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  1. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Rank 63 now Is there a mode to play vs friends ive not checked?? Im theholyhogg on ps4 if there is
  2. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Currently 143 rank in the online tournament after a couple of wins. The 20 second per shot is great but also annoying when u panic and miss a pot or dont take the shot at all
  3. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Bought this full price on the store Im ill and my closest argos doesnt have any in stock the closest in stock is 22 miles away so thought id treat myself. Plays nice snooker,like others had said it seams a lot harder than the other games.
  4. My pro sounds like a hoover,it was the first version out so i think it had some problems.hopefully something they can sort out with the ps5,its not actually the noise that bugs me its the fact that it sounds like its going to break on me any second
  5. Theholyhogg

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    We just have a few group chats that we add peeps from the forum for certain games if they play often. We also had someone change thier name and we dont know who it is Show yourself.....Gammon_Slayer
  6. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Ahhh ok fair enough never watched it on eurosport.
  7. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Well i hope it does well and im probably a minority that love a create a pro,will defo get this in a sale,looks great from the stream i have been watching for the last few hours. Only thing that bothers me is the commentators you need john virgo or someone like that. Would it cost too much to have them included??
  8. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Nevermind someone from lab42 was on a stream so i asked him and he said they would have liked to have added it,but they are a small team and had to prioritise other features real shame
  9. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Anyone got this ,im watching a stream and i asked him if you can create a pro on this but hes not sure ,can anyone confirm this??
  10. Theholyhogg

    Snooker 19

    Not played a snooker game since real 11 so looking forward to playing this. Probably wait for a sale tho as i imagine it will drop quite quickly in price.plus im tight
  11. Theholyhogg

    Android games

    Another vote for Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic its brilliant and just as fun on phone. I played clash royale for a good 2 years i play now and then but thats such a brilliant game. Golf clash is a brilliant golf game if thats ur thing. I played a grand prix manager game i cant remember the name but that was probably my most played game on phone ,really enjoyable. Edit: it was grand prix story and ive just seen they have made a grand prix story 2 Free apparently... hope its not full of iap
  12. Theholyhogg

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    This is so important to getting better at this game. ive had some great wins due to some brilliant positioning by flanking enemies so they can be hit from all angles,also love getting up high with pathfinder quickly and getting in that perfect position in half a second. Still love this game ,not sure how long it will last(hopefully a long time like i was with rocket league) but ive played it everyday since it came out and not bored of it yet.
  13. Theholyhogg

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    Got a brilliant win the other night The r-301 is my go to gun now,its so accurate with so little recoil i can hit most my targets mid range which i was struggling to do with the spitfire.
  14. Theholyhogg

    Playstation Plus | April - The Surge & Conan Exiles

    This Everyone gonna moan,but still pay for it cos we wanna play with mates online
  15. Theholyhogg

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    haha yeah my last game i had two 14 year old boys screaming down the mic,they were muted straight away

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