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  1. I've been away for the weekend so haven't had a chance to play it yet but the positivity here and elsewhere is very encouraging. I was going to use motion controls but I think I'll play a lot in handheld and don't want to be switching between the two methods. Also I'm left handed and I've not seen anything mentioned about switching Joycons being an option as sword swinging would feel a little odd with my right. Didn't they flip the entire world in Twilight Princess as Link is left handed on the GC version?
  2. I wasn't aware of this controversy at the time but my Rugby game was really inferior to the Audiogenic one so it was a surprise it scored better and even got a "Corker" from CF. I think by that time I was coding on the Amiga and went back to do Rugby as a rush job. There was a very real deadline for the game with the tournament starting so we put out what we had. The Zzap review was in the first issue of the post Newfield era so I never really considered it canon.
  3. Bit of a thread about it here along with a link to the free download. https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73604&sid=72d2516e5a4ac7d835e9f18aba97070a
  4. Isn't there a modern C64 remake of Manic Miner which is much better? I'm a bit behind on the podcast now but still listening when I can. I amazed at the amount of games I don't recognize as I read Zzap from cover to cover in the day.
  5. It looks OK from the trailer, I'll watch if it does come over here.
  6. It wasn't Zzap but another magazine which currently escapes me but they had a picture in their review with the caption "The end is in sight, should have worn longer shorts." Which made me laugh as a 13 year old.
  7. Thanks @Camel. I'm really pleased with the game. I think some people say it's a little short but an episodic release was always my intention. I think there's plenty of game in there still, especially with the hard modes (which have extra enemies etc.). There's a no death playthrough of hard on You Tube which is pretty impressive. As for
  8. Me either, but back then I worked with people who’d learnt programming with punch cards.
  9. I need to catch up a bit but I'm intrigued what you'll say about Speed King. I really rated it back then and played it a lot. I've just checked out a YouTube video to see why and it doesn't look to have held up very well. From memory I think the coder of Rocket Roger wrote it all out on paper as hex statements and his wife typed it in. Amazed he got a game out of that at all.
  10. My mate fell over backwards trying to catch the ball when the computer hit a 6 in Graham Gooch's Cricket. I have no other memories of it.
  11. @squirtleabsolutely not, most of the interest is in the differing opinions.
  12. I've worked from home all week so not had a chance to listen to the latest edition. Got to say I didn't like almost everything about FGTH at the time, the one exception being the music on the flower level. In other news I've just heard my game Millie and Molly scores a sizzler in the latest Zzap annual. I think it's going to be a while for the podcast to catch up to that.
  13. Air Traffic Chaos on the DS was excellent but that too was quite a stressful game.
  14. I never played Kennedy Approach but I think we had a demo which was just all the speech from it. I guess like a phone sound board. Speech always impressed me on the C64, so much so I bought the awful Fyler Fox because it promised speech on the box. The publisher even called the range "Tymac Talkies".
  15. Those sales figures for Skyfox are amazing, I didn't think C64 games touched those kinds of numbers. My game APB was number one in the official UK charts and whilst we weren't a party to sales figures I always assumed it was less than 10,000 sales in total.
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