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    Tekken 6

    I'm loving this. It looks good, and I've always had a soft spot for Tekken. I've not had too much time to play, but an hour of ranked matches this afternoon was excellent. Some games were laggy, but it was never too bad. My 360 tag is "Soi", if anyone is up for a game.
  2. Soi

    Halo 3: ODST

    Sorry, my mate bagged the code even quicker than you. I just read that on the Gameplay forums that Game have done this with loads of people (all perhaps) that ordered from Gameplay. So there are likely to be LOADS of spare codes flying about.
  3. Soi

    Halo 3: ODST

    Me too. I don't even have a login account with Game! I have one with Gameplay though. So I've got two codes: one from Gameplay on Friday, one from Game sent this morning. But no copy of the game yet...
  4. I like the way the Program is called "Crazy Inventors". Blatant patent attorney joke there.
  5. I'd be up for some Vidmaster Ghost antics too.
  6. I find stickies are good for those very annoying things. I think Halo 3's campaign is awesome. I too played a few levels of it recently and was really pleasantly surprised. ODST could be amazing. Especially with firefight as an added bonus.
  7. Soi

    Microsoft Kinect

    Eh? "Current TV" is the name of a channel. Channel number 155, as it happens. To go from BBC1 to Current TV, I have to press "1 5 5" if I know the number (and I know the number of a small fraction of the channels I have) or press: 1: Guide button 2: All channels 3: Scroll down from channel 101 to 155. Still convinced that is quicker than saying name of the channel?
  8. Soi

    Microsoft Kinect

    Not on my Virgin box it wouldn't. Saying "Current TV" would be a lot quicker than going to the cumbersome guide to find out which channel number it is, then having to scroll down loads of channels to find it. I have hundreds of channels, and I think the remote is a pretty bad way of navigating around them. Fine if you only like a few channels and set them to favourites or if you memorise loads of channel numbers. Not fine if you want to find a channel you don't usually watch.
  9. Awesome. I love Zombie films. Great poster btw.
  10. My wife custom made a new stick for my birthday. Don't think it will last long.
  11. My mate and I will probably be on around 8. Happy to play with anyone who is up for it.
  12. I love them too! I have a TE and a PS2 HRAP1 (the first batch with the shiny top) expertly modded for use on 360 by Wavey Pavey. They are both lovely. The sticks on both are Sanwa and feel the same. The buttons on the TE are Sanwa, as opposed to Hori buttons on the HRAP. The TE buttons are lighter on the touch, which I prefer, but the Hori ones on the HRAP aren't bad at all (much better than the Hori buttons on EX2 or any of the SC4, T4 PS2 sticks).
  13. So, session tomorrow? I'm in if so.
  14. I'm sorry that I missed this. I'll be there next Tuesday.
  15. Lol. I read that thread for chuckles. My other half wouldn't let me near a pair of trainers that big or that showy. As it happens, I don't even think they look nice.

  16. From http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?ty...s&cid=17195 ODST will come packaged with Halo 3's multiplayer. So you can play H3 online either via the H3 disk or the ODST disc. I seriously doubt the three "brand new exclusive maps" (which have achievements mentioned in H3 right now) will stay exclusive to the ODST disc. Basically, ODST looks like it will be new single player content on a new disc, with H3's multiplayer on the same disc. H3's multiplayer is still very popular (there was a US tournament last weekend that had a couple of hundred teams of 4 entering and prize money of $20,000 to the top team -with the streaming webcast of the matches attracting about a million viewers). Releasing a new game would only dilute the audience (see the various iterations of CoD for this), and Bungie keep releasing new maps to keep it fresh.
  17. Try the link provided earlier (http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/8869/mouselaggn6.swf) with lag set to 80 ms and see if you think the mouse feels sluggish. Try tracing out different shapes with the mouse with 80ms lag -it feels awful. Set it back to 0 ms, and it feels so much snappier. From playing around, I'd say anthing over 20ms is easily noticeable compared to 0 ms. Above 40 ms, and things start to get really bad. Playing a game with 80 ms of input lag would be ridiculous.
  18. Bonza. Ordered. Cheers for the info.
  19. I play often. Quite often little 1v1 or other small custom games. In my opinion, no other shooter does custom games nearly as well. I love matchmaking, but it is the customs that keep me playing. And I've got a whole lot of love for Double Team.
  20. Yeah, it must be annoying to face. But if it is a ranked match and you want to win, what are you to do? Deliberately stop doing it and do something else out of pity? Or carry on to force them to learn how to break the cycle? As it happens, I play mostly player matches and try to pick a different character every round. But if I wanted to take out the legions of Ken players in Ranked, Blanka and his crossup j.mk is my man.
  21. I'm not particularly good, but perfected people using Blanka on a number of occasions without them even getting a move out. Round starts: I use df+Hp to slide at them, which knocks them down. Crossup j.mk, c.hk (knockdown) Crossup j.mk, c.hk (knockdown) Crossup j.mk, c.hk (knockdown) Round over. Blanka's crossup j.mp is pretty awesome. Though, obviously it isn't hard to avoid repeatedly being knocked down.
  22. Soi

    Rock Band!

    Small charge (400 MS points), but well worth it to have all your Rock Band content in one place, playable by the same band in the same setlist etc. The charge covers licensing fees, demanded by the record companies.
  23. Yeah, in ranked games EVERYTHING goes. It is ranked, so use the tactics most likely to win. Even in other games, I don't mind what tactics the other guy users. At the level I play (not very high!) every character has something really good to use, and everything seems to have a counter strat. Personally, I love it when an opponent spams the same moves over and over (e.g Sagat low Tiger shots or Ryu's fireballs). Gives me a chance to learn how to punish them.
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