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  1. Fair enough. Not really warranted though.
  2. #STILLNOTASHAMED I did Manus outside the fog gate the other day, haven't got the skills for that fight. Not sure what I'm going to do about the dragon, summon a sunbro or two, or three.
  3. Dead space trilogy remaster would be glorious, along with DS Extraction for PSVR
  4. Yeah you can see the slab it is where their face should be.
  5. I farmed for the trident and it dropped quite quickly, I only had one humanity (I only ever use one, rather than the ten optimal) & the serpent ring. Shame about the Lordvessel as I've just got some swanky skeletor armour. PS. Quite happy to drop any gear if you want it.
  6. They don't like fire so perhaps try that. My great combustion takes them down pretty quick.
  7. Gonna skip it this year, that is unless Snoop is gonna make an appearance as that could persuade me. I can't wait to see what he would do with the BF5 customisation options.
  8. Andy XC

    Dying Light

    You need to buy the following expansion which is £6 odd, or you can buy the season pass which is about £10 which includes The following and other dlc. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP1018-CUSA00050_00-THEFOLLOWING0000 https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP1018-CUSA00050_00-DLSEASONPASS0000
  9. See, I've convinced myself it is happening and we will find out at E3. People keep telling me that I'm wrong but I've stopped listening tbh.
  10. Been announced in their "Countdown to E3" that the release date will be 22nd Feb 2019.
  11. Andy XC

    The Crew 2

    Very nice although not much incentive to buy the season pass, which is fine by me.
  12. I don't think you can leave the painted world by any means other than the usual exit, regardless of whether you have completed Anor Londo. Oh and that invasion sucks, I was in human form the other day and just walked straight off the cliff. Easier to be hollow.
  13. I'm surprised it is lonely, I thought the new weapon matching system might still match you with players. Good luck with your run though, have you stocked up on reinforced clubs ?
  14. And the first one is ..... Tetris, actually Tetris effect.
  15. Nice, I hadn't seen that competition. I've got Lara Go on the err, go at the moment so I'll just hold off and get an easy trophy every day.
  16. I always struggle with the 4 kings and I don't much enjoy the trek back so I usually (read always) just go full Havel & tank it. But yes a +15 claymore will see it over fairly quickly. As for Siegmeyer, I too screwed it up but thankfully I just downloaded my cloud save and did it again (I knew it was coming so I was prepared). Just off'd big A out of the DLC so I'm quite pleased about that as last time I summoned a friend and felt a bit bad as it is a good fight solo. Rocking a +14 balder sword atm and have +14 Great scythe which is good but if you miss you are screwed plus my trusty +14 uchi. Have 3 slabs (one dropped from a lizard) so I should upgrade one of them at least. Oh and my trusty balder shield as I'm still no good at dodging.
  17. Andy XC

    The Crew 2

    An open beta is coming, more details at E3.
  18. I thought Dishono(ur)ed 2 was jolly good, haven't played Prey yet. I do remember people complaining about the state of Prey on one of the platforms (PS4?) at release, things like that don't help sales. @VN1X I think the date for the Sony conference in the first comment is inccrrect. Isn't it tuesday ?
  19. I did hear about someone being trapped in Blighttown with a broken weapon and being pretty peeved. It is why I always suggest buying the repair box, and the upgrade box whilst they are at it.
  20. I remember reading about the "Chain of pain" emails between the Dark Souls reviewers, one reviewer was cursed umpteen times. When I play RPGs, I look at the shop and purchase things that might be necessary so it wouldn't have happened to me, but then again I'm not a reviewer.
  21. That is what seven years without medical attention does to you.
  22. You are probably best going offline, run to the fog gate, quit and then restart (online).
  23. You only change the world tendency towards black if you die whilst human so what I did was, as soon as I beat a boss I would top myself in the Nexus. Spent the whole game in soul form except when I wanted to change the world to black.
  24. Andy XC

    The Crew 2

    I raced with a friend yesterday. What you need to do is go to your Roster (press the Options button if on PS4), then go to your friend or the session people. Click on them and then select Invite to crew. If they accept then you have a crew going. Just go to any event and they will get sent an invite to the event, they need to accept.
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