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  1. Not bad at all, think you are going to have to help me with a hybrid team My current team - I could do with a bit more pace on the right for Mahrez I think, was contemplating Perreira at RB and maybe look at improving the midfield then, I have Vardy on the bench who I swap in and out with Jesus. That said I struggle to make the funds needed for the top players.
  2. Hey I still make time for you But yeah Thursday night clubs just for fifa 22 players So if anyone fancies it I will plan to be on at 10pm this Thursday, think the usual crowd have my PSN but if not it's the same as my username on here
  3. This, there's enough content out there that I hit a certain point in my life where my time has become much more valuable, if I get a game and i'm not enjoying it, I sell it or delete it off the drive and move on!
  4. What are the rewards for offline draft? Is it worth doing?
  5. I've been jumping on FUT for a couple of games here or there, just played 3 games as my afternoon lessons finished and picked up 2 wins and a draw, just 2 wins from div 7 now. Still at the easier level's but it's enjoyable, got a couple of chipped goals in the last game before he quit, don't think I've played against such an open defense. Also played 2 games with @Pants McSkill last night which I quite enjoyed, won the first one, probably should have been a higher scoreline but I didn't capitalize and then the second game Pants upped his game, was quite a tactical battle until he beat me in penalties
  6. For those on PS, shall we plan some Thursday night clubs again for a few weeks see if we can get a couple of us on?
  7. I haven't played it yet, have downloaded it but on that principle it will be deleted this evening. These sort of things put me off a game drastically.
  8. I am guessing you will be able to set your default + system in the menu's prior to joining a game i.e. how you customise your solder between games but nothing's confirmed so it will be a case of waiting for the new game i'm afraid
  9. I suspect they will but it's going to see a rebrand / relaunch in the near future and then a drive from there. What's holding up on that is anyone's guess but the actual content on PS Now isn't so bad these day's. There must be more behind the scene's which is holding them back from driving it forwards more though.
  10. My bad I can never judge things online very well! I need facial features and hand gestures! Yeah I mean I'm not saying they will resolve every issue mind, they are not perfect by any means, just I'm keeping a fairly upbeat tone about stuff at the moment so I'm staying more optimistic about this at the moment. I have enjoyed the gunplay more than I thought it would (I'm quite a big fan of BFV though it's not to a lot of traditional battlefield player's tastes) and I'm not such a big fan of BF4 which in my eye's this is just a modern BF4. It is as some have said nothing revolutionary, I've only experienced the tornado once which was a bit disappointing (i'm hoping for more destruction on city based maps etc). I am interested to see what controls they put in for the robot dog, it showed the symbol to say you could order it but it didn't allow you to do anything, was disappointed that they took away the comms wheel and I do quite the squad leader perks of BFV so I'm hoping there's something similar here. The other thing is, I couldn't build anything, I liked that aspect of BFV, is that gone entirely does anyone know?
  11. I mean a lot of those are really simple fixes and could have already been resolved and could actually be avoided in game - Sniper nests, I think this is the first of the battlefield's where i've hardly noticed sniper's, for me that's a good thing. B1 - Yes I agree but in the opposite direction of BFV you can actually take down air support now, a good pilot in BFV was near impossible to kill, in this you have options (we don't have all the gear yet) but you can shoot out the pilot, use the launchers on them or even the LMG's. Vehicle tunnel, yes but it wouldn't take much to put some obstacles in there to create cover etc. As for it not providing alternative options for attack and defense i'd say that's down to the players... It's an option, whether player's use it as an option is up to them Foot tunnel errrm so? Some people like the option of a meat grinder.... It's also quite fun in that you can turn off the lights and I even saw someone turn them off, slingshot over the top of the enemies to behind and take them all out whilst they were firing at me B1 to E1, i'll give you that, there isn't much there but again easy fix, throw in some destroyed planes etc like aerodrome on BF5 Errrm the warehouses, I'm not sure how many there are so won't comment. It's a map that requires some changes but to judge a game based on a map that's likely not finished with it being a 6 month old build seem's a bit short odd to me Aren't there 6 other new maps? Couldn't one of them be the Hanang Dam? @Ry that would make more sense, battlefield games have alway's been known for being much better 6 months after release So wouldn't blame you on that one.
  12. So I gave this a go last night and I can see the markings of something good, it reminds me a bit of Mag on the PS3 but with less limitations i.e. your squads not tied to a particular area. I'm up to rank 5 and at the end of the evening I managed to take control of the officer and there were a couple of others on my team so we were trying to coordinate attacks and defenses (bit difficult when your squad is doing what it likes) but it worked kinda well, we would capture a point, a bunch of squads hold and defend while another 1 or 2 moved up to the next point, placed down a garrison and then everyone could spawn there and take the next point and then move up again, felt like a better game with that. That said, it's a game that requires communication, at least between commander / officers and between officers / squad so with so many people not jumping on mic, not flitting between channels it's not working as intended at the moment. Maybe once the PS Plus players drift away out of frustration etc and it get's left with more of a hardcore fan base you'll start to see the game shine just that little bit more. It felt much more hardcore than battlefield which i'm used to i.e. 1 rifle bullet will kill someone if on target, the gameplay, well it's as good as your officer's and commander if i'm honest, if you could get 2 side's doing it properly it would be incredibly fantastic I feel. Suppression is a bit hit and miss, probably goes on far longer than it should, it's kinda good in terms of realism when you don't always know where gunfire is coming from, it's a case of dashing to the nearest cover and using it to work out which way gunfire is coming from i.e. it stop's when you are behind it. That said you can tell so many people have no idea what they are doing! People spawning back at HQ's rather than at the frontline's, no one using the spawn points or garrisons, not understanding how classes compliment each other. That said that's typically how people play shooter's they tend to more often than not like to lone wolf it but that does really hinder you on this game. A full squad would be brilliant and if you all chose classes to compliment each other I think at the moment a full squad coordinating correctly could be the difference between winning a round or the countdown expiring. I didn't bother with cross play, I never do with games when it includes pc as you are always going to be up against it. That said i'm going to keep playing on and off between Battlefield when it's out, will aim for rank 10 by the weekend and try commander, see if I can influence game's a bit more at that level we'll see But yeah there are signs of a great game but it's only going to be as good as the player's make it.
  13. No there won't be anything locked behind it in terms of maps / gameplay, the gold give's you a week early access to the game I think but aside from that and skins it should be the same game
  14. Ah it's early access rather than open beta this week? I just keep getting messages from someone saying we can play the beta this week, didn't realise it was closed behind the pre-orders. I will have a look in a moment see if there's anything on my console yet
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