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    Returnal definitely felt like something new - a full triple AAA style roguelike, with super slick controls and an incredible use of audio. For me what was so good is that the central mechanics were so satisfying (of a Halo, Mario level) that it made the repetition of the genre a joy, as you were just glad to have another go. It’s a bit like playing an incredible arcade racer and just having another race - you don’t care about the lack of immediate progress on death as it’s a joy simply to play. I think it’s the most exciting game since BotW and Bloodborne, and probably the only true next gen game I have played.
  2. I have also gone for PS5 version, and done the first hour or so up to the first (mini?)-boss. Utterly delightful so far.
  3. I agree this sort of makes sense for grass, although more so for some attacks than others. I can understand Leech Seed for instance being super effective, but I don’t see Razor Leaf working in real life… Probably overthinking this!
  4. The newer Pokémon games do tell you if a move is going to be super effective or not (if the enemy Pokémon is in your Pokédex). At least for the first few generations it’s all quite logical and elemental (fire burns grass, water puts out fire, grass absorbs water etc). Although I’ve never quite understood why grass is supposed to be super-effective against rock, they just coexist…
  5. Sure, I understand that, I am just curious as to what the typical variation in a game is. When tv is saying xG is say 3.2 vs 2.3 in a game it would be helpful to state what the typical size of the errors bars are - is it order 1 or 0.1, I would guess the former.
  6. Does anywhere which computes xG give a sense of the variance of it? Roughly speaking general maths expectations are that in a low scoring game like football with few chances per game there will be large fluctuations from the average in any given match. In contrast in basketball where there are order 100 shots per game stats and percentage makes should be far more accurate at predicting the score. Of course the other issue with xG is it ignores the fact that taking your chances is one of the most important skills in football.
  7. No worries - reading it back I can see how it could have come across like that. I was just curious if it was a technical difficulty with adapting the algorithm (which it seems it is) or there was some other reason for it. In any case, I entered ‘Yoshi’s Island’ correctly! Moving on, does anyone have any predictions for how this might change by the next time we do it? I expect Elden Ring to fall a bit as time goes on and it’s less zeitgeisty, and would expect Returnal to be significantly higher (too 20) as more people play it.
  8. I think you have misunderstood my intention. I was not trying to imply it could be easily done, I was asking if it could be easily done.
  9. It’s wonderful you have done this Benny, and I have loved reading the list, but I am genuinely interested in why the name rules had to be so strictly imposed? Could your algorithm not have easily been adapted to search for any entries with the word Yoshi in the title etc, and then combine the scores for all name variations? I mean, it would just make sense to have the list have reflected people’s intentions is all.
  10. Ouendan without the original music is not Ouendan though - the sound track is brilliant and a large part of the game. I don’t know all the real names but Linda Linda, the one with the pot guy/sculptor, Baby Baby Baby and Over The Distance are all incredible. If you’ve only played EBA I would definitely try the original - I still play it regularly, and think it’s one of the best handheld games of all time.
  11. Kill Bill The Pony. Homes Under The Hama.
  12. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - The Origin of The Rings of Power from The Lord of the Rings.
  13. 7 is also excellent - it was my go to game on flights for many years due to the ease of taking a 3DS. I still often play Super Circuit to this day, it’s perfect for playing whilst watching tv at the same time. I think the Wii game is the only bad one, and the DS one was ruined a little by snaking.
  14. I like Mario kart 8, it’s very good, but I am always surprised people rank it quite this highly. It has some amazing tracks and is the most comprehensive in the series. But the local multiplayer is not great and in terms of the pure racing I think it’s only the fourth or fifth best Mario Kart. It’s basically slightly too slow and hence too easy to take the perfect racing line, there isn’t quite enough jeopardy. I’d actually place Super, 64, Super Circuit and possibly even Double Dash ahead (you may laugh at Double Dash, but it’s actually one of the best time trial games in the series).
  15. I feel like the 45-50 grouping has been robbed relative to some of the games that have appeared since.
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