide the fact that she's actually a state sponsored assassin. And neither of them realise that the child he picked up at an orphanage to be his fake daughter is actually a telepath and is able to read their minds and knows all their secrets.
  4. Yeah, I read the series some years ago now, but remember really enjoying them at the time. Slightly pulpy, but with some fun characters and a good sci-fi setting.
  5. It also feels similar to Shang-Chi's power rings. More alien tech giving human super-human like abilities is something we're getting very used to seeing.
  6. MCU really decided that the Inhumans aren't going to be in their club didn't they. Fair enough really, that's far too much lore to drop on such a fun, light hearted character.
  7. Gotta say, I am looking forward to this one. Moon Knight does seem like a really interesting character (having never read any of the comics) and it looks very cool too.
  8. I've been watching a lot of Korean shows recently, some of them just nice character pieces with no serial killers, zombies, or big evil bad guys in sight. If you need something that'll make you feel mostly happy, sometimes a little sad, but always ending on a positive note I can recommend Our Beloved Summer. "Years after filming a viral documentary in high school, two former lovers get pulled back in front of the camera and into each other's lives." The banter between the leads and how they're drawn back together is a lot of fun, plus the secondary characters and parents are great too. I'm also currently enjoying two ongoing series. First there's Twenty-Five, Twenty One. "In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teenage fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life." Set at the end of the 90's, it's kind of making me feel old with how it makes '98/99 feel 'retro', however. The leading lady here is fantastic as a super passionate, hard working, but frustrated teenage fencer struggling to keep fencing. It's sometimes funny, sometimes heart breaking, but always really engaging. Then there's Business Proposal. It's here to meet all your old rom-com needs. "In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO — and makes a proposal." Yes, that's right, it's one of those ridiculous set ups that somehow works when they lean into the comedy and absurdity of the situation. 4 episodes in and I'm really enjoying it.
  9. Maybe Pivac watched Squidge's new video last night and decided Basham's work in the breakdown wasn't good enough.
  10. New trailer just dropped with advertising at the Super Bowl
  11. Headache

    NFL 2021!

    Are we sure these games aren't scripted? Another super close game!
  12. Headache

    NFL 2021!

    Rams 27-20 Buccs. Rams just fumble and give Brady the ball back with 2 minutes left. Suddenly anything seems possible.
  13. The latest big Korean show to come to Netflix, The Silent Sea dropped today. This is my Christmas viewing sorted.
  14. I had the opposite reaction. As soon as I heard the voice I thought, "Wait a minute, isn't that..."
  15. With how long it's taking Martin to write the books I just assume he hasn't told anyone because he doesn't know either. At this point I've basically given up on the novels along with the TV show.
  16. Bae Doona is also one of the leads in Stranger which is also on Netflix. It's another great Korean show, about a police officer and a prosecutor investigating a murder and corruption within their own services. Anyway, this looks great. I'm always up for interesting new Korean shows, and Netflix seem to be funding some fascinating ones. Hopefully this will tide me over quiet Christmas evenings visiting my parents.
  17. Turns out the most unrealistic thing about Squid Game is that the rich would have played the games out in secret.
  18. "Put up a shelf" has to be one of the most boring and laziest ideas for a task I've seen in a while too. The creative team behind the show must really be struggling by now to come up with interesting tasks.
  19. Or like a marble maze game where one at a time you're sent out inside a glass ball and have to manoeuvre your way through the maze avoiding the holes in the maze that will send you plummeting to your death. I could almost see Netflix making spin off series to this where the rich bastard elites attend 'Squid' style games in other countries and we get a season in Germany based around their childhood games, a season in the US, or any other country that might have interesting games you could spin into deathly competition.
  20. Just back from watching it and chalk me up as another one who enjoyed it. It felt like it had a slow steady pace but I never got bored and was surprised by the end how quickly two and a half hours passed. It really did feel like a glimpse into a different world/worlds and I hope we get the part two we need to see where the story will take us (I've not read the books).
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