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  1. 20 twenty is definitely not the same game as test cricket!
  2. It’s astonishing though how advanced the best GameCube games were. Resi 4, Metroid Prime and F Zero GX were cutting edge and if released today in HD they would arguably still be the best 3 games of the generation without any modifications.
  3. I thought Forza looked good but the actual presentation was almost like a parody. How does having 3D rendered trees and perfect modelling of scratch damage make a racing game more fun to play?
  4. Yeh it’s phenomenal - after a lot of listening the last few months I actually think the final 3 tracks are the best bit. They build one after another into a crescendo, it’s a really stunning half hour of music.
  5. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2. Dark Souls 3. Ico 4. Super Mario World 5. Super Metroid 6. Bloodborne 7. Resident Evil 4 8. Super Mario 64 9. Halo: Combat Evolved 10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 11. Pokemon Red and Blue 12. Super Mario Kart 13. Yoshi's Island 14. F-Zero GX 15. Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 16. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 17. Super Mario Galaxy 18. Metroid Prime 19. Returnal (video game) 20. Tetris Effect
  6. FalconGR

    The Man Utd Thread

    At least if Liverpool fail to win the league the season isn’t a complete disaster…
  7. Now we just have to hope nobody tries to edit Wikipedia between now and the deadline just to mess with this…
  8. The other thing to bear in mind for Rom is you can massively reduce the damage caused by the air meteors by wearing the outfit you find almost immediately before them (I think maybe it’s the White Church outfit).
  9. Level 112 is ridiculous for this part of the game! If I remember correctly Rom is much easier on your first try as it is initially immobile and you can get damage in. On repeat goes it is already swarmed by the little ones making it a bit harder. I still find it pretty straightforward now but struggled first time through. Similarly with Microlash - that magic attack can cause a lot of damage and basically one shot you at a lowish level. But once you know how to avoid that and the arm tentacle the hardest thing is remembering how to catch him.
  10. I will never understand why some people play games primarily for the story. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s just the complete opposite of what I think is interesting about games (the interactivity and mechanics etc). I mean Mario and Tetris are probably the two most perfect examples of what the appeal of video games is to me, so I find it amazing (and no bad thing) other people can have such different things they enjoy about the medium. I can honestly say I have never cared about the story in any game I’ve played.
  11. I generally don’t like roguelikes (I didn’t even particularly like Hades) and adored this. I think the reason it works so well is the core gameplay is so fun you are perfectly happy to start again from scratch. I also wouldn’t describe it as a shmup at all to be honest - it’s basically just an extremely slick third person shooter/action game to me. It’s brilliant at any price.
  12. So I imagine many of us are in the same position, or will be over the next few weeks. Elden Ring is complete, the Lands Between fully explored, and most bosses (except probably Malenia ) felled. I have spent the last few days bouncing from game to game to try and find something to capture my attention in the same way, but nothing has quite worked. I thought it might be helpful for people to share suggestions of what they are playing next, and if it has worked in capturing their attention again. If it has, maybe it will give others ideas! So far, the closest I have been to finding a new distraction is a replay of Super Mario Odyssey. Why it works after Elden ring: It’s rather nice to play something so relentlessly fun! No frustration, just idea after idea and in an extremely slick Nintendo wrapper. Why it isn’t Elden ring: I find after an hour of so I’ve had enough for now, it’s almost too sweet and I need a break. Now how do I replace the other three hours of the Elden ring session?
  13. I’ve also finished this now. I’ve been back and forth about the game as I’ve played it. I don’t think it’s perfect, the balancing is definitely off for me in some places, and from about half way through I was starting to tire of the open world aspect (not the exploring, but the catacombs, graves etc were starting to feel a bit pointless). For what it’s worth it only took me 75 hours - and I have seen and completed every major area and major boss (I checked a guide), and only didn’t do some caves and catacombs. Whilst I had some niggles, now I am done, I have spent the last few days at a loss of what to play (do?) next. I’ve decided there is only one answer - Elden Ring, again, from the beginning. There are two reasons. Firstly, I suspect a lot of my minor issues will dissipate now I know how the game works - where smithing stones and rune farming locations are etc. I also totally ignored ashes of war and summoning spirits for half the game, and it became much much easier once I used them. More than that, it is that despite the annoyances when I look back I just cannot believe how much good stuff is in this one game. My brother and I still hold Ocarina as the pinnacle, because in large part of how many memorable things you encounter. You start by finding your sword and shield, then the Deku Tree, then Hyrule Field for the first time, then sneaking past the guards in Hyrule Castle, then seeing Ganondorf, then meeting Epona, then Darunia dancing and I am not even at Dodongo’s Cavern. This game is similar - looking back on it there are so so many good bits, more than in any other souls game probably, it outweighs the minor criticism. I probably think bloodborne is overall the best From game, because I cannot think of any flaws beyond blood vials being a consumable (I don’t mind about the lack of build variety). But this is probably a close second tied with Dark Souls. Anyway, back to Limgrave I go!
  14. I think the 2000s is the pinnacle of arcade racers. I don’t think the holy trinity of F-Zero GX, Burnout 3 and Outrun 2 - released in quick succession - have ever been topped.
  15. The crucifixion woods/cathedral of the deep/farron keep section is probably the most open part of the game. After the Abyss Watchers it gets more linear. This isn’t meant to put you off though - the game actually gets better and better as it goes on.
  16. I’ve made it to the final boss! Out of interest, did anyone else find the two bosses before them extremely easy? I first timed both of them, and I think those are the first bosses I’ve just romped straight through. Possibly I got lucky but it was something of a relief, I’ve heard it becomes a boss rush and I didn’t want to spend hours on each one.
  17. I agree that Elden ring is reminiscent of ds2 - the proliferation of bosses is another similarity.
  18. Got to Melania. That did not go well! The legacy dungeon leading there was fantastic though - it might even be my favourite one.
  19. FalconGR

