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  1. Just to let you all know I'm back from holiday again, so will be trying to catch up on my matches asap.
  2. I did have Blackburn as my 5th choice I think, when i tried them out they were strong in attack but too slow as a team for me. I think it depends how you play, if you rely on pace and wingplay they dont seem suited, as even Bentley was surprising slow. If you play a more direct game I think the strength of Cruz and McCarthy especially in the air could prove quite dangerous. Plus as Yawdib showed last season, overall team rating doesnt stunt the player as much as it used to in Pro Evo. A good player can still get results out of a poor team. There seems to be a real difference in class between the 5 star teams and the 4.5 star downwards, but the rest seem much a muchness. One other team I considered and see were picked was Torino. They are rated 4.5 stars but if you look at the first team it seemed like most of the talent is limited to the subs bench by default.
  3. Quite happy to give Marseille a try. Seem to be decent up front but somewhat lacking in defence. So will be another season conceeding lots at the back no doubt.
  4. I know, but I have had them since we moved the league to FIFA, last season they had their stats quite heavily reduced to compensate for losing a couple of their best players in the transfer window. There are glaring weaknesses in defense and it might be a good time to change.
  5. My heart is tied, on one hand Zaragoza got me here, but then on the other their weaknesses were becoming very apparent in League One. I would like to follow DangerM's lead but it might be too big a risk in this league.
  6. Will there be another update to FIFA 08 at the start of the season or is that likely to be that. I was quite happy with Zaragoza but as they have since been relegated if there is an update they are likely to be made terrible.
  7. Hi everyone. Lots of familar faces this season in the league. Its certainly going to be a tough one, it was one hell of a battle getting out of League One so anything above a relegation spot for this season would be enough for me. The last two seasons I have had terrible starts to my campaign, so if I am to have any chance this season will need to put those demons to bed.
  8. Congrats Yawdib, over the course of the season I think you more than deserved the final place in the Championship, although hard luck to Joffy. One thing is for sure its going to be very tough in the Championship next season. DangerM, Gambit and Yawdib have all been excellent this season and it wouldnt surprise me to see at least one of them if not more pushing for promotion places again in the next campaign.
  9. Hmmmm looks suspiciously like rendered footage here. Not like Sony
  10. This sounds like the handball in PES, a novelty the first time, but infuriating after a while. I cant imagine having a guilt edged chance taken away by the ball being intercepted by the ref is going to add an awful lot to the game other than being a major annoyance.
  11. I noticed what a good crop of players we had in last seasons League 2, Wallace now in the Prem, Paddyo, Big Gus, you and I now in the Championship. I expect next season will be extremly tough. It was a very close finish to the season, 2 points seperated 2nd to 4th, I think Yawdib would have walked into the Championship if he hadnt picked Wednesday, and it just shows how well he has played to finish 4th. My two toughest fixtures this season by far were against DangerM and Yawdib, and if I remember rightly those were my first two fixtures in the league. After those matches I was anticipating relegation, so good luck to all in the playoffs but it would be deserving if Yawdib takes the final spot in the Championship.
  12. Well done Gambit, a deserved promotion for the manager that spent nearly the whole season in the top two spots.
  13. No problems mate, got the fixture played in time and that was the most important thing, I dont think anyone would have been happy if it had gone to a pools panel decision. You surprised me, as have all the lower placed teams this season. You were extremely dangerous in front of goal and used throw ins far more effectively than anyone I have played in the league to date. I think it was only at the 90 min point in the second game that I began to believe the second spot was mine as you were always in both games. You were a credit to Yawdib and Gambit and made me really have to earn the final promotion spot. The second match was just a blur and very scrappy as you say, I ended up playing on auto pilot just willing the ball away from my goal. Hoofing the ball away from my defence 5 mins into the second half is certainly not the way I choose to play FIFA normally
  14. Well just played the two most nerve racking matches ive ever experienced and finally, sorry to keep you all waiting, the results are in and the league is wrapped up. First match you never really know what to expect of an opponent, Ive played people down the bottom who have given me a far tougher match than some matches I have had with front runners. I think it must be down to playing styles and if a particular opponent suits your prefered match tactics. Anyway first match was incredibly tense, for most of the first half I couldnt string a pass together. Im sure during both matches Harbey doubted my promotion credentials as playing under such pressure stunted my usually quite flowing passing game and reduced me to hopeful crosses and through balls. In an odd way Harbey getting the first settled my nerves somewhat, and from there I was able to build and put more chances together. Equalising soon after helped, but the match was always extremely close and to be honest could have gone either. I was never out of sight in the match and Harbey was always very dangerous in front of goal. Plenty of chances led to a high scoring game that finally finished 5-3. So going into the second match with a win under my belt did nothing to calm the pressure. I dont remember that much of it to be honest, I do remember hoofing the ball away from danger at any opportunity and how dangerous Harbey was from throw ins, utilising the strenght Blackburn have in the air. Again always close, a 2-0 lead at half time was soon reduced to 2-1 as it stayed for a large part of the second half. Thankfully for my now shattered nerves I got a decisive third and held on from there. So final set of results: Tsunami1 5 - 3 Harbey Harbey 1 - 3 Tsunami1 Thanks to everyone in the league for a great season. Its been a pleasure to play each of you even when on the losing side and Im sure I will be back within a season to play you all again. Good luck to all of you in the playoffs, especially Gambit and Yawdib who are both deserving of promotion and have been worthy opponents all season, with Yawdib totally outplaying me across our fixtures.
  15. Is this actually any good then?
  16. I think full damage would be fine if it was fairly short races, but if you are having a championship with say 10-20 lap races, imagine being involved in first corner carnage, you would end up waiting 20 mins twiddling your thumbs. Put my name down though.
  17. If you are aiming for such long races wouldnt it be better to not have full damage. After all collisions in GRID are a bit of a lottery and you would feel hard done by practicing all week on a particular track to be taken out on the first corner.
  18. Well patch is out and the number of cars driven has been fixed. However all online stats have been reset, so if anyone made any attempt to build up their ranking all efforts were for nothing.
  19. I wouldnt get too disappointed, four points from any set of fixtures has to be a decent result, and you have five extra points on the board so I would say you are still the favourite for second. I think personally I have left it too late, three poor performances at the beginning of the season will ultimately cost me dearly as they did last season.
  20. Well done DangerM, clearly the best opposition I have played in the league so far, a very well deserved promotion. I think you will do fairly well up in the Championship.
  21. Any update on the 360 patch, its getting a bit silly that the achievement for driving all the cars is still broken.
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