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  1. Whoops clicked the wrong thing, I am going to play female Shep just because I played the original games all as male
  2. Just so you know, it literally was a remake which might be why it looked like the same game.... I don't think they really have done anything with the series this gen apart from that one remake which wasn't really in my eyes, invested in. It was just a quick easy buck to fill the gap I think and let people know the series had not been forgotten. That said I suspect part of it was that they churned out that many games for the ps3 and vita etc that the R&C fans got a little bit burnt out by the series. So if they do this well it should be a chance to refresh the series
  3. Just for clarity it's ratchet and clank game - ps4 as there haven't been more than 1 game on the ps4 has there?
  4. I would have thought there will be a drop but probably not back to pre-covid prices as many of these are being bought by people collecting as well as people wanting to play them for nostalgic reasons so by default there would be less available as they will be stocked up somewhere. Least that's how I see it anyways and could be completely wrong
  5. I bought a few bits recently and noticed that a fair few of my games have jumped dramatically in value and games that I want have also been tougher to come by on ebay etc as I have a price in my head that i'm willing to pay and more often than not games exceed it because there are a fewer of them and more people competing for them. In fact for the first time ever in my life I paid 3 figures for a video game, most of my collection has been bought at the lower end of the scale when their prices have dropped almost as far as they'll go.
  6. Just a little video that I had a bit of fun with last night Thought you might enjoy seeing me take on battlefield peeps with a sword
  7. Though I haven't used it much I think PCSX wants at least 2gb video card memory and recommends 4gb? So imagine that might be part of your issue
  8. So my collection probably isn't as big as some of yours on here but I was curious as to what if anything you have done regards to covering your collection? I know some people take it as a given that it's covered on your house insurance so I've started creating a spreadsheet with everything on and the intention to take photos so I have some record of it particularly as I spotted the weekend some of the prices and realised I have a nice little money pot growing if you like. Do any of you insure your collections? Is that even an option?
  9. Just need to get a forum game on the go now?
  10. Brilliant, I held off on this recently just in case it came up on game pass
  11. Fortunately I never got into the gamecube so the likes of gales of darkness passed me by
  12. It's kind of a lose lose for developers in that regard, I imagine stuff like the storylines keep getting reused because it continues to sell, it's somewhat similar to all the remasters and remakes, they continue to sell. Just the difference with jrpg's in general is that they do change environments, names and can be quite creative with the art styles etc. It's their safe zone isn't it like say Mass effect being redone, they know it will sell so why take a gamble on something so drastically different for half the gaming world to criticize and complain about. That said there is quite
  13. I know a lot on here are criticising the state of the trailer but i'm realy stoked for this, it's a branch away from the current trend of pokemon games and for anyone who has played the games since the originals it's quite exciting. I mean for me this is what I expected with the Switch and not the same sort of stuff that has come before but easier in lets go and sword and shield. The trailer not being so good doesn't phase me at this stage, they haven't announced the exact date in 2022 only that it's early which can mean anything in the first 6 months really. If a lot of the world
  14. The weekend league would do that to any sane person. clubs is as much about hanging out as well
  15. Yeah it's been good, better now that we are regularly getting at least 3 on, Jamin mentioned Fennas is trying to get a ps5 so he can jump back in with us as well as Vinnie which would be good. Would be nice to see an appearance by @Theholyhoggevery now and again too It has been quite a while since we've seen more than a couple of people playing, I think the last game there was no one left on clubs?
  16. No it's a retelling of the same story with a bunch of randomness added in to fill it out a bit
  17. Going back to the original thread, Remnant for me, I've fancied trying that for a while so happy to give it a go now
  18. There are quite a few options with such a vague statement, some others - World of final fantasy Tactics Tactics advance 1 & 2 Dirge of Cerberus Mystic quest The original final fantasy as it was never called FFI
  19. I imagine we could debate it all day on what's the best so i'm probably going to stop before I get going Mine will always be IX but for me the series has really fallen away trying to appeal to larger audiences with 13 onwards, though admittedly they recovered a step with the mmo after it's apalling start. 7 remake is probably the best of what we'd think of as modern final fantasy games.
  20. It's a good game and visually it's probably the best but it's no way in hell the best final fantasy game It's not even the full game for a start.... @Benny I don't know how much of a completionist but it's more than do-able in a month. It's about 40 hours if you complete every little tidbit of the game
  21. Going to be crap for anyone who's bought it if the rumours of it being on ps plus next month turn out to be true....
  22. @Jamin & @Sladey19 it was good to have you guys back last night Was a good sesh and once we got going plenty of wins I did record my last goal of the evening but it wouldn't let me put it on the ps group so i'll upload it here tonight or something.
  23. Yeah maybe, I am giving it a go for a couple of months so i'll be able to tell you if that's the case I imagine whilst it's still a small start up type thing the selection of games will be ok, if they got bigger is when I would get more concerned, if they are rushing to select games etc. I thought it'd be fun to give a try, I am probably that niche in that I have a lot of consoles with a very small number of games on each so this gives me the opportunity to try some games that i've probably missed out on.
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