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  1. Essentially a professional grade CRT. More used for design and video editing so the quality is just the next step up from standard CRT's
  2. This is probably the best advice, start small and portable and see if it is something you stick with. You have to consider if you do come to sell afterwards it's a little bit of a niche market really with only really a small portion of gamers that would take any CRT off your hands.
  3. A good OSSC you are looking at the same price of a good CRT but obviously is beneficial if you are limited on space etc. I have a little 15" Daewoo TV for my Scart connection consoles and to be honest I prefer it to using a convertor, convertor's are decent but there is a charm to having a set up much akin to what I might have had when I was younger and I do think they just look and perform slightly better on an original CRT (as they were designed for).
  4. Mine is on it's way, I imagine this question has been asked but I have not found an answer to it yet. As far as game settings, are there any recommended locations to go to find optimum settings for each game? Or possibly settings to find a balance between performance and battery useage?
  5. Thank you I figured it out before reading your post but yes it was the same issue, it seem's to have trouble with the extra protection with the bank accounts but it looks like it has gone through and payment sent now Quite excited
  6. So I tried to order mine last night after getting the e-mail. I tried to put it through and it just got stuck on working after I tried to pay. I then lost it, it did not show in my purchase history and going back on the steam deck page it asks me if I want to pre-order again. Go to steam support to try and query it, go onto purchases and it say's it's payment pending, did anyone else have that? I have still queried it with Steam despite it being there as I don't see why it would not just go through straight away?
  7. I'm always up for playing a few but like some have said I think largely the fifa group has moved away in other directions. There is so much choice to play these days why continue with what is essentially the same game year in / year out. I have a group that plays regularly from another forum where I typically get my fix a couple of times a week (ps4 at the moment) but it's not something I feel the need to play every week and the idea of committing to a league or something similar these day's feels like it would be tough to do.
  8. So I picked this up on the switch, thought it would be a great game to play in front of my daughter, maybe even encourage her to have a go (she's only 3 mind). The performance is not good if I am honest, plenty of frame rate stutters. That said it's quite a pleasant title, something a bit different to what I usually play and it looks pretty lovely so I am quite enjoying it. Glad I picked it up and hopefully at some point will get the little un to have a go which I am looking forward to
  9. This thread has I don't believe Rowling is personally creating the Hogwarts Legacy game either.... It's funny reading posts that state it's wrong for one franchise / owner etc but it's ok with another because he's not directly responsible or because he only every now and again makes a comment.... It seem's like double standards to me. Like I understand people not wanting to acknowledge or simply just ignoring the issues because they want to enjoy something that person has a hand in producing or creating but the oh but he's ok for doing the same thing but she's not is wrong surely? It can't be one rule for her and one for him can it? Just to further point out the issues with Musk - https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/04/elon-musk-twitter-terrible-things-hes-said-and-done So he may not be the same in that he might not be so vocal on his dislike for people with different coloured skin or people's gender but there are quite a few issues on that list that should make you sit up and think hang on he's on the same level if not worse (we only need to consider there is another law suit going against Tesla in the US over racism despite them having already been pulled up on it previously).
  10. I am quite a fan of the PS3 and that's in part due to the JRPG's that were released on it (though many have since come to other consoles or pc) but this was where they all started so at the time it was a brilliant console to me - Tales of Xillia 1 & 2 (these turned up quite late on from memory so got somewhat overlooked as people moved onto the new consoles) Tales of Graces F (I did love this game) Folklore Eternal Sonata (I think this was on the 360 as well?) Resonance of fate The guided fate paradox Trails of cold steel games It is also an era that brought us many of the game series that are still loved today, uncharted, last of us etc. So whilst the console may not hold up well when you consider a lot of the games have remasters and the such on newer hardware it has quite a place in Sony's history.
  11. So i have quite the backlog at the moment and having been mostly picking up switch games in recent months. I have 3 on my radar - diofeld chronicles (quite enjoyed the demo) star ocean (ps5) tactics ogre (this is the must buy for me)
  12. Thanks both, I'm typically against emulation if I can help it (I do enjoy playing with the original set up so knowing a patched cd-r copy is a viable option is good, I have spotted someone online selling them along with a cartridge that allows it to run (rather than modding the current Saturn, is it a Pseudo card?) but I wasn't sure if it was legit or not (they are on etsy so imagine there is a route back if needed).
  13. I am a bit dumbfounded by the Shining force 3 set up, it's a game I always wanted to play being a big fan of the originals and recently picked up SF3 on the saturn (my first Saturn and game too!). Am I right in thinking that there are 3 parts? That the latter 2 never left Japan? So I imagine the only way to play them are English translations either via emulation or back up copies through the Saturn using some sort of Pseudo card or something? Could someone recommend the latter option as it would be nice to play through parts 2 and 3 on the Saturn as well if that is possible? I have a mega drive copy of SF1 turning up in the next couple of day's so plan to play through that first but it would be nice to have all 3 parts of SF 3 ready to go when I do get to it.
  14. I would recommend turning off auto renew just in case you get caught out down the road and they automatically re-sub you for 12 months before you get chance to cancel should you not like it
  15. So has anyone given this a go yet? I just thought I would have a nose on my phone to see what I have access to, it state's on my PSN account I have premium but if I try to select something to install remotely it is asking me to upgrade? I then click upgrade thinking maybe it's just Sony being Sony and it comes up with something went wrong
  16. Not meaning to turn this into a this console developer is better than that one but are they? I feel like this conversation has been had on here multiple times but, yes Microsoft has better hardware but thus far we haven't really seen much content that is better than Sony's.... The quantity of games has been lacklustre and in all fairness aside from the Forza games (which racing isn't typically my scene) & flight sim they haven't released anything of real note... Halo hasn't yet achieved the heights it should / could have and the best titles on xbox currently are from the last gen. They may have new stuff coming up but it could still be years off.... We also are yet to see the implications that Covid had on these games outside of delays either, it's easy to say Microsoft are catching up but thus far we have little content from them from which to compare.
