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  1. Mr Double-O, is that really you? Blast from the past I think. I play Halo 3 fairly regularly, as it is a great game. Especially in Double Team. What's your 'tag these days? Chaz, I'm up for that co-op run whenever you suggest a time. I'm not online every day, but I can usually plan to be online on a set day with enough notice.
  2. This is only in the last year remember... 365 days = 8760 hours. Assuming 8 hours sleep, this means that there are 5840 waking hours, of which 333 odd were spent quitting. This means nearly 1 in every 18 hours quitting halo. This is equivalent to just under an hour every day of his waking time quitting halo. 1 hour a day! And all this is based on a 3 minute match making time, which is probably a low guess. He's probably actually spent more time quitting.
  3. Imagine how much of his life he has wasted being matched up and then quiting! The mind boggles really. If it took on average 3 minutes to get matched up and then quit, it would take 333 hours, 6 minutes to quit 6662 games!
  4. bcass’s stats tell a real story… Ranked Ranked K/D Ratio: 1.60 Kills: 44377 Deaths: 27716 Games: 9902 Social Social K/D Ratio: 0.84 Kills: 644 Deaths: 764 Games: 122 Lifetime EXP: 2358 EXP Penalties: -6662 Total EXP -4304 He mostly plays Team Slayer. Therefore, it is fair to take 1 exp as one win (i.e. ignoring double exp weekends). He’s played roughly 10024 games, and quit 6662. That means he quits 66.5% of the time. Of the 3362 games he hasn’t quit, he has won 2358 (based on exp gained) and lost 1004. His K/D ratio is pretty good (1.60 is much better than most people), but his highest skill is only 20 –which is very low for someone with that many won games, obviously because he quits so much. Most people who quit so many games do so to deliberately play with people worse than them so that they have an easy time. bcass isn’t lying though –he really does seem to quit every game that isn’t one of his favourite maps. Even though he doesn’t seem to be deliberately trying to be make sure he plays with people worse than him, that is the effect of his actions. So every game he plays his opponents get stuck with playing someone not at their level. Also, In 6662 games he has left 3 other people pissed off that he has quit! All in all, I think he can count himself lucky that he hasn’t been banned from match making to be honest. I thought Bungie were more ruthless with their banhammer. (no offence meant to you as a person bcass, I'm sure you are lovely. But I really hope I never get teamed with you in MM)
  5. I'm up for it too Chaz. Suggest a time and I'm in. Evenings after 8 are best for me.
  6. Hello. You still up for game later tonight? Hope so.

  7. Soi

    Left 4 Dead (360)

    Count me in. Soi - Soi
  8. I do too. Prefer objective I mean. I've mostly played Slayer though, as the ranking system didn't used to work for mixed parties (which is what objective often ends up being). It is good now though. BR: 25.35% Melee: 15.89% AR: 9.40% Sniper: 7.32% Rocket: 6.76% The AR and melee kills are mostly from Lone Wolves. Like others, the melee kills are most likely to be shotgun+melee or mauler+melee. If you are using an AR in a 4v4 game as your primary weapon, you are doing something wrong.
  9. Soi

    Halo 3 lan

    Halo 3 London LAN party? I'd love to come along.
  10. Not quite on topic, but I've always thought that the character designers of Street Fighter 3 were blatantly influenced by the Watchmen. Rorschach = Q John = Gill. There is a bit of John in Urien too. Er, that’s it. The design for Q (minus the robot bit, of course) is clearly based on Rorschach though.
  11. Soi

    MLG Custom games

    I certainly enjoyed the few games I played. I'll try to be on again this evening. I want more Orange Box. (one of the above sentences is a lie)
  12. What do people make of Head to Head? In case you haven't played the games are "Duel" games, which means that the winning player has a marker over their head. Means they can't camp. I like playing 1v1, and I've enjoyed the 6 or so games I've played. The markers mean that when you are in the lead, you know the other guy knows exactly where you are. It is odd, but I think it works.
  13. Lol. For the first couple of minutes of that I just kept getting killed after I spawned. Those were two great sticks though!
  14. It is a myth that they are better in all circumstances. For a 1v1 fighter, p2p would be much better. Anyway, the petition is pointless: games can have dedicated servers if they want. Why aren't they used for every game? Too much money for not much benefit. In any case, Live is so much better in terms of lag than it was in 2005 or so. Upload speeds have rocketed, and netcode is generally quite good. Obviously some devs are better than others, but dedicated servers can't help that.
  15. I think it is a great idea, and will be up for many games when the time comes. What is a "Bad Kid" though?!
  16. I have a work thing tomorrow evening, so can't garentee I'll be around at 8. I'll join later if I get back in time and there is space.
  17. That patent expired before the release of the 360. The term of a US patent is 20 years from filing (20 years from August 1985 in this case). So after August 2005, the patent you quoted has no effect. Of course there may be other controller patents knocking about. Of course, anyone considering making a controller as described in that patent should seek the advice of a US patent attorney etc.
  18. I see where you are coming from, but obviously they do want to sell these maps. Putting up incentives to buy them seems fair game to me. Anyway, if Grifball works as a playlist, it will be back soon enough.
  19. Those were good games last night. And an amazing turnout. Same time next week? (not I won't be caning Halo over the weekend...)
  20. Agreed, something like 5v4 is fine as long as teams are made fair. Looks like a great turn out, should be great.
  21. @Chris, I wasn't sure if you were signing up or not.
  22. A regular weeknight game is a great idea and I'd make an effort to be free for it. In general, any weeknight 8-12 except Friday would be fine for me. Wednesdays are particularly good though.
  23. Soi

    MLG Custom games

    I agree, there were some great games. CTF on Onslaught was my favourite too.
  24. Soi

    MLG Custom games

    I have all the maps and gametypes, and I'll send you an invite later.
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