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  1. Controls use the apparently new input system which doesn’t work on the update system but rather input actions. I think I’ve taken it a little for granted as everything else in Unity is pretty much seamless. It’s chicken and egg though. I need QA but QA needs paying for. I was hoping an MVP would make enough money so I could invest in improvements like this. Thanks for supporting the game and I’ll mention you to Saul. What game were you working on together?
  2. There are 10 bonus levels on the Commodore physical versions as well as a level editor. Sadly I can’t justify more work as sales don’t justify it.
  3. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Was 45 one of the levels? It certainly seems to be a sticking point for many players.
  4. To be honest I wish I'd have just kept it at mouse input for simplicity. The PC sales are abysmal so I've not revisited it. I'll double check I've not done something stupid, this is my first Unity project. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Is this on PC @moosegrinder? I'll try and take a look. All that stuff is handled by Unity so I could only test with the equipment I have here there may be combinations that don't work. I wouldn't expect it from the keyboard though. I realised too late that there's no esc key functionality sorry, I've been doing iOS stuff to long. I'll release an update soon.
  6. Thanks. Android must add tax after the price. I've only published on iOS before where the tax is taken from the price I set.
  7. Lumo was pretty good but it didn't make too many concessions to modern gameplay. So some parts are pretty hard with slightly unkind checkpoints. I gave up at a room with 6 chains you had to swing and jump between. The controls and camera perspective made it a bit of a crap shoot so it frustrated me. Easily worth a punt at £2 if it's caught your eye though.
  8. Thank you. Can anybody tell whether it’s lower now? I think it’s a propagation thing. Showing cheaper on my iPad.
  9. Cheers and well done, it can be tricky in places for sure. With predictably abysmal sales on mobile I've reduced this to 99p. I was hoping to capture the spirit of Mastertronic with an audacious pricing policy but it hasn't worked. Thanks for those who did buy it at full whack.
  10. Completed this tonight. I found it quite tough but excellent. It took me over 18 hours all in.
  11. He must have my APB on it then [/humblebrag]
  12. Can you just go through the scans on the Zzap website? They had a review list near the front of each issue. Probably as close as you'll get.
  13. That’s pretty impressive. It’s the first game my wife ever completed as well. Thanks for your support.
  14. Haha! Thanks. If it makes a difference I loved my friends Spectrum and we used to swap computers for the weekend. Mainly so I could play Wheelie.
  15. Thank you. I managed to get the game featured on Pocket Gamer where they get readers of the site to play a game over the weekend and give their opinions. It's broadly positive but I forgot how bad people slamming your work can feel. https://www.pocketgamer.com/articles/084492/app-army-assemble-millie-and-molly-does-this-old-school-inspired-puzzler-offer-anything-new/
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