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  1. Still need to play the first after really enjoying the demo
  2. Been watching this on youtube,looks like a game ill enjoy,anyone know the release date on this in july??
  3. I think its an amazing game,one of my fave jrpgs,watch some videos of the battle system to see if you would enjoy it,loads of secret areas to discover.only recently completed this on the ps4. it can get quite hard at some points if you are underleveled or dont have good equipment for your team,which you cant just put on your characters,they have to have the right materials and then they have to ask for them which i always found annoying. But for the price (it was £14 full price on psn)you cant go wrong imo.
  4. Amazing game,great battle system imo,looks beautiful too. Not to everyones taste but i loved it.
  5. I was hoping to dump it straight to nand and then move to USB but there isn't an option to dump it there ,only sd or usb(which failed for me)
  6. Got my USB stick in the post so thought I'd give it a go,loaded up disk2app selected dump to sd card, inserted Mario kart when prompted....complete ,loads up wup installer and install it to the nand. Works a treat So now I knew it worked I thought id try and transfer it to the USB stick after the Wii u formatted it and it works perfectly @Pavey thanks for telling me about this dude. My only small problem is that there is a 4gb Mario kart dumped in my sd so I have to go on the PC and delete it before i can add more games. First world problems eh
  7. I sometimes get angry that people didn't love nuts and bolts enough that they would make a second one. Twats the lot of them
  8. Maybe the world doesn't want me to find another game like it.what does it show out of curiosity?
  9. I wouldnt reccomend this site. One of the greatest games ever made.... Nothing
  10. Ohhhh might take u up on that offer @Baring @sjvinnie, @tcharliel, @Sladey19 u like ur shooters if u fancy it.
  11. I cant really afford a usb drive so ill see if i have any luck with the usb stick,if not ive got everything i want on it now anyway and i can just play the games on disk.
  12. Thats sweet,just ordered a 64gb usb stick and ill give a try,thanks for the info
  13. How do you move the game over from the nand to usb?
  14. Oh wow,thats amazing!!,ive read you need to have an sd card with more than 23 gb free ,ive only got an 8gb card with the hack on it,will i need to install the hack on a new sd card or can i just transfer all the files to another sd? Thanks for the help btw @Pavey
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