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  1. Them rocket league skills @wretcherd
  2. Ive already played that a few times??
  3. Minion vs toucan,only one will reign supreme
  4. I did this one game ,but on one of the races the finish line is not right at the top of the hill,you reach the top and then walk a few steps over the finish line. I didnt know this as the other guy walked past me and took the last spot fucker Edit:Oppps i thought u snatched a win lol. Yeah.... i did the same as u
  5. Had an hour with @mackenie,such great fun,not played a fun game like this for a while,so its nice to take a break from games like apex and rocket league.
  6. Probably best for them now,its over 5 years old now,think we get a title and a few other bits if you bought the game.
  7. This is my favorite part just before a new console is released,all the speculation regarding games they are going to show,gets me so hyped.
  8. no way ive read nothing about it on here?? What about p4g?
  9. Smt nocturne????? Thats lucifers call on the ps2 right??? Sayyy whatttttt
  10. Absolutely crazy this aint coming out on the ps4 and ps5. I need that jrpg fix
  11. For me its rocket league, it was free so i thought id try it and ill always remember scoring my first aerial and being proper giddy and five years later i still get that same feeling when i score a beauty. Perfection
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