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  1. I think mine's as up to date as it will be. I don't forsee me playing anything new until Biomutant now in January (I think).
  2. I haven't played all the stuff from last year yet I don't think but put me down anyways!
  3. Luseth

    Apple TV +

    Could you not use ipad / iphone? Or the roku and amazon smart sticks can download the apple tv app and various smart tv's can download the app to, samsung, LG, sony etc
  4. Luseth

    Apple TV +

    So is this any good? I've just realised I have it with my apple tv student, so is there anything on there worth watching?
  5. I have a Glaceon someone sent in a surprise trade I think. I think it has a japanese name but you can have it if you want?
  6. You can recruit them all, you can only use a set number of them in each battle though so you would pick your best 10 or rotate depending on difficulty / preference etc. Support isn't the be all and end all, they respond to your skills as well. So imagine you have sword at max ranking, then you would be seen more favourably by the sword types like Felix and would require less support with him to recruit. There will be others who appreciate riding or your magic ranking as well. In addition you can temporarily recruit a member from another house for a month. Each battle they take part in you can utilize their positions i.e. sit them by your character when they attack etc to improve their support level. (Note they don't take up one of your 10 spaces either so you get an extra fighter). Have tea parties, cook with them and eat dinner with them are all ways to improve support too Also you can make your recruited members adjutants, they essentially become part of your house If i'm honest I ignored the online bit!
  7. You do, other characters however don't marry in this one. So it's whoever you want to pair your character off with only. It's worth pursuing other characters on the tougher difficulties as the boosted stats of some of them are really useful.
  8. Just surprise trade em straight on Not worth dealing with that nonsense
  9. Pokemon lets go would be much more youngster friendly I imagine
  10. Luseth

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm not sure, I have seen this article stating it's on both - https://www.gfinityesports.com/article/2411/football-manager-2020-ps4-and-xbox-one-consoles-will-not-receive-fm20 The stadia release date is yet tbc so it could be timed on that? Or maybe they will bring FM2020 to game pass later on like 19? Idk
  11. Luseth

    Xbox Game Pass

    I genuinely have had zero issues with it on either my laptop or desktop thus far. So as it stands I'll be keeping it especially with the great content it does have at the moment. Presumably FM2020 is coming to this as well? Which would be good for me
  12. Yes and no. For me growing up games were everything to me and i've turned out pretty well. I get why they are doing it with some of the issues they are having there but maybe in instances such as the gaming cafe's there should be more honus on the owners / cafe runners to kick them out or to report them if someone has sat at a machine for a prolonged period etc. The only way this will really work in my opinion is if there are plenty of other activities for under 18's to do. I mean if we had a similar ban in the UK where youth clubs are being closed down, local swimming pools shut etc etc then what are they meant to do? You'd be just as likely to be encouraging them 'hanging round in the streets' which people find intimidating.
  13. So, I played the new maps last night with @kerraig UK and a couple of others. My first thought with the beach landing was my god this is crap.... I probably spent the first 20 minutes or so complaining as we defended and held our ground pretty well. Then as they moved up through the first & second lot of points it got to a section of the map that suddenly became a whole lot more diverse, places you can ambush the attackers from the above whilst they tried to breakthrough and navigate the caverns to capture our points. It reduced the effectiveness of tanks to more of a supporting role (helping to protect the attackers from enemy attacks above or from the flanks). From there you move onto the peak where the attackers have to rush up the hill under gunfire from all directions to capture the final point which was great both attacking and defending. So key points on map number 1 - The beach area is crap. I felt they focused on the size of the map rather than the content and the beach area was incredibly lacking (it felt like a rush job just to make the map bigger). The latter half of the map whilst was still lacking visually is probably some of the best in terms of map design with the various levels and avenues of attack. Map number 2 felt much more battlefield with boats, tanks, planes that were all very effective but enough foliage and cover that meant your not at their mercy as infantry. I must admit I absolutely loved running around with a samurai sword, just a couple of kills below - So yeah, overall i'm happy though still there are gripes As for COD being being a better battlefield than battlefield that's A - A troll sort of statement and B - not looking like it's true, comments from people who have played more than 20 minutes of both games still consider these games to be extremely different in terms of gameplay and aren't really comparable.
  14. I missed this completely, do the lobbies fill up much? Looks like something I'd really enjoy.
  15. I don't know much about the ins and outs of the making of video games but it is technically a 4 year old game adapted for the Switch. At the time I imagine the budget was spent more on the world building than on the gameplay itself. I'm replaying on PS4 at the moment and my biggest issue is trying to grab loot from corpses, can be a right pain =/
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