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  1. Ah, I found him. I thought that was a compulsory tutorial though but now you've pointed it out I remember searching. And in turn that's reminded me of the actual advice he gives about finding Boos. Cheers.
  2. That cat bit does seem slightly like padding however I can forgive it as the variety on show in the rest of the game is excellent. It also has some really good puzzles. I've no idea how I'm going to find all the jewels, even on the smaller levels I've got at least 2 missing. And I've not found one Boo.
  3. I never played the GC game and gave up halfway through the 3DS one. I recall poor check-pointing meaning I had to replay large bits of the game when I died. This doesn't seem to have that and is a quite lovely game. I like how you can just experiment and stuff happens. I wasn't going anywhere near this earlier in the week after feeling a bit let down with Yoshi on Switch but the reviews and this thread won me over. I'm glad they did. I'll echo what others have said about it feeling quite sedate. I've just given up on Hollow Knight after really struggling with the die and backtracking loop. And getting lost far too often. This is much more the sort of thing I enjoy these days even if the linearity means it may be short lived.
  4. The app removes punctuation, "the" at the start of the answer and uses a Levenshtein Distance algorithm to determine if you're correct based on a percentage of the total length. It works pretty well most of the time. I hope @jon_cybernet's dodgy web code doesn't put off potential backers!
  5. carleton

    Nintendo Switch

    That's a good idea but how have you missed Paradroid off that list?!
  6. I thought it was an interesting article as well. I was programming released games at 17 but didn't get anywhere near the cash he did. Nearly all the development people back then were relatively young, we've just all grown old and bitter now ;-)
  7. Sounds a lot like Flaschbier which I played loads on my Amiga. Really twitchy controls but all the more fun for it. http://hol.abime.net/3864
  8. I think a lot of Bury fans are now losing interest. There's work ongoing for a Phoenix club but I don't think that's the one which has FA approval to get in non-league. That's only if the current company avoids liquidation somehow. Which seems impossible. TBH I think a lot of fans were hoping for liquidation today which seems odd. This bloke outside court today sums it up:
  9. We promise to use the standard keyboard this time. Totally my fault we went with the bespoke one last time and it ended up being more work for me. Sorry about that.
  10. I bought this on Switch based off the demo. Got to say I think it's amazing. Pretty hard in places but it deals out the new abilities in a pretty nice way. I really like the map and the lack of boss fights although some of the set pieces act in a similar progress blocking way. There's also a good amount of variety around the map and it's seems to be a pretty long game overall. It's not outstayed its welcome yet.
  11. carleton

    Nintendo Switch

    If we're playing this I want a port of Braid.
  12. I like how even the trailer has slowdown at the water fall bit on 23 seconds. I realise I'm sounding a bit down on this but I really enjoyed it. I'm certainly in for a double pack of the Capcom games.
  13. I've completed this now and looking back I'm surprised how simple the dungeons are. There were no puzzles as such, just a couple of bomb-able walls. I recall train tracks and point switches and mine carts but they're not there, they must have been in the Capcom ones. I'm used to collecting a novel new item in the dungeon and a few great puzzles coming out of it. Even Skyward Sword had this I think. Or it could be rose tinted spectacles as I remember really loving the GB original dungeons in this. I'm glad I've played it but the Mario Galaxy games remastered next please Nintendo.
  14. I think I’m done with football now. Bury have been mismanaged to a huge degree and probably deserve some punishment. The ease at which ‘the football family’ had put us to the sword surprises me though. They should have just waited as we’ll be insolvent soon enough and they wouldn’t have today’s decision on their conscience. I hope we’re the last to suffer this fate but I fear a few more teams of our size will go sooner rather than later.
  15. Good to know, it can't have just been me who was bothered then. They must have picked it up during development. The shadows look a lot better in this laughably titled article "30 vs 60 FPS: A Comprehensive The Last of Us Remastered Shadows Comparison". I'll give it a go and see if I get on better with it as I stopped playing the remaster well before the end.
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