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  1. Couple of questions: 1) How easy it is to mod a PS2 HRAP to be compatible with the 360? 2) Anyone know someone who does it? (preferably in London to save on postage)
  2. I wasn't trying to solicit offers! But if you are interested in a trade, send me a PM. I think Hori arcade sticks are just lovely pieces of kit. I've collected them and been loathe to part with them in the past. Now I think I'll keep one DOA (sell the other once I've got a TE), the HRAP PS2 and the T4 PS2 (selling the two SC2 PS2 sticks). If I've got rid of three sticks before the TE arrives, then I'll have that in the armoury should my wife ever find out how much the TE costs...
  3. I've been reading this thread with glee. I have a stick fetish and currently own 6 (2 Hori DOA 360s, 1 HRAP PS2, 2 Hori Soul Calibur 2 PS2 and 1 Hori Tekken 4 PS2). I've opre-rdered a TE and will sell a few of my old ones. I don't need 4 PS2 sticks (even though they can be used on PS3 with no lag) -especially as my wife has imposed a "one in, one out" rule on new sticks...
  4. It still strikes me as a way of creating a "next big thing" to get people to upgrade their kit. Though, if it works well I'd buy it (as I'm a gadget freak) What I really want is proper 3D with floating holograms (see http://thefutureofthings.com/articles/40/h...g-display.html). A long way off, but would be cool.
  5. Everyone is on about 3D. If it isn’t games (Sony, see above), then it is films (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7213534.stm) I’m very sceptical. I’m not sure that the consumers want 3D at all. It’s been around a while, and it has hardly taken off. Movie makers (e.g. Sony) and cinemas want to push 3D as it gives them a unique selling point. Movie makers/cinemas are seeing audiences go down, as people stay at home to watch films. TV makes (e.g. Sony) want you to buy new 3D TVs, as they want your cash. TV companies have had it good recently with everyone upgrading from CRTs to shiny new LCD/plasmas. Once everyone has a flat screen, the market will be saturated and TV maker’s profits will go down. 3D is a reason to get everyone to buy a new telly again, ensuring that TV maker’s profits don’t dip. Sony Playstation want to distinguish themselves in some way (other than on price) from Wii and 360. I can just imagine the presentation slides at a Playstation meeting talking about the “synergy” of pushing 3D with respect to Sony Corp. So, in conclusion, I’m not surprised Sony are pushing the idea of 3D games. Convincing the world of the importance of 3D would be very good for Sony.
  6. That sales after an arbitrarily chosen point soon after launch are no indication of the overall relative success or failure of a console?
  7. More 360s have been sold this year than PS3s. More 360s have been sold in total. Whose position looks better? The company that has sold more and is selling more, or the company that has sold fewer consoles and is selling fewer consoles? My point is that sales after an artibary time period aren't that meaningfull.
  8. I'm no fortune teller, and I can't guess the future. All I (and everyone else) can go on are the available data. This data comprises lists of total sales and lists of current sales. The data says that the 360 has sold more in total and is selling more at the moment. In the context of those things, what has sales after 2 years got to do with anything? You may be right that the PS3 ends up outselling the 360. I don't care if it does or doesn't, but what fact or figure implies that Sony is suddenly going to sell thousands more PS3s than 360s? They may do, of course, but with Sony's reluctance to drop the price of the PS3, I can't see it happening any time soon. If anyone has got any theories why Sony will suddenly start selling thousands more PS3s, I'd love to hear them.
  9. MS have sold more in total and are selling more at the moment. More total sales + faster selling rate = better than fewer total sales and slower selling rate. If the current trend continues, then the gap between 360 sales and PS3 will just get wider and wider. So in the context of that, what has sales after 2 years got to do with what is happening right now? Explain it to me.
  10. Soi