    Edge 370

    I think this is absolutely spot on.
  20. I couldn’t get the bird thing to work either - my arrows with a short bow didn’t seem to be capable of hitting it at that distance. Killing the sleeping enemies nearby though gives about 40k runes in two or three minutes, so even without the bird it’s a great spot.
  21. I am also in the camp who are starting to tire of the game after the capital. I really enjoyed the capital and VM legacy dungeons, but already in those areas the repetition of the open world was starting to become very clear. I don’t really understand what the point of fighting the same minbosses for the 5th time is, and am now in a white area with the same forts, ruins, castles I saw 50 hours ago in a green area. It’s a shame, as it means I am basically now just running past everything in search of the next dungeon as everything else feels just like more of the same. Overall I agree with those who think after the dust settles this will be somewhere in the middle of the pack of From games - I prefer it to DS2 and Sekiro, but I am not sure I’d put it above any of the others overall. There’s been nothing in the game quite as well designed as even the bosses in DS3 or Ithryll Dungeon, let alone DS1. This opinion may be affected by having played Bloodborne immediately in the run up to this - but doing so makes it clear to me that is a far better game, or at least, I much prefer that more focused style.
  22. I was coming on to post the same thing - how can you possibly remove the defining feature of choco mountain? The fact that you could fall in and lose the race at the last corner is the entire point! What are they going to do next? A version of Wario stadium with a barrier under the jump? Otherwise, wonderful to have an excuse to play this again.
  23. For anyone on a strength build, I’ve discovered that +7 wolf summons combined with bloody slash on a heavy long sword +20 is insanely powerful. It seems to completely destroy any of the minibosses - the downside to bloody slash is it takes time to use, but the wolves do a wonderful job as a distraction and you can basically spam L2 and win easily. It does feel a bit cheap, but if you are stuck it might help.
  24. Sure, it’s the best open world game, but is it the best From game? I am not quite so sure it pips Bloodborne or DS1 out of that spot.
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