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  1. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, and I've posted this elsewhere, so sorry if you are reading this twice. I have a Toshiba 37wlt58 LCD, and the picture is to my eyes better in VGA at 1360x768 (sharper, less jaggied and brighter). But, I've always felt that the frame rate was slightly worse. I put this down to my imagination, and have just got on with enjoying my games. But it seems more people are having the same problem: http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=301140 I found that some games (King Kong in particular) were smoother in component. This even seemed to be the case when I lowered the resolution on the VGA cable... Anyone with a similar experience? Even better, anyone got any experience of the internals of the 306 that has an explanation? Then I did some more testing. The frame rate is definitely better in component at 720p than VGA in 1360x768 on my telly for: King Kong (loads better with component -even my other half sitting on the sofa could tell) Ridge Racer 6 (quite a lot better, and the scrolling text is smooth with component) COD2 (a fair bit better) In the following games, I can't see much/any difference in frame rate: PG3 (maybe slight difference, hard to tell) PD0 (no difference) DOA4 (no difference) Live arcade games, e.g. Geometry Wars (no difference) My guess is that it is something to do with the 360 rather than something to do with my TV. Otherwise, why would some games have frame rate issues with VGA and others not? Having used the VGA cable since I got one a week after launch, I'm going back to component -even though the component PQ is noticeably slightly worse.
  2. Soi

    Dead Or Alive 4

    I know it is a lot, but arcade sticks are always pricey. Plus once you've got used to a stick, playing on a pad just isn't the same.
  3. Soi

    Dead Or Alive 4

    Ravenonline for £59 -which isn't bad considering that if you bought from a US or JP site the postage + customs would be a lot.
  4. Soi

    Dead Or Alive 4

    It is region free, and I don't know of anyone having a problem with it. I bought mine from an indie using store points (they sold it for £59). You can buy it from Tronix for less than you pay in a UK shop, and you get it early. The stick is also worth getting imo, and there are bound to be Live Arcade games that will need it (SFII especially). Anyway, I've not played DOA before really, but I'm enjoying this game a lot. The lag isn't bad for matches against people in Europe (you can tell by people's flags where they are from). So add me if you want to practice.
  5. Soi

    Dead Or Alive 4

    Anyone else got a copy of this? I'm fairly new to the series, but I'm enjoying it so far. Add me (GT: Soi) if you want some games. For obvious reasons, most people online are from the US or JP, and playing people from the UK is far better.
  6. Running at 720p on a 360, Halo 2 looks loads better than 480p. I have a 37" LCD, and the difference is large. 480p is good, but jaggy. On the 360 it is much much sharper.
  7. Soi

    Xbox 360

    My 17/905 play.com order is now "Packing". As is someone else who posts at ntsc-uk. I had just given up hope on it tbh. It probably won't arrive for Friday, but at least I'll have a machine soon.
  8. Soi

    Xbox 360

    My play.com order for a solus Premium pack is now "Processing".
  9. Inspired by this news, I did a little experiment while shopping in central London on Saturday. I was armed with a ver2.0 PSP and used the internet browser to see if I could pick up free WiFi access on my travels. 1) First up was Bierodrome on Kingsway, where we had a coffee and some brunch. My other half went to the loo, and so out came my psp. Result- SUCCESS, free WiFi access. 2) Next was H&M in Covent Garden. Other half was in the fitting room, so as subtlety as I could I tested the WiFi situation. I could find 3 networks, all requiring a WEP password. Result –FAILURE. Tip: using a PSP to try and search the web in a busy girls closing shop is not advised, you do get some odd looks. 3) We later had a coffee in Café Nero, on Long Acre. Result- SUCCESS, free WiFi access. 4) Lastly, I went to a pub (The Freemasons Arms in Covent Garden) to watch some of the rugby while my other half finished up her shopping. Result- SUCCESS, free WiFi access. From this (very unscientific and limited to a busy shopping area in London) survey, I deduce that free WiFi access is readily available, and in loads more places that on the Cloud and BT Openworld site. As a result, I’m really surprised that The Cloud and BT Openworld charge as much as they do for access to their sites, and think that roaming WiFi gaming has a bright future.
  10. There was probably interference from another WiFi device in range. Wireless bandwidth is completely different to wired bandwidth. Wired bandwidth is like a pipe with a fixed size. Wireless bandwidth is best described like talking to someone across a room. If the room is quiet, then you don't need to raise your voice very high, but if you turn the radio on you might. Also a large truck passing by outside might make you miss what the other person was saying. My guess is that sitting in your living room the amount of background WiFi “noise” rose and your connection got dropped. You neighbour may have turned on a WiFi router for example.
  11. He was mentioning it as something that MS added to the party, and Live did many things that I, at least, hadn't seen before. Standardised voice comms ws the biggie for me. But how about the unified gamertag and the fact that I can see who is playing what via MSN. Or the cross game invites and messaging. Or the integrating with single player games allowing automatic ghost/score uploading in things like PGR2. Sure, none of those example were huge advancements (apart from voice comms as standard which was a huge improvement), but they make the whole experience a lot better. I can't understand why some people complain that Live costs money. Millions play WoW for 8 quid a month. That is £96 a year for one game's online play. A Live kit can be bought for £30 and that gives a whole year's worth.
  12. Soi