    Halo 3 map discussion

    Why are all Alisdair's quotes from "Guest_alisdair_*"? I only just noticed.
  11. It depends if you are playing competitively or playing for fun. If you are playing for fun, and want to set up you own rules, then that is fine. But, if you are playing to win (e.g. a ranked match), then anything you do within the rules of the game is fine. Not using a particular gun because someone else thinks it is a “noob” gun is silly. If the gun is overpowered, it is the dev’s good to patch it. Not your job to self-impose a ban on its use. Cheating is a whole different matter though. The articles on http://www.sirlin.net/ptw (see Intermediate’s guide, particularly “What should be banned” and “Cheating”) cover this topic very well. Sirlin is a pro SF2 player and was responsible for rebalancing Puzzle Fighter for XBLA and the recent SF2:HD remix.
  12. I sit behind a desk all day, and I've managed it. Once loaded it only has one button you need to push. And aiming just requires you to point the end of it at what you want to shoot. AK's are quite casual gamer friendly, in fact.
  13. Oh lighten up. You can’t try and justify quitting nearly 6700 Halo 3 matches (consuming around 2 weeks of your time) and not expect a little bit of mick taking…
  14. I don't care if you play HL2 or any other game. At least playing HL2 you aren't annoying thousands of other people around the world. Anyway, HL2. I hated HL2 when I first played it (on the xbox). I hadn't played HL1 and I had read excellent things about HL2. I found the beginning of HL2 to be utterly awful on my first playthrough. I hated the linearity of it, and the way that I had absolutely no idea who I was, what I was doing or anything. I spent the first 10 minutes of the game throwing cups at soldiers. They'd chase me for a bit, and then just leave me alone. I didn't get any feeling of dread from them -they just were silly. I then started the game proper, and it annoyed me that I was just sent from place to place by other people and that I had no idea why (or who they were). I was also shocked by how rubbish the gunplay was. There was no enemy AI to speak of, and it felt really dated to have a weapon inventory screen and health. And the flashlight! Why he can’t get some proper batteries, I’ve no idea. I was playing on Hard and nearly gave up the stupid boat/river section. Random deaths from falling mines weren't fun at all. So I left HL2, very disappointed. Then I got the Orange Box for Portal. Portal was so lovely, I thought I'd try HL2 again (albeit a year after playing Portal). I restated on Normal a month or so ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew that this time around that I wouldn’t be told what was going on, and so that didn't annoy me. In fact, I even appreciated why Valve had done this. I understood that you are meant to feel like you have no control. I just played through, and thought it was excellent. The shooting was still mundane, but at least it was now very easy (Normal really is quite simple). I finished HL2 and EP1 in a weekend and had finished EP2 by the end of the next week, so it is fair to say that I got into it. In many respects, HL2 is a truly fantastic game. The atmosphere is superb, the characters are superb, it is just such a shame that the core gameplay element (shooting stuff) is so poor compared to the best in the genre.
  15. If I knew the correct text chracters need to make a high five symbol, I'd put them. I'm surprised bcass played HL2 at all. It isn't Guardian or The Pit and there are no needlers.
  16. Got a new gamertag yet? ;)

  17. Soi

    Left 4 Dead

    Hey, no worries. The great thing about this game is its drop in and out nature. We made it through the end after a few more tries. Then the two of us blazed through Death Toll without dying.
  18. Google says a London bus seats 64. 6691 quits (with 7 annoyed people each game) is a total of 46837 annoyed people. Or enough people to fill 732 London buses. Or around 67 full Tube trains. Or around 100 full Boeing 747s. If all 46837 linked arms, the chain of people would stretch from London to Brighton (around 45 miles).
  19. At three minutes per quit (low estimate), he's spent 1 hour 27 minutes quitting matches of Halo 3 since this time yesterday. And annoyed an extra 203 people (assuming all 7 players left are pissed off they don't get to play a proper match).
  20. Oooh. Look at you with your secrecy and confusing forum name!
  21. In a thread full of amazing stats based quotes, that is the king. Mod request: Can this thread (or portions of it) be stickied or archived for future generations of Halo players?
  22. Add me, I'm always happy to play. How about a Custom games night? Bcass, you are welcome too.
  23. bcass: remorseless, selfish, needler user. Sounds good.
  24. Before Halo 2, I was quite into Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow on the Xbox. Black Arrow used an old school model in which the host started a server and people joined. To join a game, you picked a server etc. Inevitably, almost every server was one of the same 3-4 levels (the best ones). Everyone, me included, though this was fine at the time. Halo 2 changed things. No longer could you pick a server, you had to use match making. Now match making had some faults (it still does), but from a purely personal point of view its biggest triumph was forcing you to play a variety of different modes on all the maps. This meant you played the "bad" maps as often as the "good" maps. Soon you realised that the "bad" maps weren't that bad, and the game had better longevity as there was greater variety. You also played a variety of different game types. I developed a huge love for oddball that would have never happened had I had just a list of servers to pick from. Halo 3 (whose initial set of maps weren't that good tbh) took things further by adding the veto system. Also Bungie has by and large been very good at updating the maps (via forge) and adding or removing maps to certain playlists. The maps in each playlist are now pretty good, with only a few stinkers. Even the bad ones can produce fun games. Playing maps I wouldn't normally choose is a good thing. The thought of quitting an hour a day for the last year to just play Guardian or The Pit with needlers is utterly deranged. bcass is a legend.
  25. I'm a geeky person who does a job that involves reading lots of hard to understand documents. Looking into his stats was the highlight of my day by far. If anyone knows of anyone else with freakish halo habits, I'd be more than happy to post a detailed analysis. I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't look at his weapon statistics at first though. NEEDLER LOL. Seriously, the guy has 10,228 ranked kills with the needler! And 284 ranked kills with the BR! 1,718 "killed by the guardians"... WTF game is this guy playing... The thing is, even though he's playing with people worse than him (due to quitting) and even though he is deliberately using shite weapons, you can't take away from him that he's got a K/D spread of 1.60. bcass, you may have a freakish tendency to quit matches (wasting an hour a day for the last year), but I doff my cap to your crazy needler skills.
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