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  1. Anyone free at the min, online now if you can make it? Gamertag is Tsunami79 for any of you I havent been able to add.
  2. Results confirmed. Thanks for the games Pockets, well played, especially in the first.
  3. Sounds good to me mate, could you do earlyish say around 7?
  4. Really need to get some games under my belt so if anyone can make either this evening or tommorow it would be massively appreciated.
  5. 9 would be fine mate, I will probably be on earlier so if anyone else can get on that would be great. Anyone free tonight?
  6. Sounds good mate. What time is good for you?
  7. Hi guys, sorry only just available to play again. Available tommorow night and friday night to get as many games out the way as possible. Let me know if you can make either night. I didnt realise what group I was in after the playoffs, I checked the Championship thread and I dont think it was posted in there so that explains my completely missing all the fun so far.
  8. I dont suppose you are free at any point tonight, I can do from about 4.30 if thats any use to you?
  9. DangerM any ideas when you would like to get our playoff matches played?
  10. All paid up. Looking forward to the new season now
  11. I wouldnt quit a match half way through however bad the lag, I think the connection just dropped, as i just had the loading circle on screen for a few moments before it went back to the menu.
  12. Thanks to Yawdib for the games, probably the toughest opponent I have played this season. Although horrendous lag for me in both matches pretty much ruined it as an enjoyable experience. Congratulations and thanks to you all for another very enjoyable season. Just a shame it has to be decided not wholey on the final results. There is still time if your out their Backdrifter.
  13. I think I'm the one to lose most if he just gets removed as I took the maximum 6 points off him. Which means I could end up in the bottom three. That feels a bit harsh as surely if the fixtures are removed he should just take up the bottom spot of the table on 0 points or a relegation spot removed.
  14. I'm not sure just removing his fixtures is any fairer really, as surely its just as likely to affect the promotion and relegation spots, escpecially as he has played half of his matches? And if he is removed will he just be bottom of the table taking up one of the relegation spots, as it seems unfair that someone else should end up finishing third from bottom and hence relegated, if his fixtures remain unplayed?
  15. Hi mate sorry, Ive replied to your PM. I have been rather unwell this week so havent been on live since last Sunday. Sometime this weekend any good for you?
  16. Hi mate sorry, Ive replied to your PM. I have been rather unwell this week so havent been on live since last Sunday. Sometime this weekend any good for you?
  17. I didnt really think I deserved to come away with no points from both fixtures but when your not enjoying the league and on a bad run, results like this go against you. I would say to anyone ever considering Marseille to steer well clear. I think Slotter has discovered also that star ratings in this game mean nothing. My wingers where truely outpaced by Stoke City's as were my defenders. Also on a couple of occasions when I had gilt edged chances and this was also the case in my matches against Tyler the pair up front miss absolute sitters that I have experienced with no other team in Fifa. Its making the games extremly frustrating and Im just counting down the matches at the moment to next season whatever league I find myself in. Last season with a four star team I was able to play much better football, I miss Zaragoza
  18. You were just too good, and fully deserved all the points, although I was gutted to see that shot rebound off the post late on in the first as I thought it was in. Definately the toughest matches Ive had in the league so far.
  19. Yeah good games mate, scoreline in the second was very harsh on you. I was surprised you went to such an attacking formation so early after going 2-0 down, it made you extremely dangerous up front but fairly open at the back, certainly made for an entertaining match. I think the fairest result would have been a win each as you were the better player in the first, with me lucky to get an equaliser late on.
  20. Big apology to Wincho tonight. We were due to play our games at 8.30 but I got a call a couple of hours before that my girlfriend had been taken to hospital suffering from an allergic reaction to nuts she had unknowingly eaten. Ive literally just got back from the hospital where thankfully all is well but I wanted to apologise for not showing up, and not letting you know in advance.
  21. According to the note he left on our fixtures he should be back on the 4th of September.
  22. Hey matey sorry been a bit hectic since returning from Hols. When would you like to play our match?
  23. Just played my matches against Backdrifter and to be honest I feel like Ive robbed him of the points. Firstly Im noticing with Marseille that sometimes when I press the tackle button its a second or so before the defender seems to react. I thought it might be the batteries in my controller so swapped them out with a new pair but alas it seems like they are just that rubbish, so apologies if any mistimed tackles get through. It works the other way too as often my request for a pass or shot is completely ignored. First match was extremely tight, we both struggled somewhat to get any signifigant possession together and most of the match was mistimed passes in the midfield. Backdrifter had the best of the chances and I always felt he was the most likely to score. I was very happy when one of my better attacks resulted in a cool finish and a 1-0 lead. The pattern of the match continued we both had decent chances to score after that but it was to finish 1-0. Second match Backdrifter took advantage of some comical defending early on in the match to make it 1-0. Marseille really seem to blow hot and cold, sometimes they play really well and then others its like using a league 2 side. A nice peice of wing play saw me equalising soon before the break to bring it back level. To be honest from there not too much happened and a draw, which would have been a fair result, seemed to be the only result. However with minutes of the match to go, I was able to sneak the eventual winner and steal all three points. Final results: Backdrifer 0 - 1 Tsunami1 Tsunami1 2 - 1 Backdrifter Thanks for the games mate, I really feel like you deserved a lot more out of those two matches and hopefully you will enjoy some better luck over the rest of the season. Very happy to take maximum points from my first 4 fixtures in my first season up in the Championship, but I dont think it will last for long. Avoiding relegation is still the number one priority.
  24. First games of my season now played against Slotter. Being on holiday I obviously havent touched FIFA let alone had chance to practice with Marseille so I was fearing the worst for my first fixtures of the campaign. First game I didnt really know what to expect from my new team, practice matches never really give you a good idea how you will fare when the league starts up but they did me proud. I managed to take a three goal lead into half time with some good passing and wing play. But there was no room for complacency as Slotter got back into the game just before the break pulling it back to 3-1. To be honest from there I felt the game could have gone either way, Slotter was dangerous on the break and a few defensive errors on my part could have easily let him right back in it. I felt very relieved when I managed to restore the 3 goal lead before making it 5-1 before the close. The second game always felt a far closer affair, I was very lucky to score from cross that came off of one of Slotter's defenders before ending up in the net. That was with mere minutes of the game gone and I think if it wasnt for that the result of the second would have been very different. A well taken equaliser brought it back to 1-1 before I scored my second of the match just before the break. We both had chances in the second but it was to finish 4-1 to me. So final confirmation of results. Tsunami1 5 - 1 Slotter Slotter 1 - 4 Tsunami1 Thanks for the games mate, and for arranging it so promptly after I returned. Apologies for any mistimed tackles I think the lack of practice ended up in me bringing you down a couple of times, when I wasnt punished probably severely enough.
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