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  1. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    Surely by that same logic whoever it is that make's Fifa is equally responsible for not telling them so? That said, EA own's DICE, so whatever DICE "tell's" them is irrelevant. You can't tell your boss at work what he can and can't do and it's the same here. DICE may have created the engine and continue to develop for use in their games but they are not responsible for what other divisions within EA use it for. To hold a grudge against the Battlefield series and DICE because EA have screwed with a game you enjoyed seems a bit petty. Can't argue with that.
  2. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    Would you say that's Dice's fault though or EA's? It's never really been an issue for Battlefield players. It was EA's decision to implement it into Fifa and adapt it to a game it was not designed for. That's like installing windows os on mac or mac os on windows and complaining that it doesn't work the way it should straight out of the box.
  3. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    He's just a call of duty fanboy aren't you gooner? One thing I can tell you though is gooner's opinion is something to regard in high esteem with all of the hours he's put into battlefield (see the tracker below). Also bare in mind if you look at his BF1 stats as well he played battlefield 1 for almost 7 hours back in October 2015..... I can only assume his criticisms of the frostbite engine are more in regards to fifa rather than battlefield and it contains some bitterness because fifa has not been quite the same it's switch over. The frostbite engine has been used since back in 2008 with this series and whilst yeah maybe it is time they created something new that's a bit more refined (admittedly it has it's flaws), it has continually churned out good battlefield games, I mean point out a game to me that has not had a day 1 patch or months of patches afterwards to fix all the bugs and issues on PS4 or Xbox in recent years? Nintendo games are the only one's really to achieve it and that's probably partly down to the less complex nature of the games? @MattKB I can only think auto-aim too though I haven't had it happen to me. Assuming you are on console?
  4. Luseth

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    First christmas doing dinner so in the morning I intend to put the switch on the lounge TV (so pokemon or titan quest or similar unless I treat myself to something new between now and then) and chill waiting for my wife to tell me what she needs me to do to contribute (Never done a roast dinner before).
  5. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    Would be a shame if it died too quickly. It's one of the few fps series that I enjoy these days =/
  6. Again another thread inspired by an article i've just read on Battlefield. Objective based shooters quite often have a middle point / centre ground where the mass of combat goes on and generally that's where you find everyone rushing to so they can quickly get stuck into the action. So if you imagine 5 points on a map, 4 around the edge and then 1 smack bang in the centre (happens quite frequently with game modes on battlefield). Would you be one of those rushing headfirst in and getting stuck in, racking up as many kills as you can before you die? Or Are you one of those who plays to win, you don't necassarily focus on where the action is but you focus fully on objectives. You would be part of that group going around the edge capturing the points on the outskirts? To sum up what i'm trying to say, are you one of those staying by the cart in overwatch to force it to the finish line or do you just run around killing everyone? Do you try to capture the flag and return it to your base being the hero or do you just support / protect the guy's completing the main objectives? Multiplayer games are so diverse in how you can play them, do you always play the same way (what your comfortable with) or do you play in a way that would most benefit your team?
  7. Luseth

    Gaming for free....

    I read the PCGamer website quite a bit and they regularly put up articles about free games of the week and this that and the other. I was wondering, is it possible to game for free (excluding hardware costs) these days. I.e. Can you get enough of a gaming fix just from the odd game humble give away here and there, the free games on steam and GOG and that sort of thing? Does anyone here do that? I mean some of my favourite games of all time have been free (I think of Battle for Wesnoth as an example)
  8. Luseth

    The last Remnant

    A plus with this version that Hogg spotted yesterday is that they have added the speed boost like they have with the Final Fantasy games to speed up some of the areas. I will be picking this up, though probably payday now (which is next week ) Can be my christmas game this year I think
  9. Luseth

    Monthly Release Dates - December 2018

    @Theholyhogg not sure if this is right but it looks like it's not going to be too pricey too - Link This and the sega games on switch for me for the month will keep me busy along with all the games I still have to play ^_^ Might have to give some of my multiplayer games a miss for a while to catch up on the single player games I've got to enjoy.
  10. Luseth

    Monthly Release Dates - December 2018

    :O I missed this! Man I am getting this, it's out tomorrow as well! I briefly played it back when it first come out but something stopped me through the whole way through (in fact I think I have it in my steam library). Have they put the extra speed in like they did with the final fantasy game's too? That would be handy at some points I reckon.
  11. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    No but my point is you haven't voiced your opinion in 10 pages and merely throwing in a few video's into the thread without any real discussion on it and just saying (and I quote) 'People keep asking why there is so much negativity surrounding this game but it's not hard to see why is it?' is not really you voicing your opinion. That strikes me as someone who is trying to get a reaction out of people within the thread (I'll let you look up the definition of an internet troll to see why I called your post out as some trolling) So you played the beta? An unfinished version of the game? I know there was the 10 hour EA access as well but to be honest how you can fully judge a multiplayer fps on just 10 hours game play is beyond me. I'm still not getting this point? And it relates back to my first post of you trolling. Your suggesting that it's a bad thing that a greedy company has made a positive step. Yes EA has always been a greedy company, but to suggest that them not charging for future dlc is a bad thing is absurd.... As I said, that's a case of being damned if you do, damned if you don't....
  12. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    Not sure why people are responding to VN1X, it just seem's like he / she is trolling the thread The only posts from them in the past 10 pages have been a few screen grabs, a vid and then posts talking about the political aspects and criticisms of said game. So many of the comments appear like they are comments from someone who has been watching video's on youtube and making judgements based on that rather than someone sitting down for a good many hours and playing the game. Using the genders as a start point, I've hardly even noticed them in game. In fact the only time i've realised they are there (and this is a criticism of the game) is they seem to shriek or scream when they die which is not something I've never noticed when shooting a male character. One of @VN1X's comments - Not sure what the problem is with this? They've made a positive step and your trying to put a 'negative' spin on it? So they are damned if they do and damned if they don't?
  13. Luseth

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    Probably still haven't played them all from last year yet Too much of a backlog between Steam and PS4.... But i'm still in
  14. Luseth

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Surely this is going to go 1 of 2 ways. Bethesda abandon the project altogether or they actually spend the time fixing it and creating something half decent (sorta like No mans sky did). That said there is now a law firm looking into Bethesda over in America so it will be interesting to see the outcome of that.
  15. Luseth

    Battlefield V

    That said I remember in the beta you could dig a trench on the side to provide cover and i've not seen the option to do that in the full release.... I think the beta has had the biggest impact on the sales, there were plenty of things, whilst easy to tweak just didn't go down well with players i.e. the bleedout time as an example. I don't think it's going to be a big issue, I suspect there is more of a long term plan with this (I mean they've had their initial sales, but they will get a bunch more at christmas, a bunch more when the battle royale mode comes out). It will do well enough just be a bit of a slow burner compared to recent games in the series.

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