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  1. you can farm from the three rats in the bottom of the tower next to the sunlight alter bonfire
  2. I asked for this for Christmas after caning Bloodborne last year and really enjoying it! I've just finished off Ornstein and Smough and I'm really getting into this now, still finding it hard to follow the lore but enjoying the experience all the same! I'm looking to try and complete all three souls games this year
  3. I'm going to try and finish all those games that I started then left halfway through because something else came out. Its been a bad habit of mine for a while and one I'm gonna stop!
  4. Mate he's chilling in the Caribbean with Wittmann, Price and Haddad! Seriously though I've just come back to this thread after the last big GAME crisis when they got brought out by some private capital firm, but they seem to have learnt nothing and a clear example of this was the other day when I popped into my local branch and saw the uncharted collection. I really wanted this and it seemed like Christmas sale fodder for sure but alas GAME have it up for £50 a quick check on my phone showed that Shopto have it for £30. I know thay have overheads and I know that this pushes prices up but their not even trying!
  5. So I got my new controller from shopto the R2 button is better but its still lighter to pull that L2 and feel slightly different, I'll just have to keep an eye on it, does anyone have a controller where the R2 button has been fine for more than say 6 months?
  6. soooo happy to hear this, as with others - hoping this comes for 3DS
  7. started to feel the R2 trigger on mine go a couple of weeks ago and I've only had it a couple of months with moderate use, should be getting a new controller back from shopto today or tomorrow. How common is this fault?
  8. I'm hoping it'll be the rendered stuff, it'll make it feel more authentic. I'm hoping they get enough from this to re make 3 as well. Its good to see capcom listening to the fans in this though
  9. Don't worry, I'm 30!!!! the question is: Master Chief or Locke?
  10. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-one-halo-5-guardians-controllers-announced/1100-6429454/ why not? October is going to be an expensive month!
  11. How loud are we talking? I got my 1TB console the other day and the fans are on constantly after about 30 mins of play on bloodborne and the back of the console gets a bit toasty. The fans are steady though and don't get any louder when playing disc based games or graphics intensive stuff, i measured it with my iphone and it gets to 65db is that normal?
  12. A real shame such a loss to Nintendo and the industry as a whole RIP
  13. what happens if your membership expires then you come to renew it again, will you be able to play all of the PS+ games you previously downloaded?
  14. one word: TERRIFYING! Loved this game, got it day one for the GC when it cam out from my local electronics boutique, played it all weekend and completed it! I was so hyped and engrossed in this game - ahhhh memories
  15. I'd imagine you could spend days just getting lost in this game - Sounds amazing I cant wait for it, better get through my list of unfinished games first! Did they announce a date for it yet? Edit: Also how big is this game going to be in terms of GB? its insane!
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