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  1. Ive been using this for the cls objective and the all gold under 83 rating so im doing 2 in one. Just swap the keeper and the lb and rb whej you start and you are good to go.
  2. Nice pull,dembele is amazing ,i was saving for bale but theres no way hes replacing dembele.
  3. Yeah @Timmo i keep swapping between him and rodrigo,both great players but dont seam to score as many with them both,maybe i just use my right striker more ...
  4. My team so far ,trying a new formation 352 after watching some vids on youtube,seams to be working nicely,might try a 433 at some point. Also shoutout to inaki williams,who has been brilliant for me,94 pace and with a sniper has 99 finishing and 90+dribbling,still trying to find someone as good as him to go alongside him.
  5. Picked up all 4 around 13k eventually ,was saving my coins so i can buy varane,but this might get me him a bit easier. And if it doesnt well ive only lost a couple thousand per in form.
  6. Good call,he will fit in perfectly too.ill give him a try
  7. My team shaping up nicely,going to lose immobile and go back to jesus as he just feels so sluggish and never makes any runs even when ive set him to get behind defenders.
  8. My team up and running,got.div 7 for rivals How do you guys not smash ur monitor after a 3 nil lead turns into a 4-3 loss?? Asking for a friend
  9. You played well last night mate,our 100%win record wont last too long im affraid tho
  10. Never played arkham knight so its great i can now add it to my digital pile of shame Is it any good ??
  11. Problem is there is nothing to buy with the crowns its all crap lol,im earning what i can and just waiting for the crowns to be exchanged as crafting materials then put it to something i want. Found a golden re 45 last night and it melts players close range. Also making progress in platinum due to some solid plays with some of the guys on here.
  12. I dont think this works as solos,kill somone,loot box ,then be killed by someone waiting in a building quite easy getting wins just by just hiding in a building in the circle and waiting but thats just fucking boring. Back to ranked for me
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