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  1. I turn off those blue number things, feels like cheating.
  2. I put over 60 hours in to Baba Is You. 90% of that was probably scratching my head. It was my game of 2019.
  3. I'm really looking forward to 51 WorldWide Games but I hope online supports multiple players on each console (for appropriate games). WiiU bowling was ruined by the lack of that option. My wife and I are in one house and my daughter and her boyfriend live in Newcastle. We couldn't get a 4 player game going. Same with Everybody's Golf I think.
  4. Yeah, bought this to try out later. Looks really nice.
  5. I used the pointer in Galaxy quite a lot to collect the star bits and shoot some enemies. It probably wasn't essential but feels like I'll miss it.
  6. Did you buy it? I hope you enjoyed it if so. The disk and tape versions are available for pre-order now at Bitmap Soft.
  7. I like Picross so much I've written a version for the C64. Here it is running on my Commodore. I don't know whether to take the plunge on Murder By Numbers, I get annoyed at all the talking in Layton games which distract from the puzzles themselves. I've still going through S-3 as well.
  8. Physical versions coming soon. My first published C64 game for over 30 years and my first physical media since ET’s Cosmic Garden for Zed Two in 2002 or so. Sheesh.
  9. Thanks, I hope you like it. Disk, tape and cartridge I think. Some stuff thrown in with each version. Potentially a CD with non-SID versions of the music.
  10. Cheers. Up to about level 17 is basically tutorials. Beyond that there are some great puzzles to be had. And I've completed them all so they can't be too hard. Chun has provided 10 new harder levels for the physical release and some of those are rock hard!
  11. Cheers. Chun did a very professional job on the level design. I was very lucky to get somebody of his ability involved. It’s certainly not something I can do. Easily the best game I’ve created for the Commodore 64.
  12. Looks as though he's used a full stop instead of comma after C64 so the tag is broken. Some bloke live streamed it on Twitch the other day so it's getting some attention. In fact I've had more sales of this than anything I've released independently on the App Store.
  13. There's certainly a very limited set of things you can do on the old machines but I'm not convinced it's easier to create something credible. If you know your way around the processes of making a a game some of the modern IDEs are almost drag and drop with little coding involved. And there are pretty much no concerns with memory or GPU power. Each has their benefits I guess. Doing C64 stuff makes you a big fish in a small pool I guess and the community are really involved.
  14. Yeah, the Commodore was where I first learnt to program and what I did for my first job. I don’t really get to do much games programming these days and there’s no money in the App Store so I just decided to write something for a community which would appreciate what I do. Millie and Molly is a really good game if you like puzzles games. Chun designed all the levels apart from my dev so it was like having a new game for me when I integrated them.
  15. Thanks. There's a newer video on my channel now. The jerkiness is down to my crap PC struggling with video capture, the game runs at 50/60hz on real devices. I'll probably looking for testers in a months or so, cheers. I think I agree about the two player thing. Too many ideas, too little time.
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