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  1. Enjoyed the new episode, cheers. I never played Theatre Europe so that went over my head a bit but I certainly recall the Cold War fear of the time. The only one I really player was the baseball game as we could afford about one game per month. It was a poor choice I think.
  2. I still have my copy of issue one of Zzap64. It's really tatty, as Julian Rignall testified in this Tweet. I finished part 2, I'm really enjoying the podcast so thanks. Am I correct in thinking that they got rid of the "Tacky" accolade quite quickly?
  3. Congrats. I’ve really enjoyed it, well done.
  4. Cheers. Turns out it’s really hard to literally phone in an interview. Still I think it’s a great video.
  5. Bowser's Fury is but the original game is 60fps according to that DF video.
  6. This is where I'd have differed. I'd have started by grabbing the levels from Boulderdash and making my game run them. Both Grid Pix and Millie and Molly started like that. There's something satisfying to me about accessing old data like that. From memory Boulderdash has quite a clever way of generating levels. I think they're pseudo-randomly generated. And I agree with Ste, use a modern tool to code something. Trying a 2600 would be tough going.
  7. Some impressive stuff in here. BoulderDash in a couple of days is some amazing work! I do like Unity though, I converted Millie and Molly from C64 to Android/iOS in less that 6 weeks with no prior knowledge of the system.
  8. I think it'd be better without the random sprite enemies for sure. Except the homing mines, they're good. And in no way did I rip them off for an enemy in Runn 'n' Gunn.
  9. Heh, when I was at Walking Circles we had 6 employees. Three were called David.
  10. Braybrook is a hero of mine and reading his diaries were one of the reasons I got into coding. However I didn't get on with much of his later stuff like Intensity, Morpheus and Alleykat. He gets a pass for Gribbly's Day Out, Paradroid and Uridium though. And the amazing Amiga port of Rainbow Islands.
  11. I’d forgotten about that one, I remember it being really smooth. Just watched a video and it’s lovely looking. I will say the portion of screen used for the actual track is quite small. I played a lot of Speed King, that was a nice game.
  12. I like the side graphics on Power Drift. These are the days when we were impressed if a racer had tunnels.
  13. NP, I didn’t take it that way. I was talking about Pitstop II. I think Buggy Boy has the best track routine on the C64.
  14. Yeah, it seems to have a few screens drawn in characters to animate bends which it can very quickly switch between. The a simple raster effect for the stripes. It can’t do hills or double bends.
  15. Of course. I just often look at games with programmers eyes, I can’t help it.
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