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  1. Yeah the coop is a great mode to add ,and you both get points as well as coins so its all good. Unless ur @mackenie who racks up his allocated amount of games before we play together so then i cant get rewards and points even tho i haven't played all my games....
  2. Dunno if that helps @Yoshimax
  3. Its now a monthly or weekly boat race with 4 other clans,you can fight 4 times a day in a single match or there is a first to two wins game which can take up to 3 of your games depending if you lose one game and win two. Its just not as enjoyable as the old clan wars and really rewards a full clan all participating in the war,which we never had.
  4. Yeah think there is a few spaces. The clan wars is now a piece of crap tho now so brace urself.... I miss the old war day
  5. Its not a game i would ever think i would enjoy but boy is it brilliant,and ive still got two left
  6. I don't think its a trilogy and/or any of the games are linked but i may be wrong.and i bought the game thinking it was just one game but you get the first too. The characters are brilliant and there are some brilliant moments in the story.
  7. Id recommend as @Billy Brownsaid everyone play the nonary games,i bought the first and second and ive just finished the second game ,and still got the first(and the best apparently) to go. I dont even like reading stuff or solving puzzles in games but this has me hooked @gospvg
  8. Web app goes live today Good luck guys
  9. Ps5 this gen for me. I actually love the look of it unlike most people
  10. Its probably the best competitive game ive ever played,just pure fun,scoring goals is still as fun as it was five years ago.
  11. I'm gonna need a better monitor to get the benefits right??
  12. Keep us posted @Pug.I've been looking at them and wondered if its worth the price,but like you said its getting really positive reviews so it must be doing something right,its a shame you can't go somewhere and try them out.
  13. Well said @gospvg ,we have been spoiled as gamers this gen whatever you play on. Although I'm ashamed to say I've not even played zero dawn or god of war Maybe ill get round to them on the ps5
  14. Me too,for me its what a game console should look like
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