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  1. Nah your going to win the league as I predicted after your first match was a lesson for me in how to play FIFA.
  2. Thanks to Billy Brown for tonights matches. Successfully navigated two tricky fixtures that could easily have seen an upset to claim a vital 6 points that moves me within a point of Gambit in the automatic promotion places. First match was a nervy affair for me, knowing full well we are well into the business end of the season, each match takes on a much greater importance. I knew going into these fixtures only the full six points would maintain pressure on DangerM and Gambit, as well as strengthening my claim on a playoff place. A couple of good chances early on missed with poor finishing increased my fears of dropping points, and the pressure began to rise. Fairly late on into the first half the breakthrough came, the sense of relief was emmense, but Billy Brown was still well in the match, and as we all know a 1-0 lead is never secure. I was very grateful to get the second midway through the second half, I think I was good value for the win, but Billy Brown had more than a few dangerous looking attacks that could have changed the final outcome of the game. Tsunami1 2 - 0 Billy Brown With nerves settled a little knowing three points were in the bag my game came together a little better, I went 3-0 up fairly quickly in the first half, and had most of the chances. The game wasnt over however as with great credit as Billy made a real fight of it and gave me quite a scare. At three nil down many players let their heads drop, myself included and it can go onto become a bit of a drubbing. Billy Brown had a much improved second half, scoring to bring it back to 3-1. Lucky for me I was to get the next goal, but I would wager if I hadnt this match could have ended level. At 4-1 I was to score next before Billy Brown took a very composed consolation making it 5-2. Billy Brown 2 - 5 Tsunami1 Thanks for the games mate, you played much better football than your league position suggests, good luck for the remainder of the season. As for the league I would say the title is DangerM's, but second could be a very close finish.
  3. That puts Razzle right in the hunt for a playoff spot. Going to be a very close finish for the 4 playoff spots, although I think there is a gap now opening up between the mid table and the top and bottom of the table, meaning its going to take some upsets to see any major change in the top two or bottom three between now and the end of the season.
  4. Game has just asked for an update when booting it up. Anyone know what has been fixed?
  5. Matches with Razzle now out the way. First game was far closer than the scoreline suggested. Going into these matches the tension for me was quite high knowing that if I had any hopes of clinging onto the promotion chase I needed something out of both matches, and to be honest across both matches it showed. In the first Razzle got a very early first goal to increase the pressure and my game was fairly poor throughout, I just couldnt put my passing game together, with Razzle constantly dangerous on the break. The final score was 4-1, but if Im honest a draw would have been a fair result, with 2 of my goals coming very late on in the match when I suspect Razzle was already thinking about the second match. Tsunami1 4 - 1 Razzle Second match played out much the same as the first, Razzle scoring first from a corner, at which he was always very dangerous with me getting an equaliser soon after. It then could have gone either way, I hit the post, Razzle had several good opportunites beating my defence only for my goalkeeper to parry luckily to my waiting defenders. Razzle 1 - 1 Tsunami1 I was slightly disappointed with my performances in these games, I definately need to ensure I practice a bit more going into the last fixtures. My passing game never really worked and my attacks were too easily broken up. I think sneaking one of the final automatic places is just out of my reach but at least I hope to keep Gambit and DangerM on their toes and with it being so close from 3rd down to 9th even a playoff place is far from certain.