    Farcry Instincts

    I'm liking this a lot. Add me if you want some Predator or the CTF variant. The Chaos mode is a bit meh, but it works ok as long as you turn off the leader indicator.
  13. I play at least one evening a week for a good session (mostly with ntsc-uk people I guess). Add me. Especially if you want to play some Far Cry this next week. But I'll play whatever.
  14. I play Halo 2 occasionally with my fiancée. She doesn’t like matchmaking because any form of random abuse from strangers puts her off. We play with another guy and his gf (both post on ntsc-uk), and it works well. Generally me and the other bloke put on moderate handicap, and then it plays pretty fair. If anyone else wants some couples Halo (and I mean playing, not “Wartdogging”), send me a friends invite and a PM. My gamertag is Soi and my fiancée’s is Vicious 0tter (with a zero, as Otter with an O was nabbed).
  15. I'm using WinRar and it keeps asking whether it sohuld overwrite files. I'm not sure that is a good sign. I have all file files in the same directory and select all three and select "extract to /HALO 2 Maps - June 29". Any ideas?
  16. Hunter was so impressive at the time. I used to spend hours just wandering about. I can't remember if I managed to complete it, but I remember finding some cool vehicles. There was a hovercraft that was awesome, and it required choppering it all the way to some remote island. In my mind at least, no game played anything like it until GTA3 came along.
  17. Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but is combining rar files easy? I've never done it, but have WinRar. Then, once combined, do you just put the files noto a DVD and put in in your Xbox?
  18. Soi

    Babies And Ds'

    I put my nephew wehn he was about 2 in front of Fantavision (fireworks puzzle game for PS2) and set it on the bouns mode where button presses make pretty fireworks explode on screen. He used to sit there for hours just making fireworks happen. Kids love fireworks, and all he had to do was mash the face buttons on the controller.
  19. And there was me hoping for Live play for the bonus Dooms. Where did you find out that they were split screen only?
  20. You know "Singstar Dub" as it should be called would work. And you know I'd buy it.
  21. Soi

    Halo 2 Online Tips

    I'm no expert, but my advice would be to get used to a higher sensitivity quickly. With it at 2 you will be at such a disadvantage. The thing about playing on higher sensitivities (and I play on 10) is getting used to making small stick movements. Don't trash the stick from one extreme to the other all time (only when you need to tunr on the spot), but make smaller controlled movements.
  22. I have no idea why, but it is quite common for widescreen games to show the actual game area in widescreen, but have all the menus etc and the in game HUDs/tacometers/score etc stretched. Outrun 2 is like this. The tacometer (speedo) is stretched while driving, but the scenery itself isn't. This confused me for a while, as I wasn't sure if the game supported widescreen or not. However, it was clear that putting my tv in 4:3 with widescreen in the xbox dash made the tacometer the right shape (i.e. circular) but the track etc were clearly inwardly stretched. I have a video of Halo 2 in widescreen (forget where I got it) and the game itself is quite clearly not stretched, but the aiming reticule is (it is an ellipse). It seems to me that Halo 2 is going to be like Outrun 2 in this respect.
  23. I've only had a brief go at Black Arrow, but liked what I saw. Everyone in the game I was playing was in a clan and I felt a bit left out. It also made me look shit when I entered the Lobby. One guy even suggested kicking me because I was probably rubbish (as I wasn't in a clan) -which was ironic as I was clearly as good as everyone else even though I had no idea of the level or the game type (retrieval) before the game started. Anyway, my rather laboured point is that I would like to join a clan. But, is it possible to join more than one?
  24. Soi


    I had a good session last night and managed a new best score of 11,583,200. I got to the Stage 4 Boss, but its second pattern killed me. Bullets from behind just isn't fair!
  25. Soi


    Watch the DVD. 4.5 mil on the first level is certainly possible. Not that I can do it mind. I get around 1 mil each time, and really should put some effort into learning a proper routine. I'm working on progress rather than score at the moment. I can get to the level 4 mid-boss fairly consistently. Its first bullet pattern just kills me though. Last night I got there with two lives left (having collected one extra life for 4+ mil and the 'extra' one on Level 3 that I now know how to get . Still got killed, whicc was dumb because I maybe could have used the barrier for my last life to kill it. Up to that point I feel relatively safe and get annoyed with myself if I die. Saying that I find the lst pattern of the Level 2 boss hard (often wimp out and use barrier) as well as the last third of Level 3 (if you die once it is hard not to lose more lives as the bullets just mount up so quickly). The Level 3 boss is pretty hard as well, but I find it easier than the Level 2 one -presuming I have a green gem or two.
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