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  1. carleton

    Nintendo Switch

    I've played most of the Mario Parties from 5 onwards, my daughter grew up with them. I'd consider we've had good value from each version but they do only come out on the odd Sunday just like any other board game we play as a family. We tend to spend £20-£30 on new board games so £88 for the new MP with a couple of Joycons feels like good value in this household. I'm just annoyed they've delayed the release of the bundle for so long.
  2. carleton

    Arcade Club (Bury, near Manchester)

    They’ve announced they’re opening a branch in Leeds which is at least as big. It’s going to all the big hydraulic cabs they can’t get up the stairs in Bury. I want to play the full Powerdrift.
  3. carleton

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    Here's a video of the game running on Vice64. I'm keen for feedback so if anybody plays old C64 games (especially from playing on a real device) I'd be happy to send a build out.
  4. carleton

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    Ah, now I want a bespoke Zub image!
  5. carleton

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    Yeah, I'm unsure of copyright for old 8bit stuff though I have stuck a Zub one in there. Hopefully @Ste Pickford won't get too angry!
  6. carleton

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    I've just realized that link is poor for creating puzzles because test actual clears the puzzle you've drawn. Hmmm. If you want to send me the 15x15 image as a PNG I can try it in my solver.
  7. carleton

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    Cheers @Riven, I'll check and add it (we may already have a snake....)!
  8. carleton

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    Thing is I ripped the 256 puzzles from the original Mario Picross on the GB to test my solver and the initial development of this version. They're really nice and would be ideal but I don't think Nintendo would be too happy.
  9. carleton

    I’m writing a C64 version of Picross

    Yeah, one solution and all logical. One of those puzzles which is more suited to a video game as well.
  10. Hi, I’ve been a programmer for 30 odd years and I still refer to myself as a games programmer. However for the past few years the paying work has been in non game apps. So in my spare time I’ve gone back to where it all started and I’m developing a C64 game. It’s getting close to completion now but I am struggling to get a few more nice looking puzzles. Any RLLMUKers able to knock up unique, solvable 15x15 images they’d like to donate? You can make them on this website. If you create then test them it’ll show you whether there is more than 1 solution. http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/~simpsons/nonogram/create
  11. carleton

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    Oops, double post.
  12. carleton

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    Nurikabe is one of the games in the 7-in-1 thing I mentioned earlier. Great puzzle. Catrap is an excellent GB puzzle game, available on the 3DS VC.
  13. carleton

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yoku's Island Express. Lovely game.
  14. carleton

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    There's a cart on the 3DS cakked Sudoku +7 other complex puzzles. I picked it up for about £3 from the Game Collection, seems to have gone more expensive now. I'm no big Sudoku fan but three of the games on it are excellent, it also has Slitherlink (which I struggle with) and a couple more I didn't get on with. Hours of puzzles in there even for the £18 Amazon are now charging for it. There's also PicPic on the 3DS which has an amazing mode called drawing which works perfectly with the stylus.
  15. carleton

    Yoku's Island Express

    This appears to have done really badly which is a shame because it's an excellent game. I'm enjoying pottering around post game but is the only way to see your completion level by quitting and looking at the save file?

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