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  1. I don't follow Hull, but they've made this a much more amazing story than they needed to. The Athletic write an article about Hull and invite them to comment. Hull decide to reveal the journalist's data and say, "We have redacted certain names and financial information in his email in the interest of preserving the confidentiality of the parties involved." and publish their own response. One problem, they didn't delete the redacted parts, just stuck a black box over the bits they didn't want people to read. So anyone who copy/pastes the document can read the whole un-redacted version. The linked pdf is also named /Athletic-2.pdf and you can change that to -1.pdf and find another version, I've not been curious enough to see what they've changed between versions though. The full text has also been copied into the reddit thread if you're curious to read about Hull's management failings. Thanks to Hull's own team for revealing this for everyone to read.
  2. Yeah, it's a great varied EP. Maybe it's just the mood I've been in lately but Flower Tea might be my favourite right now. Neon's a lot of fun too.
  3. Oh My Girl have come back to save our summer and cheer up everyone stuck at home.
  4. 6 seasons and a movie! The dream is still alive!
  5. As soon as I saw your post I figured it must be to share the new Dreamcatcher song. It's great isn't it? Got to admit I'm a bit disappointed with the new song from LOONA though. 'So What' sounds like an Itzy track, not like the group that brought us Hi High, Butterfly, and a ton of great solo and sub-unit tracks. It just feels like they're copying what's popular right now and not doing their own thing (even though the message of their song is the total opposite of that).
  6. I'd say it was assumed but not confirmed until now.
  7. Up to episode 3 and I've been enjoying it more and more as we get to know the characters and they begin to adapt to the catastrophe they're stuck within. There have been many things I've enjoyed so far. 'The coffins' is probably the my favourite joke that has continued to develop, much like some of Arrested Development's best jokes were throw aways at first that the writers wove into the plot. I can see this series getting better as it builds more and more into it's set up and the ever worsening situation they're all trapped in. Other highlights include the accent, the actors, the delay, the disgruntled cleaners, the references to multiple climate disasters on Earth, the customer satisfaction chief who appears to enjoy experience joy when he's making other people miserable. I like it and can't wait to see where it goes. You just know it's going to get worse and it's going to be brilliant.
  8. Book one was awesome and held so much promise. My memory of book two is it starting well but then going downhill from that forest section onwards. I still retained hope that by the end of the second book we might be out of the mire and the third book would be more like the first and wrap up the trilogy really well. Unfortunately the years since have wiped that youthful hope away, and the seeming inability of the author to finish working on the third book suggests he doesn't know how end it either. It's not surprising that this is getting dropped, and not just for the decreasing quality of the story. Everyone's commented on the noticeable drop in GoT's storytelling once they ran out of books to follow. I imagine there's a hesitancy amongst studios to bet big on other unfinished works right now.
  9. You wouldn't believe how paranoid all the Finns I work with were today. None of them believed they would actually win, they were all mentally preparing to lose.
  10. They definitely should be, they are both great.
  11. Phew! I can breathe again. That was a rough second half but we survived!
  12. Why'd you have to go and say that? This second half has been terrifying so far.
  13. Pinging @Flub again to share some Oh My Girl. They're currently taking part in a TV competition thing called Queendom and had to perform a cover of a song by the group Lovelyz. They picked Destiny and did this, it's awesome.
  14. Headache

    NFL 2019!

    No one picked Antonio Brown in their fantasy team did they? Looks like he might get kicked from the Raiders before even touching a ball. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/9/5/20851515/antonio-brown-mike-mayock-fight-suspension-guaranteed-contract Before nearly coming to blows with the GM today he'd already been fined twice, got frostbite on his feet in the middle of the summer, and repeatedly tried to sneak into practice with his old now NFL-banned helmet (which apparently he'd hand painted to look like a new one). When even the NFL says this helmet isn't safe enough, you really should listen.
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