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  1. This is still on my to play list I'm playing through reckoning remastered and then going to move onto this before I start any new gen stuff I think I was enjoying it when I played it but for some reason I lost my save and haven't returned to it since
  2. Been playing this for the past week it's nothing you haven't seen before but it's really good fun to play Medievil will be good, my other half will love playing that having fond memories of it from her childhood and I'd quite like to try Trine so not bad for me
  3. For those currently on xbox or who might know, I was going to have a look at the store as I have a series S due but logging in on the app is just giving me american prices Whats the best way to access it from my phone or laptop so I can buy some games in advance if I wanted to
  4. So I have a PS5 pre-ordered but I decided to go with the all access series S as well. The first time i've ever bought an xbox on launch and generally I've never invested anywhere near as much time into the xbox stuff before but it's insanely good value plus I do enjoy the somewhat janky Bethesda stuff and I can't wait for the new fable game. The intention is this will be the family console so my wife and daughter will be able to play it more often than not but I have a feeling that it may end up being the reverse yet with them playing the ps5 more We shall see
  5. AC Valhalla and watch dogs 2 can be picked up for £50 - £55, it's a far cry from £70.... I think this is the way that they will go, they will just build up the ps collection over the next few years I think And possibly try to sell us it but really adding ps4 games that were free on ps plus years ago....
  6. For me I'll be playing Cyberpunk (maybe) and assassins creed Valhalla as well as still working through my ps4 backlog There's no rush for the games and i'd rather not pay over the odds for a game just because there isn't much to choose from on launch. Part of the thinking behind backwards compatibility on the ps5 is that it isn't really all that big a deal that there isn't much in the way of launch content. They haven't but I fully expect them to price high to continue encouraging and pushing people towards game pass That's their drive and focus at the moment, what better way
  7. Xbox is genuinely better value for money and all that but sticking with PS again for me Will pick up a Series S down the road I think though as a second console
  8. It's just a matter of time I think by the end of this gen they'll be gone with many more people being digital only
  9. I imagine because they wern't relying solely on your business..... Also aren't only game and CEX still going? So whilst the pool of people that still go into a store to buy stuff isn't as big, neither is the pool of stores for them to go into.
  10. In the hope that it's quieter than my ps4....
  11. When i've pre-ordered stuff in the past it's usually a few days before dispatch or on dispatch can't remember which.
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