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  1. This looks great, never heard of it so thanks for pointing me in its direction. Bought it without even trying the demo, I only seem to be replaying my older games these day so it's nice to get something new.
  2. Wind Waker was excellent on the WiiU because of the second screen on the pad. I think the Switch version might be a step backwards from that. I'll probably still buy it.
  3. Yeah, doesn't appear to be the same person. However when we worked together Software Creations were doing the N64 version of Carmageddon which is either a coincidence or bad data on Mobygames. Which is entirely possible, my entry on there is patchy. More so for missing games than incorrect credits though.
  4. I've worked with a Jim Bagley and still have him as a friend on Facebook. It's not the same spelling and it's not the sort of thing I'd imagine him doing so I'm loathe to ask. He was also more of a Spectrum programmer.
  5. The Amiga version of Star Wars Domark did was excellent. I think the same coder also converted Hard Drivin' pretty well for them. Looking at Spore I did play that but had no idea what was going on.
  6. I thought I was an avid C64 game but not many of these titles are ringing a bell. I'm sure it's still too early for me to have an Amiga.
  7. It's so sad. The covers really stood out on the newsagents shelf in the 80s and it was always an exciting time when a new issue was out. I mentioned it in another thread but not only am I lucky enough to have an original Oli painting as my avatar but my game APB was used as a Zzap front cover painted by Oli.
  8. I saw the Oli Frey news on FB and it is really sad, those covers were such a memorable part of my childhood and a big part of Zzap. My friend bought an original Frey Zzap reviewer style avatar painting of me for my 50th. It was also provided it in digital format which I use on here and elsewhere. I was also lucky enough to have two of my games as the cover games on Zzap the first of which was painted by Oli. I got in touch a few years back to try and buy the original or a print but apparently it's one of his lost works. Apparently a few went in prizes and auctions etc.
  9. I released a ‘tribute’ to Catrap on Commodore 64, Switch and iOS called Millie & Molly if you’re after some more. Same game, totally new levels
  10. I follow a bloke on Twitter who makes free art assets. I've used them in the past for prototyping. Anyway he also made a Picross game for PC which is free for the next 24 hours. https://kenney.itch.io/pixross
  11. I didn't play much of the 3D Klonoa games but that's because I came to them off the back of playing and really liking the GBA games. The newer games didn't seem to have the puzzle elements which I enjoyed in the 2D counterparts. That said had this release had the GBA games included I'd have been tempted to buy it and give the 3D ones another go.
  12. My game Millie & Molly has been on there for a good while now.
  13. From a purely selfish reason I'd love for them to do some of the modern C64 games on the Evercade. They could stick mine on there so I'd eventually bite the bullet and buy one. There's loads of other good stuff as well though:
  14. It's very impressive. I really like the game as well although it is probably a bit too hard. I think I could only ever make it to tower four.
  15. Super Space Towers is a Thrust style game with this viewpoint. I don't game on my PC though so haven't tried it.
  16. I'm still making C64 games in the 2020s. Upon original release I put a small charge on each game otherwise crackers stick them straight on CSDB and take most of the credit. Most of the games are a bit older now though so I've made them all free. The games which were paid for (Grid Pix, Millie & Molly and Runn 'n' Gunn) were all very well received in the retro scene, M&M even scored a sizzler in Retro Gamer. You can download them here and play them on an emulator, TheC64 or best of all real hardware. https://carletonhandley.itch.io/
  17. I used a similar trick in APB because we wanted to get the aspect ratio close to the cabinet. And I remember the humming noise all too well, that is probably the real reason for the black border.
  18. @Unofficial Who says "although they've reduced the play area with a border to the left giving the game an almost coin-op feel (as well as keeping the speed and smoothness up.)" Whilst it's true that there's less screen data to scroll doing that he has given himself another problem because it's very difficult to split a smooth scroll screen horizontally on a C64. The panel on the right is likely a bunch of multiplexed sprites made to look like characters. This will limit the amount of sprites for gameplay and it does look like there are very few there. The player's ball and the odd text pop-up from what I can see. I do think making the game that aspect ratio has worked really well here though. It looks like it'd have benefitted from a different border colour though given that they've used black for map limits. Very few people dared to not use black border though.
  19. We always got the full arcade cabinet in the office when we were doing conversions. We had Race Drivin’, APB, Hot Rod and Skull and Crossbones at various points. We never got any more details like source or art assets though. One member of staff recreated the whole APB map by having a Spectrum with a map editor next to the arcade club and painstakingly driving about. It’s a big map. We didn’t even have access to decent video recording equipment back then. I worked with some of the Bubble Bobble guys at Software Creations but it was much later so I never really asked them about how they did it.
  20. It's excellent, I played it through on WiiU and then bought the Switch version and played through again. @Dr Derek Doctors wrote the script.
  21. I was aware it was going to be on sale at some point soon. Apparently it's a very successful strategy on Switch. I just leave all that side of it to them though, they're the experts.
  22. So it is, thanks for pointing that out. The same price as a Mastertronic game in the 80s. Thankfully it's more Action Biker than Dark Star.
  23. Wanderer was first but reviewed second. I was at school before that.
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