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  1. Is there a way to see the stats at the end of a group dungeon,like damage dealt or hp healed ?
  2. Mines Amelia Hogg on Lich So what's a cross server link shell and what's a free company lol?? I'm part of a grand company,is there any perks to joining a free company? I'm assuming it's a guild kinda thing.
  3. Feel free to add me or I can add you,I'm on every night from 10pm ish if u need a healer to go through some stuff with you,well up to level 50 anyway as I've not done the msq to the next expansion. So busy leveling all my crafting Also @wev if you could add me if you are on after 10pm any night?
  4. I played this again after the birth of my first child,and cried even more at the start of the first,it gets me every time
  5. I'm a healer too ,loving white mage,was waiting a while for an aoe attack like holy for an age tho.which healer you gone for?
  6. Can you only add friends from the same server as you,I could add scruff but noone else.
  7. Small world I didn't see nothing lol, I only nipped on to do some levequest while the kids were asleep. You on ps4 @Scruff? I'm not sure if this is cross platform but I assume it is.
  8. Just finished the realm reborn part of the game(well I'm just watching the credits now) The final dungeon is brilliant,even tho 3 people left right at the start.we still managed it. Man this game is good
  9. Id give it a go @Alan Stock you can play the free trail up to level 35 so you can see if you will enjoy it or not,I've had no problems getting into groups,but Im a healer so it may differ for a dps. I bought all the expansions for £22 on psn and you get a free month if you register a new account so that was a pretty good deal. But definitely download the free trail and dip your toes in,I absolutely love it.
  10. I must have done when I first bought the game,as it says I have TRR on ps4. But now I've bought the complete version for 22 quid with all the expansions,but I don't think I get the 30 free days as it's not a new service account which is a bit shitty. And my character is Amelia hogg
  11. For some reason I got 15 days added to my account once I hit level 30??,so I'm now level 45, maxed out my miner to 50 and my goldsmith to 30.gonna start some other crafting jobs tonight. I can't stop playing this game,I love it
  12. Has anyone read/seen the spoilers?? Some of them just don't make sense
  13. God this game is brilliant,I've tried other MMOs on the PS4 but none have felt as good as this.ive no idea why I only managed to get to level 12 before stopping a few years ago. Currently a level 29 white mage and loving the 4 man dungeons,Healing is just so much fun. I feel like when I hit lvl 35 I'm gonna have to get the subscription as I'll be wanting more of this. Shame I missed the boat on this with all you fellow Mukkers.
  14. The first one I have amazing memories of and I can never understand why they made the second one so shit. Has anyone read what the price will be??
  15. Ahh thankyou,I have played before but not up to level 30 so I might give this another go. Do they have 4/8 man raids and stuff where you can queue up,then it lets you know when it's ready and then just takes you there??
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