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  1. carleton

    Nintendo eShop

    Yoku's Island Express. Lovely game.
  2. carleton

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    There's a cart on the 3DS cakked Sudoku +7 other complex puzzles. I picked it up for about £3 from the Game Collection, seems to have gone more expensive now. I'm no big Sudoku fan but three of the games on it are excellent, it also has Slitherlink (which I struggle with) and a couple more I didn't get on with. Hours of puzzles in there even for the £18 Amazon are now charging for it. There's also PicPic on the 3DS which has an amazing mode called drawing which works perfectly with the stylus.
  3. carleton

    Yoku's Island Express

    This appears to have done really badly which is a shame because it's an excellent game. I'm enjoying pottering around post game but is the only way to see your completion level by quitting and looking at the save file?
  4. carleton

    The iOS gaming thread

    Yeah, I got to about the same point and thought the same thing. Randomly generated levels also annoyed me. Think I got £2 worth out it but have stopped now.
  5. carleton

    The iOS gaming thread

    Just given this a download, first world is promising. Cheers for the recommend.
  6. carleton

    The iOS gaming thread

    209 is actually pretty amazing! Cheers for playing it.
  7. carleton

    The iOS gaming thread

    Thanks for the feedback and the kind words. Seems iPhone7+ and x are crashing which is really disappointing. I’ll try and get a fix out as soon as I find the cause. With regards to acceptable answers I try and accept band names or singer, actors or their character name. If there’s some I’ve missed please PM and I’ll add it to the acceptable answers. The code also allows for incorrect spellings but only to a certain threshold.
  8. carleton

    The iOS gaming thread

    No, a guy called Robert Penney did the art. I developed it after seeing some of his other work and reaching out. Are you using hints to reveal the full picture? Or are you too young to rememberer the 80s? All feedback is really useful.
  9. carleton

    The iOS gaming thread

    I've made an app. It was supposed to be a quick thing as I rarely get to program games these days. But with real life getting in the way and stuff it's taken an age. Anyway it's a simple picture quiz with pixel art of 50 80s celebrities to identify. Free to try, one IAP to unlock all the clues. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/very-iconic-pixels-80s-quiz/id1143553104?ls=1&mt=8
  10. carleton

    Nintendo eShop

    I think I'd have taken the plunge on the Switch version had they done something about the boss fights. I agree with everything you've said here, they take far too long. Even checkpoints at each transformation would help ease some of it.
  11. carleton

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    Sounds about right for the games industry! Fair play to you for doing your own thing.
  12. carleton

    Nintendo eShop

    Have you tried putting your Switch right next to your router? The WiFi on my Switch is really slow unless I do this.
  13. carleton

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    I tried Stardew and gave up rather quickly. This on the other hand has me hooked. Well done @dadrester
  14. carleton

    SNES Mini

    I don't use mind loads but I've finished SMW on it and am on the last Zelda dungeon. I may try Metroid next. So I think that's been pretty good usage for me. Comparable with my other consoles playtime over the same period.
  15. carleton

    Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    Sorrry, I wasn't making an excuse for them. I was positing why some people have the feature turned off and others don't. We use A/B tests often on apps to gauge feedback without pissing everybody off. Looks like I was incorrect anyway if the feature has been around for such a long time.

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