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  1. Probably my game of the year. But I really like puzzle games. It’s so very clever. Slightly spoilt by some puzzles which required some Sokoban style element shifting but I’ll forgive it.
  2. Do you have some good tunes for a match 3?
  3. Star Raiders was the second video game I was ever bought, purely for that controller. I think there are already great versions of the other games you mention though. Pitstop II being the prime example.
  4. I think the AI on that alone would take 4 C64’s memory capabilities. My favourite RTS is actually Dune 2. Either lend themselves quite well to the Commodore video display though. I started a hardcore platform game, it plays quite well. I should perhaps continue with it. Here’s a video:
  5. Some great ideas here. I’ve never played Death Stranding so perhaps not. Match 2/3 games are a good shout but I’m concerned they work better with touch controls. I’m surprised there isn’t a good version of Puyo Puyo already out there. I’m also keen on a rhythm action game. There are loads of great musicians willing to collaborate.
  6. I’ve really enjoyed making versions of Pitman and Picross for the C64. Does anybody have any ideas of a suitable game which would stand up to a C64 version?
  7. There’s some progress on this and we now have some cartridges featuring @Ste Pickford’s lovely artwork. I’ll be pleased to see it eventually out there.
  8. Here's a new video with quite a bit of progress made. The retro community seems to like what they're seeing and I've pretty much finished the game mechanics but there's plenty of tidying and presentation stuff still to do.
  9. I’m hoping to revisit it but there wasn’t much buzz and I got busy with paying work. And then like I always do I got an idea in my mind about this and here we are. Hopefully this gets more attention to allow me to bring back Blockheads. I did a bit more on that with a split screen 2 player race which feels like an excellent idea.
  10. You’ve probably not seen the Kickstarter @jon_cybernet launched for Say What You See which I was hoping to code. Upsettingly it has failed so I now have this itch to program a game outside of my day job of programming apps. So I’m converting one of my favourite obscure GB games Catrap. I’ve had a lot of interest from talented people in the scene to help with graphics and sound so here’s the progress so far. This is a few evenings work so there’s plenty of work still to do..
  11. Grid Pix scored 82% in the ZZap64! Annual. Sadly the game still hasn’t been released such is the nature of doing this in our spare time. The annual itself is great BTW, very impressed with the quality. Thanks.
  12. Ah, I found him. I thought that was a compulsory tutorial though but now you've pointed it out I remember searching. And in turn that's reminded me of the actual advice he gives about finding Boos. Cheers.
  13. That cat bit does seem slightly like padding however I can forgive it as the variety on show in the rest of the game is excellent. It also has some really good puzzles. I've no idea how I'm going to find all the jewels, even on the smaller levels I've got at least 2 missing. And I've not found one Boo.
  14. I never played the GC game and gave up halfway through the 3DS one. I recall poor check-pointing meaning I had to replay large bits of the game when I died. This doesn't seem to have that and is a quite lovely game. I like how you can just experiment and stuff happens. I wasn't going anywhere near this earlier in the week after feeling a bit let down with Yoshi on Switch but the reviews and this thread won me over. I'm glad they did. I'll echo what others have said about it feeling quite sedate. I've just given up on Hollow Knight after really struggling with the die and backtracking loop. And getting lost far too often. This is much more the sort of thing I enjoy these days even if the linearity means it may be short lived.
  15. The app removes punctuation, "the" at the start of the answer and uses a Levenshtein Distance algorithm to determine if you're correct based on a percentage of the total length. It works pretty well most of the time. I hope @jon_cybernet's dodgy web code doesn't put off potential backers!
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