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  1. I've got a decent camera on my phone and I know it's probably not up to some of the quality that many on here are capable of but it has given me a bit of an interest in photography as I have come up with some half decent images (That i'm pretty sure I could not achieve with an DSLR ) But I thought I would share a couple
  2. So just thinking about the various games that have got off to such abysmal starts due to bad launches, bad publicity or just generally being terrible games. But then there are some that have started that well and found their feet much further into their lifespan's. Just a couple of examples - Fornite - Didn't this start out as a survival game? Then it sort of took off when battle royale came out No man's sky - Seem's to have a decent following and actually resembles something of the promises they made before the launch of the title The division - Whilst not a terrible game the lack of end game content was an issue, that said with feedback from the fans it was developed into something with an abundance of things to do by the end of it's life. Final Fantasy 14 anyone? The fact they remade the game because it was so apalling and yet now it's proving to be quite successful. So any game's that you played on launch that were full of bugs or just downright rubbish that you later returned to find that all the updates etc actually made it a good if not, great game?
  3. I played it and was a bit dissapointed. It plays ok but feels disjointed and lacking any form of direction. 1 surprise I had was that war theatre, I think I picked it up for a £1 in the sale and I've more than got my money's worth from that. Feels like a steampunk take on advance wars
  4. So, to get our season underway we sacked Monk..... I suspect there will be a downturn in fan attendance for us this year with it being considered another absurd decision similar to getting rid of Rowett. The CEO came out with an interview stating how it was all Monk, not willing to budge on playing style, wanting to only use 1 football agent to sign players (I imagine he was thinking to try and recreate the success of Mendez at Wolves) and a lack of effort in recent weeks / months i.e. not willing to meet with the board etc. To say all that there has to be some truth otherwise Blues can expect to be putting an awful lot more money into Monk's pocket. My concern though is that a number of our first teamers are in talks with other clubs and I suspect we might see a fire sale this summer, so what's the reason for this? To provide funds for a new manager? Or to try and recoup some of their losses up until now and let us struggle on next season using our youth team? Yeah, it's not looking good for us at the moment and it might be worth a bet on us to go down =/
  5. I think it's dropped to £20 in some places so I imagine that's what is keeping it up there currently.
  6. Anyone would think you don't have other options for playing it at 1080p etc. The thing that always gets me with people like this is that why should you expect every machine to output exactly the same. It's like buying 2 machines, a printer and an engraver and expecting the exact same result from the both. Despite them being designed for different purposes, different clients, a different audience and with completely different parts, components and specs.
  7. Luseth

    Nintendo Switch

    The best price i've seen for the second game is £39.85 at shopto if that's of much use
  8. Luseth

    Nintendo Switch

    I was contemplating this, does it actually help towards fitness or is it actually a game?
  9. Luseth

    Nintendo Switch

    Usually a couple of days before dispatch, their website I think say's they wait until they have them in stock
  10. Might be worth reading some of the comments. Some valid points in there about his mental health. If this is what he's reduced to it might be worth stopping to consider he could be in a serious bout of depression. In a day and age where we should be promoting men's health it might be worth considering.
  11. There's an awful lot more to this than meet's the eye I think. I suspect there has been some friction in place for quite some time due to our owners not giving Monk the whole truth when he joined (think back to his comments in the media about wanting to know where we stand financially if he stays into next season). He's said he won't quit but should another club come in with a decent severance package I think our current owners would accept and get rid =/ They know they can't sack him after Rowett and knowing that Monk has built up the same sort of rapport so their hope is to get him to quit or to find a club to 'poach' him from us. Rumours are the Ren has set up his office next door to Monk's at the training ground. So not only is he undermining his transfer dealings he appears to be keeping a watchful eye on Monk's day to day dealings to.
  12. Is ok Didn't want you taking all my glory
  13. Does anyone think there will be any surprise drops for straight after the show as they have done with their Nintendo direct's and the like previous? I'm hoping to see a little bit more of Fire Emblem with the release literally round the corner. Also of note, one of the main sources (Sabi - Twitter) of E3 leaks was given a cease and desist order by Nintendo, do you think this has limited the Nintendo leaks? Made any difference? Is there a surprise announcement that Nintendo have really wanted to keep under wraps?
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