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  1. You aint done a tournament??? Say whaaa,you would love it
  2. You just wanted to show off that you made champ three i think i should ditch mackenie and get you in @BeeJay What you think @wretcherd?? The forums best 3s lineup?
  3. I think there was some changes to the mmr @BeeJay so in 2s and 3s the rankings have been spread out. My line is not as nice as yours tho
  4. Jesus man why have you got a ps5??,all u do is slag it off
  5. Thats not who i am no more Unless they do it first then its fair game. I tell you now there is no finer feeling when they chatting absolute shit in the chat about you,you could be 2-0 down and that feeling when you score a buzzer beater to make it 3-2 and they instantly leave before you can even get the keypad up is just euphoric. Ive fell back in love with this game again over the last couple of months it never gets boring.
  6. Didn't think anyone would spot that Im not usually that toxic @John0 as you know
  7. Champ 2! Jesus bj nice! i had a few months off rl and came back when it went free to play and been stuck at diamond 2-3 since.pushing for champ now with rorchord but its a tough old slog
  8. After a few weeks of doing the tournaments, @mackenie @wretcherd and i finally won one and got that sweet sweet winner banner .
  9. Maybe @Luseth.ive been doing weekend league for the last 3 months and ive lost my love for the game and have been enjoying my weekends not playing fifa
  10. Jesus i saw this on the first page of the forum and thought some big news had come out One of my favourite games
  11. I bought the 9 for my ps5 and its such a comfortable headset I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to buy a decent pair.the 7 would of been fine and i think the only difference is the 9 has Bluetooth which ill not use very often but it was a 40 mile drive to the nearest argos with a 7 in stock I had the hyperx cloud revolver and they felt great to wear but when i tried the steelseries it just felt so much better on the top of my head. Go with the 7x
  12. Is everyone on the ps5 version?? We have to start our player again dont we?? Like we lose all the skill points from the ps4 version??
  13. I've turned the triggers off as I'm not a fan of it on fifa. Annoying i can't see a players team as the loading times are so quick
  14. No steely..... I did that party pack few week back and got navas,did the party pack and used navas in it and got..... Navas again What id do for a duplicate mbappe
  15. Ur pack luck makes me fucking sick @Steely
  16. Finished the mid icon pack today and got ian rush..... Fuck sake Also @Baring what team u rocking i see u in the leaderboard higher than me and mines full of 90 peeps ???
  17. Mine went last week. It still works and there are videos showing how to fix it...kind of(take the spring out and just flip it and put it back) but im shit at fixing things even tho its only 4 screws im worried id mess up and make things worse.
  18. Really miss.playing this game,ive been seeing ads that say you can play for free up to level 60,my toon is level 70 i think,could i still play but be capped at level 60 or will i not be able to play at all?
  19. I didnt even get a board with my 2 ultimate packs....fucking game
  20. I've actually been enjoying the weekend league.my only gripe is that they limited the points so if i play all 30 games ,i can only get rank 3 in rivals rewards
  21. I did him for about 50k so hes really not a big gamble.
  22. Every time im winning 4-0 in fut champs,i pause it and pray they leave, cos i know that comeback is on the way and i play like a fucking kipper
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