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  1. It's a pretty good version. I almost had a fight with the programmer when we were playing 5-a-side years ago. My wife and I got to level 70-odd once a she somehow got stuck in the ceiling so we couldn't progress. Which was somewhat annoying.
  2. I had a glimmer of hope yesterday but the chairman has been ranting on TalkSport this morning and seemingly sealed our fate. Really interesting article here about the financial shenanigans: http://priceoffootball.com/bury-minutes-to-midnight/ Which has the bonus of a brilliant acrostic over the first few paragraphs.
  3. I'm not quite sure Bury deserve any sympathy from the PFA or elsewhere however Bolton's evidence of being able to complete the season is apparently a lot more compelling than ours. They're actually in admin so the takeover is all being handled professionally. We're still being run by a sole director who hasn't provided the EFL with proof of funds. It seems the EFL and PFA expect Steve Dale to just run off with the money should they provide some. Also the PFA did pay some of our players wages at the end of last season as the chairman wasn't. It also looks like his Sun interview from yesterday has had the desired effect and Bury fans are seen in an even worse light. Because of a few oddballs behaving in a way 99.9% of people would condone. I wish I could be talking about our matches.
  4. Our chairman (Bury) had been very quiet for 8 months, not even speaking to the staff he wasn't paying. Now the EFL are all over us he's gone on a charm offensive with the media. It's a really odd situation. Only Granada Reports showed a different side to the stuff he's been saying. I think we'll be kicked out of the Carabao this week and with no end in sight to the EFL stand-off it's probably curtains for us. Apparently a few Bury fans went to watch Argyle at Crewe. I think it's a little odd Bolton were allowed to play, effectively giving Wycombe an easy 3 points.
  5. Yep, I think Bury are gone now. We're in court tomorrow where I think the judge will liquidate us. That seems to have a 7 day grace period but I can't see a knight in shining armour coming in to this mess. Sort of glad my dad isn't here to see what the club has become. Think I'll have to start supporting Ramsbottom United instead.
  6. Can you take some of our debts and our chairman instead? If we don't have a team this season expect a few ex-Shakers in the away ends in the North West watching Argyle. And just for you:
  7. I'd have taken Thomson over Aimson so perhaps it's both you're getting. I think Thomson may still be under contract so perhaps that's the delay there. Same with Telford. We had an impressive team last season, finishing second without being paid. Looks like the same team will be gracing league 2 again. Perhaps they can go one better this season.
  8. You've only took Lowe, Schuey, the fitness bloke, Mayor and Aimson. Why would you say that? Didn't you think Telford was going to rock up as well?
  9. Danny Mayor is an excellent player. Struggled in league one but that was probably due to injury and the manager. We had 6 players at training yesterday but they couldn't play as there was no coach and insurance. We've appointed a manager from Truro though which seems to point to us trying to start the season at least.
  10. Bury supporter, don’t think we’ll be able to start the season. That’ll be success in itself and there’s no way we won’t be relegated. Dom Telford was a good striker for us last season but scored most in the Checkatrade. He looks like Peter Dinklage and isn’t much taller.
  11. Sad about this as our football last year was the best I've ever seen us play. But behind the scenes we're a farce and I'll just be happy if we actually start the new season. I can't believe more players haven't left already. I expect a few to turn up at your place soon enough.
  12. That was probably me, playing with my redhead daughter?
  13. A bald geek with beard in Arcade Club. Good luck with finding me
  14. I'm there tonight, say hello. I'm the one in the APB picture above
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