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  1. I couldn't get on either. Would not let me join Hitcher or join the server via Optimatch. Trying to join Hitcher kept crashing my Xbox too.
  2. Soi


    A lot of useful info on this game can be found here: NSTC-uk Espgaluda thread I tend to use Kakusei only to destroy the bigger enemies. Like those gun turrets on Level 1 that spew out loads of bullets. I shoot them first in normal mode (to weaken them), and then turn on Kakusei. I wait until they have fired all hteir bullets and then destroy them. Shooting them in normal mode a bit just saves time in Kakusei mode. Another tip is that you lose green gems not just with time while in Kakusei, but with every enemy you kill. Never use Kakusei mode to kill small flying enemies, as it is a total waste. The super replays and the DVD should give you a good indication of how to play, not that I currently make any attempt to mimic their style yet.
  3. I'm looking forward to this. Some new modes is all RS3 needs. It is only £14.99 over at Play.com anyway. Bargain.
  4. Soi


    This game is lovely. Soi: 8,569,300 - Stage 4 - Ageha My scores at the moment are either around 5mil or 8mil. For some reason, I never get anything in between.
  5. Anyone up for some Xbox Counterstrike this evening? Or will you all be playing Wolfie? I've just got the game, and think it is ace. Very rough to look at, but the pace of it makes a good change from R6.
  6. Electrons flow through a wire quite slowly. At about normal walking pace I'm not kidding). However, the effect of electricity is clearly much faster. When you turn on a light switch, it comes on almost as soon as you flick the switch, even though the electrons have not travelled along the length of the wire from the switch to the light. This is because a wire is pakced full of free electrons that push each other into the filament of the lamp. When an electron is pushed into one end of the conductor, it "nudges" the next one with its electric field, and so on all the way down the wire until the electrons at the far end are "nudged" and we can detect the signal. Thus the effective speed of the electric signal is much much faster than the speed of invidual electrons. The electric field of each electron propagates at the speed of light, but the inertial mass of the electrons will mean that the speed at which the electric signal propagates will fall short of the speed of light. I've read that the effective speed of electric signals is 60-90% of the speed fo light. Factors like resistance play a part in the exact figure for a particular wire.
  7. The more I play this game, the more I like it. For me, it is a better game than PGR2. Less polished perhaps, but a lot more fun.
  8. I'll be on any team that will have me. Just what I need to bring back some RS3 into my living room.
  9. More matches like this! The one before was a blast. Even though I kicked Elmo, thinking he was a random.
  10. Soi


    I'll second anyone who has said Louder Than Bombs. 23 songs, usually in the sale, fantastice collection. It has a good mix of songs, and is the perfect introduction to a fantastic band. If you are interested in the Morrissey solo stuff, Bona Drag would be a good starting point. That or Vauxhall and I.
  11. That would be a really bad idea. All you would see in front of you is ghosted car, making seeing the course impossible. With the wire frames, the opponents do not obstruct your view nearly as much. Plus your idea would be really strange as cars poppod into and out of ghost view in front of you. As I said, wire frames sound pants, but are completely necessary.
  12. I played this for the first time last night, and my first impressions are very good. Very pretty, very fast and superb online. With 4 or fewer people the cars are solid. Over 4 and it is wire frame time for a maximum of 16. Wire frames sound pants, but the game would be unplayable without them and I think that they are implemented vert well. Anyone want to have a few games sometime soon?
  13. The best games shop in Central London is Game Focus on Goodge Street. It is very near the CEX, but much better. It is run by a really top bloke and the whole place is very friendly. So friendly I sometimes go out of my way to get stuff there. They sell imports, PAL and second had games. They also have a website at www.gamefocus.co.uk (and no I don't work there)
  14. I'm fairly new round these parts, but would like to join in some team based mini comps. Another South Londoner. And why not include RS3?
  15. Soi


    I've just got this game, and I think its great. Makes a nice change for RS3. Any novices want to thrash around some courses with me? If so, add me. Gamertag: Soi
  16. No problem. Live does sometimes does that, and accepting invites can just fail for no reason. I kept seeing if you were online and you seemed to change games very often. RS3 one minute, some American football game the next, CS, Top Spin... You gaming tart you I'm on RS3 pretty regularly, so I hope to see you there sometime.
  17. The game is great online! Sharpshooter (the vanilla deathmatch mode) is rubbish, but Team Surval is superb. Once you have an idea of the levels, and are familiar with the game system it is amazing. I found it really hard for the first half and hour I played it. I didn't realise things like the fact that you have zero accuracy when moving or that head shots are the best way to kill people. My advice to all those finding it tough is to stick at it. Pick the G3A3 to begin with and don't charge about the level. If you find yourself on a server full of twats then leave.
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