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  1. I'm really enjoying this. It's hard but not too hard I think. The reason I bounced off Hollow Knight and a lot of other similar games is that dying on a boss puts you way back and you have to spend five minutes returning to die quickly again. I prefer the pretty much instant restart of Dread.
  2. Thanks, after the praise in here I couldn't resist for that price.
  3. That Lemmings demo was incredible. It was the talk of the office for a week. I played the full game whilst soothing my newborn daughter who kept me up at night. She was 31 recently. Purely for selfish reasons I’ll pick the Zzap issue which feature my game APB on the cover. With bonus officer Bob giving the finger. It was also my only Zzap Sizzler, I also scored 16% and 36% for other games which I prefer to forget.
  4. I coded an E.T. Game for the GameBoy Color. So I’m out. Graphics by @Dr Derek Doctors and @Ste Pickford
  5. I've not played it but looking at the video a big moving spaceship would be OK (more like R-Type level 3) but the bullet hell nature of it would be problematic I think.
  6. I think @Vimster must have a different C64 to me! Something like Overcooked could work I think. And who needs Typing of the Dead when you've got Mavis Beacon?
  7. I never played Bombjack in the arcade so I've never understood the dislike of the C64 version which me and my brother played a lot of. That remake looks great as well. As an aside the producer on the Spitting Image game I wrote back then was Paul Holmes, the coder of Speccy Bombjack. Like a lot of talented coders from those days he'd moved away from the programming side and in to management which seemed a shame.
  8. Nice. Good luck with the projects.
  9. I'm no FPS fan and back in the day they used to give me quite bad motion sickness. The PS1 version of this was the one of the few I could play and I remember it being excellent. Looking forward to this although I agree there's something off about the upscaling.
  10. I think you still have the fastest time I’ve seen on level 2. Download Blockheads for free here: https://carletonhandley.itch.io/
  11. Hi @Clipper, yeah Bitmapsoft are the genuine publishers of Millie and Molly. Runn ‘n’ Gunn may get a tape release eventually but we need to find the time. if you like Picross games my other title Grid Pix is available physically from Psytronik.
  12. Yes, this annoyed me. Took and age to get past it and then I was told I needed all the Wisps! I didn't know whether to include that in my spoiler but I think I decided in the end that misery loves company.
  13. In the 14th column the block you have is either the 1 or 2. In either case the blank space two above it will be a cross. Then you can do work on that row.
  14. This took me a while as well but you can progress :
  15. I've been away for the weekend so haven't had a chance to play it yet but the positivity here and elsewhere is very encouraging. I was going to use motion controls but I think I'll play a lot in handheld and don't want to be switching between the two methods. Also I'm left handed and I've not seen anything mentioned about switching Joycons being an option as sword swinging would feel a little odd with my right. Didn't they flip the entire world in Twilight Princess as Link is left handed on the GC version?
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