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  1. Book one was awesome and held so much promise. My memory of book two is it starting well but then going downhill from that forest section onwards. I still retained hope that by the end of the second book we might be out of the mire and the third book would be more like the first and wrap up the trilogy really well. Unfortunately the years since have wiped that youthful hope away, and the seeming inability of the author to finish working on the third book suggests he doesn't know how end it either. It's not surprising that this is getting dropped, and not just for the decreasing quality of the story. Everyone's commented on the noticeable drop in GoT's storytelling once they ran out of books to follow. I imagine there's a hesitancy amongst studios to bet big on other unfinished works right now.
  2. You wouldn't believe how paranoid all the Finns I work with were today. None of them believed they would actually win, they were all mentally preparing to lose.
  3. They definitely should be, they are both great.
  4. Phew! I can breathe again. That was a rough second half but we survived!
  5. Why'd you have to go and say that? This second half has been terrifying so far.
  6. Pinging @Flub again to share some Oh My Girl. They're currently taking part in a TV competition thing called Queendom and had to perform a cover of a song by the group Lovelyz. They picked Destiny and did this, it's awesome.
  7. Headache

    NFL 2019!

    No one picked Antonio Brown in their fantasy team did they? Looks like he might get kicked from the Raiders before even touching a ball. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/9/5/20851515/antonio-brown-mike-mayock-fight-suspension-guaranteed-contract Before nearly coming to blows with the GM today he'd already been fined twice, got frostbite on his feet in the middle of the summer, and repeatedly tried to sneak into practice with his old now NFL-banned helmet (which apparently he'd hand painted to look like a new one). When even the NFL says this helmet isn't safe enough, you really should listen.
  8. Headache

    NFL 2019!

    There are 12 of us, we all pick from the single pool of players, so once a player is picked, no one else can have him (unless we trade later in the season). We take it in turns to pick a player, so very quickly all the best players will be gone, but it's fun to see if you can nab someone's favourite QB or RB before it gets to their turn. I need to pick a starting QB, 2 RBs, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, and one free RB/WR slot. Then there's a bench too, by which time I'm sure we'll all be picking blind, so I'm not too bothered about saving a pick on a hidden gem way down the draft. Oh yeah, and it's a half PPR league. Trying to balance WR and RB point totals a bit better standard, but not the full PPR set up.
  9. Headache

    NFL 2019!

    Work Fantasy Draft coming up today and I've not prepared for it at all. Anyone got any recommendations or top picks I should be going for? My work productivity is going to be massively down today as I'm probably going to spend most of it reading up on draft articles.
  10. That's a bit harsh on Michu, I don't think he was lacking quality, he'd already proved himself in Spain before coming to Swansea. I know he only had the one great season for us Swans, but that was because of injury and a rush back into the first team before he was fully healed. He never really ever recovered from that, the fact that he had to retire early will always be a regret in that regard.
  11. Not to turn this into an Oh My Girl thread, but they've just dropped a new MV for Bungee that's also fun. Yeah, I really like the song as well.
  12. @Flub Since you got me into Oh My Girl; I'm wondering if you've known that Mimi, their rapper, has opened her own YouTube channel. She's slowly uploading covers songs with other members of the group that you might enjoy. Hyojung, Oh My Girl's leader also has her own channel. It's mostly vlog content rather than songs, although she did recently upload this cover on her birthday.
  13. I know there's a gap in my favourite movie genres. I doubt that Simu Liu's Shang-Chi will be up there with the old Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee movies I used to love watching, but it'd be great to have some amazing kung-fu action on the big screen again. (Even The Raid is 8 years old...)
  14. That pattern's been lifted straight from a train's seating right?
  15. Everything nuclear is scarier these days after gaining insight into just how badly things were going at Chernobyl. South Korea sounds like it's got its own issues too. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613325/how-greed-and-corruption-blew-up-south-koreas-nuclear-industry/
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