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  1. Luseth

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    Well mine has been ordered by the wife for my birthday. I have number 2 on the xbox somewhere but i've never played either. Quite looking forward too this
  2. Luseth

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Oh we know the feeling. It's absolutely screwed us this season and could cost us our place in the Championship if Monk's not up to the task. Our owners have the cash to spend but they just aren't allowed too :( So instead we've had a couple of rubbish loan signings to try and bulk up the squad in case of injuries and that's it!
  3. Luseth

    Football Thread 2018/19

    With your money I don't think you can be included in that group anymore
  4. Luseth

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    I don't suppose anyone know's if they charge to repair scratches on the lense? Or have suggestions for fixing them. I've noticed 1 on the one lense and it's a bit irritating ^__^ For most people it wouldn't be an issue but I can be a funny bugger about these things.
  5. I wouldn't worry about that. The championship you very much need goals from the whole team. 1 or 2 attacking players can't carry you over a full season.
  6. Luseth

    rllmuk FC

    Yeah just inv me when your on
  7. Luseth

    Nintendo Switch

    I must admit there is an awful lot of tat on the store as well which has just put me off using it sadly. I might browse youtube every now and again for the top indie titles but I haven't bought many. My current games to play are (already bought) - To finish Lost Sphear Shining Resonance Refrain Octopath Then I will most definitely be picking up Pokemon for christmas (i'm dropping the hints for the wife). There's also the following games I want though how i'm going to afford them i'm not sure - Mario Party Super smash bros Starlink battle for Atlas Valkyria Chronicles 4 In addition there are plenty of games I still want that I haven't picked up i.e. Overcooked 2, Donkey kong & Fire emblem warriors. It's certainly one of my favourite consoles to date and doesn't really show signs of slowing down just yet.
  8. Most of the reviews are by people with Asian accent's. Just makes me wonder if they are people who make up the team that made them
  9. Are any of the Chinese knock off hand held's actually any good? I'm contemplating getting one for say £30 max for my brother for his birthday, anyone got any recommendations?
  10. Luseth

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I genuinely love the look of that. Sadly I can't afford one
  11. They are generally great games and you are totally right @Vorgot but as you say i'm not sure it's going to be easy for them to really break into the mainstream here. In fact I think it might sell better on the Switch than on PS4 due to it's vibrancy (I mean that's what Nintendo's generally known for in it's games).
  12. The posts you all put are proving my point With Final Fantasy it's very much based on an individuals opinion. More recently Square have experimented with the series so now you find that your either a fan or not. FFXV I didn't mind but I feel it was a very weak game compared with well, the PS1 / PS2 era of games. What game is best is all down to the individual. Personally IX is my favorite as it was much more light hearted and colourful and was my first game in the series so I have a soft spot for it anyways but VIII & VII are also high up there for me. XII doesn't do it for me as there were far many fetch quests and - A) Run to location A B) Defeat x number of monsters C) Beat big monster D) Run back and collect reward If I wanted to play a game like that I would play world of warcraft or something. I don't deny it has good points but as I say it just wasn't for me. Anyway's, my biggest issue with the series these days is I really don't like the direction the combat style has gone as I did thoroughly enjoy the turn based stuff so going back on topic (Sorry for taking it off course) the combat system is a big part of getting this game and fortunately I have an awful lot of cash on my game card so will go and fetch it day one
  13. But surely that's not so much because of the quality of the game but more that the audience available is far larger now compared to previous titles? (I know far more people that play video games now compared to when I was say 10, the release year of Final Fantasy IX) It's relying on it's reputation currently and whilst XV was an ok game it's not necessarily going to draw thew newer players back for another go at the series (especially with so many other good titles out consistently now). This is personal opinion of course and it may get even better sales when XVI comes along years down the line. My comment was in reference to quality and enjoyment of said games. Final Fantasy VII remake will completely destroy XV's sales and that's because they will have taken a step back to a game so many people thoroughly enjoyed. I wasn't comparing FFXIII with FFXV I was saying that the games pre FFXI are better than those post FFXI... (Admittedly a number of people do rate XII quite highly, though it's not to my taste, so you could say pre and post XII) It's personal opinion though isn't it? I suspect if you did a poll on most gaming forum's the result would come out as Final Fantasy VI or VII (Not my favorites but again it's personal opinion isn't it) In fact just doing a quick google the first 4 web pages come out with FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII & FFIX....
  14. Did you start with Final Fantasy XIII? Nah in all seriousness all of the Final Fantasy's up to and including X were fantastic for me. Hit just the right spot (though I think IX was the pinnacle). I think Final Fantasy though is on a steady decline
  15. As I say if it had been someone much further up the chain of command then I may have considered not getting it but as it stands I will buy it, i've bought games with more controversy surrounding them so this is quite minor in comparison. But the key thing for me is that I really love this combat style and I want to see more games like this around. In order for that to happen I need to buy the games and show that there's a market for it over here ^_^ Make's you wonder if this is just a hate campaign against Square Enix orchestrated by @dave7g so that one of the last big turn based battle games dies (Joking)

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