  17. See where you might think many of those are issues I really do not, I imagine there are additional costs to creating a way that both the NTSC and PAL versions can be accessed that Sony have obviously decided the service doesn't warrant (remember that some of these have been on PS Now for years so they have some data to determine how likely and frequently some of these games are likely to be played). Having never really experienced many of the originals at 60Hz I can't comment on the differences and whether or not it's worth it The price tags, I mean with inflation that doesn't seem all that surprising to me... Everything else has gone up in the world so why wouldn't video games? Horizon, I played that on launch and yes it might have had some bugs but it was still very playable and enjoyable. If we compare it to the alternative options to Playstation and their games, we have Microsoft who have only released a handful of exclusive games in the past 10 years.... Whilst they may have been fairly well polished the quantity speaks for themselves.... You have also selected probably the worst of all the games that Sony have released and claimed that shows the state of Sony despite them having released and incredibly well polished Demons Souls game, a fun little game in Astrobot, Ratchet and clank, Returnal were all well polished and did not require all the additional patches (so comparitive to Microsoft's content). Just because one game required a bit of work after launch does not mean the company has turned about on it's heel and become the next Bethesda... Note that I am not comparing to Nintendo because as much as I love their titles I don't see them as being the same when it comes to a like for like comparison. I am also an avid PlayStation fan (in fact I have been since the original PS1 launch if we are bragging about length) and to me yes the company has changed (I mean every company has had to the last 20-30 years or it likely hasn't survived). But not quite in the same vain that you are suggesting, in that they are sinking / self imploding. And if that's how you feel, well there are alternatives (but personally, despite enjoying game pass I do not see how you will get any of the same experiences with an XBOX).
  18. Mind if I ask what you are basing this on? There have been reports that there are a mixture of PAL / NTSC games across the PS1 games in other regions (though I'm not sure of the reason for this).
  19. As a Blues fan I can't see much happening the next few weeks with the speculation of us being sold (though I take it with a pinch of salt). Should it turn out we are not being sold it's going to be another window of loads of loans and a couple of freebies (and in this event I see us going down next season). Bowyer has his hands tied at the moment and we have like one or two talented players on the books but we haven't got a full squad or any depth to the squad. I suspect we might see a couple of higher wage players move on (if anyone will have them).
  20. Honestly i played the gba versions and missed out on the ds one. Im contemplating it being one of the game i take away on holiday with me
  21. They never actually said this, an article appeared from gamedeveloper.com saying that reportedly Sony were telling developers that games over a certain amount must have a 2 hour demo / trial. This has never been confirmed by Sony and Sony's own announcements have only ever stated some games would have demos / trials. I do get the frustration but does the competition have anything similar? (meaning xbox).
  22. I know there seem's to be a lot of people who are finding flaws / gripes with this but as someone who had both ps now and plus anyway I'm kind of looking forward to it. There are some nice new additions that I am yet to play Demons Souls, Ghost of Tsushima (I have the PS4 version yet to play so I might sell this on), Returnal, AC Valhalla I let it go previously knowing the price would drop dramatically at some point (I have played this once but wouldn't mind jumping back in), Death Stranding I haven't played and I wouldn't mind replaying the first Spiderman (I have held off on buying this anticipating it will turn up). Having PS Now until January as well means I get to give the premium a good go until then I suspect however that I will only keep it on the middle tier, as much as I love my older games, I still have most of them and the consoles to hand so I don't necassarily feel the need to have access to them digitally (though my mind could yet be swayed).
  23. So I put this down a while back with all the issues I was having and just last week decided to jump back in with the PS5 version, what a difference! It's certainly playing better, looks great on the PS5 (I was on the PS4 version previously) and surprisingly I'm enjoying the haptic feedback on the controllers! Honestly each shoot out feel's tense and the way it feel's on the controllers is great. Looks like I know what I'm playing for the next month or so Edit - Thought I'd add some little things I have noticed regards the haptic feedback - - Obviously guns feel like they really pack a punch and you notice the differences between weapons, i.e. firing a shotgun and you can feel it kickback at you through the controller - When driving, you can feel the change in gears when acceleration, you can feel the change in road surface - Motorbikes, theres something noticeable in that it feel's a bit like feet moving (I imagine it's to get at feeling the air rush past you or something like that?) - You even notice when your character has opened a door These are only thing's i've noticed early on so not sure if there is more to come but it showcases the haptics quite well.
  24. So my impressions of this have been pretty positive It has already been updated to the black seraph android OS (surprised CEX allowed it to come in seeing as it's not the stock OS?). There are a couple of niggles which I am yet to work out with it (possibly because I haven't spent enough time with it yet) the first is the audio, it defaults to headphones despite there not being one connected or plugged in (apparently a common issue with the firmware when moving to the Black Seraph android update and should be solveable), the second I suspect is my unfamiliarity with android in that I put games on my SD card and can't find them through retroarch. I can find them through the file browser so have just copied over games I want to play onto the internal memory for now That aside, it's great, it's lovely and quick and it plays everything I wanted it for (mostly fire emblem games and GBA stuff, but it's really smooth and the screen is pretty good, it's a good size and the console is substantially more comfortable than the RG350 I had (I imagine mostly because it's just larger). Closed, it looks almost exactly like a large 3DS / DS. I might try DS games on it at some point but not in a rush for that at the moment I'm quite looking forward to taking it away on holiday later in the year when I will really get to spend some time gaming on it
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