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  1. Can't wait for this week's weekend league for @Steely to pack mbappe 🙄
  2. Niceeeee I've been using mbappe for the moments mini game thing ,and he feels so good to play with.
  3. Just had to watch a video regarding the new chemistry stuff as I was very confused.... I don't get why they had to change that,it wasn't broken before. Gonna be great for building teams potentially, nightmare for the sbcs
  4. Ahhh sorry I've no idea ,I don't own an Xbox anymore,but I remember buying this just to get them quick achievements
  5. I remembered buying this playing for one minute and then never playing it again Enjoy 😆 easiest 1k you will ever get
  6. Sims for me using klapaucius;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! But my favourite is on theme hospital for getting cash using the fax machine to input the cheat codes and getting called out via the tannoy for cheating 😆
  7. I remember having this on the PS3 and every time you went over the icon on the xmb it would play this song. I would just play this over and over again while chilling😍 nothing comes close to this for me... it's just pure perfection.
  8. Just seen this today on YouTube 😍 Just give me more of lba2 and that whole magical world. I don't want to get too excited for this cos we know nothing about it yet but still... this is exciting news😍 Lba2 is just a game I can come back to every couple of years and complete again and again,the story ,the fantastic music,the worlds and character's along the way makes this one of the best games in history. Like others have said though,the movement and camera needs a major overhaul. Just hope it keeps all the charm
  9. Is that the one where you can have a monster to fight beside you? I remember enjoying that one where you have to tame a monster to fight alongside it
  10. Ahhh man super excited for gt7,i miss doing races in the cheap cars getting them upgraded to win better races and then buying faster cars and starting the whole cycle again 🥰
  11. Gtav Who doesn't own this game now lol,show me something good
  12. @Moz is the difference that bad with controllers?? I feel like a give a good game with @mackenie with a controller but u seam to hate them all that play on a pad
  13. Season 0 has started ,i assume its out of the beta now??
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