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  1. Theholyhogg

    Post Your Gaming Setups

    I think cunts like that dont go to the usual places no more ,my phone got nicked last year(s8+) and i tried cex and crack converters but the guy in there said my phone would have been turned off as soon as they nicked it and be broken down to parts and sold that way. I know somone at work who had one of them uv light pens and actually found his bike i think it was on facebook marketplace when his bike was advertised with different tyres on he filmed the whole thing and brought a uv light torch thing to prove it was his.but its of little help to you now and you always think u will never need to do something like that on items in your house. Sorry to hear what happened cunts
  2. Theholyhogg

    The Last Of Us

    Forgot i had this, so downloaded this again....i forgot how perfect this game is
  3. Theholyhogg

    Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    This is a tenner on the Playstation store so I bought it again lol
  4. Theholyhogg

    The random discussion thread

    I've went to cex this week and bought gc2, not really got a career mode but the actual golfing parts of the game are really nice and enjoyable once you get used to it. I'll Probably get the third
  5. Theholyhogg

    Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Thanks for doing this @smithstock over the past year, it's been a fun game to play, was going to download golf club 1 or 2 yesterday but they're like £30 each so I'll wait till tne new ones out and see if it's worth getting. And Thanks for partnering up with me for our 12 hour sessions on release day
  6. Theholyhogg

    rllmuk FC

    I'll be on tonight if anyone's on
  7. Theholyhogg

    rllmuk FC

    I went to get a drink and everyone left lol
  8. Theholyhogg

    rllmuk FC

    I'm back of my holiday in a few days maybe so I'll be up for some later this week is it still shit ??
  9. Theholyhogg

    The random discussion thread

    If you didn't like persona 4 golden, one of the greatest games ever made then u need help smithstock.....
  10. Theholyhogg

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Shame we lost today,like others have said we should have finished them off in the first half. But I can't wait to see this new fresh squad in the euros and see who else we can bring up through the youth squads over the next few years. I'm genuinely excited for the future of English football in the next few years. they should be proud of themselves.
  11. Theholyhogg

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    God I'm nervous
  12. Theholyhogg

    Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Opppps sorry guys @Petey is gonna have to play 3rd place as I've sold this now.i was just playing the tour games and then jumping on something else so thought I'd get rid. I'll be back one day....
  13. Theholyhogg

    The random discussion thread

    Yer he should have but some don't install all the games when they're on plus, I forget all the time ,they should be automatically purchased so u don't have to mess about
  14. Theholyhogg

    The random discussion thread

    Rocket league,the best game ever made for under 20 quid
  15. Theholyhogg

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    No more money to win....

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