  6. Razzle I have left a note on the website but not sure if you have seen it yet. Any updates on when you can play?
  7. Played matches against Joffy this evening. First match was really Joffy's, he scored two good goals, easily opening my defence to get one on one with my keeper, before calmly slotting it home. About 20 mins into the second half I changed to a more attacking formation which didnt really see much benefit for most part of the match, in fact it only seemed to have made me far more vunerable at the back. With ten minutes to go, certain defeat looming, and pre match nerves gone my game finally came together. I pulled it back to 2-1 with around 10 mins to go, and hopefully pinged a few crosses in when the opportunity arose. With literally seconds of the match to go, I scraped a somewhat undeserved last minute equaliser. Ive had this done to me on many occasions in the last two seasons of the league so I can only sympathise with how frustrating it can be to see certain points slip away at the last moment. Really the points would have been deservedly Joffy's, apart from some solid play in the final ten minutes I was nowhere for large parts of the match. Joffy 2 - 2 Tsunami1 Going into the second match I felt more confident I could give a decent account of myself after playing poorly for large parts of the first. For most of the match it was a very even affair. Both scoring early in the first, before I managed to grab a goal to make it 2-1 at half time. At 2-1 the next goal is always crucial, and neither of our defences looked particularily capable of shuting out the opposition for the remainder of the match. The next goal was to be mine and I felt the game was mine to lose from that point on. I didnt get much time to celebrate my two goal lead as Joffy took a very good chance to bring it back to 3-2. It looked on for a very tight and nervy finish, with Joffy pressing hard for the equaliser only to be hit on the break, managing to score a game deciding fourth goal. Late on I also got awarded a penalty, although to be honest I'm not entirely sure why, so no doubt at that point Joffy felt it wasnt to be his night and if I was him my controller probably would have ended up out the window. Tsunami1 5 - 2 Joffy Thanks for the games mate, very well played in both, hope you enjoyed them despite the results.
  8. I think if we were both more clinical in the first game the scoreline could have been something quite spectacular, never seen so many clear cut chances for each player in such a low scoring game. Ironically the hardest chance you had was the one you took.
  9. Glad you enjoyed the games mate, both were very even matches and as our league positions allude to it was always going to be close. I think a win a piece with a stunning goal each rounded it off nicely. I think after playing the top couple of players in the league so far I would say your in with a good shout of causing a few upsets in the business end of the season, cementing a convincing playoff position. Finally thanks for confirming I'm not the bad boy of the league, I think everyone who has played me so far hasnt had too many complaints after the matches. If I hadnt played the way I did against Baring it could have been 20 nil, I did only get two yellow cards in that match so it was only on a couple of occasions I resorted to the more "aggressive tactics". Baring is just in a different league, he can cut you open with ease, and is absolutely lethal in front of goal, he makes it look so effortlessly easy too. Its enough to put me off aspiring to ever reach the premier league, once in a cup run was bad enough. I think the general ability of each league I have played in, and when I have played people in higher leagues in cup runs etc the gap isnt too large, the main difference is usually how clinical someone is in front of goal but that was a wake up call that I have a lot to learn when it comes to Fifa.
  10. I love driving games but with Motorstorm I cant play for more than 15 minutes without becoming either bored or frustrated. I tried really hard to like it but it just doesnt have a soul. Its technically very accomplished but its missing something. So I guess I'm a chump.
  11. PS2 for me, there was nothing really worth owning for 8 months.
  12. I didnt think TOCA 2 was very sim like. It was very good but the handling was a world away from stuff like GTR, Grand Prix Legends and Forza 2
  13. Sega Rally 2: Dreamcast - Terrible version of one of my most loved franchises, game breaking framerate problems. Ridge Racer V: Playstation 2 - Huge borders in PAL land and generally not that great a game, for the apparent second coming which was the Playstation 2 it didnt even look as good as MSR on the Dreamcast. Toshinden: Playstation - Fairly pretty at the time but almost unplayable beat um up that I convinced myself was great after reading good reviews. Motorstorm: Playstation 3 - Sorry Rushy, technically a really nice game but its just so boring to play, and frustrating.
  14. The achievement says drive all 45 cars available in the game. Two of those were destined to be Ferraris but Codemasters failed to secure the licence for the final game. The achievement wasnt updated accordingly and so there are only 43 available cars in the game, hence driving them all will not unlock the achievement.
  15. Its a bit disheartning to see already on the leaderboards there is blatent cheating. Also to anyone who is looking to get the drive all cars achievement dont bother because its impossible to unlock.
