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  1. I'm feeling like this, I have played it 3 times now I think and basically just lived in this game for a couple of years of my life surely It is probably my all time top game still, the story is grand, the gameplay is good fun, the world is so alive and it still looks fantastic today. I know I am going to end up playing this again and I have a fair few new games to play at the moment, the question is will this push the others out.
  2. Sony isn't too bad because there are ways to avoid some of the shovelware, you go into the eshop though and it's horrid. I just simply do not use the eshop anymore. And presumably these games must make some money? Who the heck buy's some of this junk?
  3. I play on and off with Kris and a few others, the game has improved since launch but I am still left with a sour taste with how it was all handled by EA. That coupled with having other games to play that are frankly more enjoyable and it will take a bit more yet before they get me back playing on a regular basis like with previous games.
  4. Yes! The number of times I have run into a pokemon because I could not see them in front of my mount!
  5. I have been playing and enjoying this, yes it has it's issues but for anyone that has played on a PS1 etc then it's nothing really. We live in a world where the internet just brings to the forefront everyone nitpicking at everything, yes the game's not perfect and has a few issues but it is still plenty of fun and plenty enjoyable. I do feel like they could do so much more with the games now, additional difficulty options (or more intelligent battles), with it being open world there is so much more scope for mini storylines / side quests or maybe even flesh out the time you spend with gym trainers a little more akin to the tv series or maybe when you are searching for the titans make it into more of a big deal, spend your time learning about their habbits, find ways to entice them out etc. I do like that there are 3 story paths to progress, I also like that the whole map is open to you right from the off, you can literally go anywhere. I also like that I select the trainers I want to battle with by speaking to them and there is a little less hand holding that I am used to with pokemon games which is a pleasant change of pace. It has niggles yes, it has things I would like to see Gamefreak try but overall I am enjoying the game
  6. To me it was less of an issue with kingdom come, with Final Fantasy, as much as I love the series I am not sure how you can use that argument when the game literally has dragons, monsters and gods / goddesses in it....
  7. For me, my intention is to sell most of my collection when my children reach 18 with the plan to give them half each to invest in something, whether it's towards education, towards starting up a business, property (if it's even affordable then) but I would have some say on what it is invested in. It will be money they have never had or known they were getting so they won't miss it if it does not bare fruit but also might really benefit them. I have a fair idea of what it's worth today and image if I carry on as I am they will have a fair chunk each I imagine plus it will be sold up at a point where the above concern about prices bottoming out is still a way off.
  8. It might be something that can be started up again if they do bring crossplay to clubs, at least then it brings some players back in that it sort of dwindled somewhat when people when different ways on the consoles from what I can see.
  9. I have differing views depending on my mood and the day but my current thoughts - Pros - - They can result in an incredibly great version of a game, the potential that KOTOR has for example. - Replaying a game that has been remade or remastered, you always have nostalgia when it comes to old media, if you go back and replay that old game it often does not live up to what's in your head. A good remake can provide the opportunity to enjoy it as you envision it through nostalgic glasses - They also allow a younger audience to experience games that we enjoyed whilst younger. Generally younger players today would struggle to play say the original KOTOR due to it's graphics and gameplay but this provides them an opportunity to do so and then we can engage with them related to these games Cons - - Remasters and remakes can be great when done right, but there are often rather lacklustre remasters produced as well in order to make a bit of easy cash. - The resource must come from somewhere, ultimately those people remastering a certain game could have been working on something new. - What the heck is with games being remastered that are under 10 years old? I mean, I get stuff on retro consoles, but anything with a HDMI port, just why? - Remasters surely do not cost the same as a full game to produce? So why do so many of the remasters seem to retail at full price? - A remake or remaster takes someone's money, however if that remake or remaster did not exist it might have been spent on a new game, or something more creative or an indie game. It stifles the industry in that it is competing for the same money that a new title is. When a great game comes out it can often be overlooked at launch because people have gone and bought a remake instead. There are pluses and negatives around them, for me it's more negative, it's mostly as far as I can see an easy way for game developers / producers to print money. GTA trilogy for example, did it even look like a remaster had been done to the games? In fact I'm fairly sure they were worse in terms of playability than the originals and yet how much did they charge for it?
  10. The last few months I have found so little from the subscription, it's no better than ps now was before and the content (especially for the premium subscription) has been inadequate I feel. I think for me I'm going back to the base sub come the new year. I have this a go as I had PS now before hand and so it felt more like a trial but I just don't feel like it's gone down that well sadly. I would like to give it a go again in the future but for now I can't justify the higher price with the lack of content that appeals to me. (Part of this could just be the lack of games coming out, almost everything coming to the subscription is a fair few years old so anything I would play I already have done.
  11. Thank you both Really appreciated.
  12. Oooo if that's the case could I get the dark pictures key if it's still available? I would really appreciate it
  13. Just seen @Quest issues and I have had most of them as well So he isn't the only one here.
  14. I know personally I went through a number of joycon controllers and the fan is on it's way out (it get's incredibly noisy). I then bought an OLED and the original has not been out of it's box since, seem's such a shame. So yeah build quality would be one for me to see improvements on too. Otherwise, backwards compatibilty would be good but other than that I'm fairly happy with the Switch as it is.
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