  16. No worries matey, good luck for the rest of the cup, not that I think you need any luck.
  17. Baring I am sorry you feel hard done by, I think everyone I have played in the league or cups would hopefully say I am not a dirty player, and that I am always fair. Its just you are totally lethal in front of goal, 5-0 was bad enough and Im sure you know you are just different class, I could have easily lost to you to double figures. A couple of times you were through on goal and I had to make the decision to let you score a certain goal or take a chance I might get sent off, I chose the former. The other times you mention were probably just me being rubbish. With you as Man United and my now relegated Zaragoza (from the Spanish La Liga) I had to resort to anything I could to stop you, my team just wasnt strong enough to pose any challange to you. Not that I would beat you with the same team, but when you have players who run slower than I can and thats saying something, against an extremly competent FIFA player it makes life very tricky. Anyway no hard feelings Baring? A friendly sometime with evenly matched teams if your up for it might see a much better and fairer match. Oh and I did hit the post, a goal against Baring would have felt almost like a win.
  18. Bollocks, just seen the draw. Whens good for you mate?
  19. Didnt you just post the same thing 20 hours ago?
  20. Firstly thanks to themomentbefore for tonight's games. First match felt a lot closer than the final scoreline suggested. I managed to get my first fairly early on in the match and made it two soon after. Any thoughts of a comfortable match were misplaced as themomentbefore did a good job of breaking up any attacks I attempted to put together. It could quite easily have gone 2-1 which would have made for a quite a different match but late on in the second half I got the third and decisive goal. Second match started off a lot closer, I think themomentbefore was wary of me getting behind him and his defence was fairly resolute. So much so that I began to expect a goalless draw as my strikers seemed to have lost the form they exhibited in the first match. It was themomentbefore who came closest to scoring first but I was lucky enough to break the deadlock and from there I was able to control the match more effectively. The final scoreline wasnt really representative of how the game went and a somewhat deserved consolation goal was little reward for his efforts across both matches. Final results Tsunami1 3 - 0 themomentbefore themomentbefore 1 - 5 Tsunami1 Thanks for the games mate, good luck for the rest of the season.
  21. If I remember correctly the PS3 version of Dirt ran smoother due to a slightly lower amount of trackside detail.
  22. Its scaled in the same way Le Mans on the dreamcast did it, I think the default in GRID is each minute = 2 hours of the real race. Replicating the 24 hour race without any pitstops is just pointless. Enjoying it far more now, apart from the disappointment of Le Mans, its an excellent racer, and even though the handling wont be to everyones tastes, it does a good job of offering signifigant differences between vehicles.
  23. Well few hours in and I am enjoying the game, it keeps me coming back so it must be doing something right. The handling issues aside which seems to be more down to personal preference the game is very well put together and does an excellent job of creating close and exciting races. One major annoyance is how rubbish the Le Mans 24 hour is in this game. The game is fairly dark anyway, Codemasters colour of choice seems to be brown. Thats fair enough until it comes to the 24 hour mode. It might be my eyes, or my TV but when it goes dark at Le Mans I can hardly see a thing, its not even realistic as the real race has a huge amount of on track lighting highlighting approaching corners and chicances. You cant even see other cars rear lights once they are more than a few cars lengths ahead of you. The cars headlights hardly seem to help either, and I know the track fairly well from the brilliant Le Mans game on the Dreamcast.
  24. Glad you enjoyed it, but thats the same event that has given me the biggest reservations about the game so far. Like i said I cant quite put my finger on why it doesnt feel right, and I expect many people will enjoy it immensly, but for me the single seat events especially just highlight the flaws in the handling model.
  25. Well my copy turned up from ShopTo today and have to say my initial impressions arent great. I had reservations from the demo, especially with the handling model but got enough enjoyment out of it to convince myself of a purchase. What is concerning is those limitations feel even more apparent in the finished product. I have just completed my first single seater event and I cant remember a driving game in recent history that made me feel more detached from the actual racetrack. Firstly the engine sounds dont sound quite right, I cant put my finger on it but they come across as if they are not being made by the car itself rather they are in the background. Secondly the "limited" handling model is shown up far more in the single seater events, my impression was using the incar camera when you turn it doesnt feel like the car is reacting to you rather the camera pans. Finally something that wasnt evident in the demo due to the choice of tracks, is on wide circuits the game feels really slow, there are no framerate problems that I have come across on the 360 but it just doesnt convey a very good sense of speed. There is no doubt there is a great game trying to get out here, and there is still a lot to like but in a driving game if the handling is not right it brings the whole package tumbling down.
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