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  1. I love the war stories in this thread. One of mine: Last night, playing Domination on Highrise, I'm alone at A (which we are holding along with C) and I kill a guy who had just come into the window on the right hand side (if looking towards B and A). I guess that he is likely to want to revenge kill me, and I guess that he'll spawn at B and go via the underground passages and up the stairs back to A. So I put a claymore at the top of the stars. Booom, he dies again. I then go back to where I killed him the first time, but stay in the room that is further back so that he'd have to come right into the window before seeing me (so he'd feel secure that I wasn't around). Sure enough he appears, and I'm prone waiting for him. Death. I then go to the right hand window again and crouch in the corner (guessing that he'll still think I'm prone further back and therefore that he'll rush through the window thinking he's safe). Sure enough, he does this, and I kill him again as he comes in. I then guess he'll try the stairs again for a second time. Claymore. Boom. Challenge "...The Harder They Fall" (kill top player on opposite team 5 times in a row) unlocked. I then merrily went off to try and capture C, which we had just lost. The poor bloke I killed 5 times in a row must have been pissed that he never got his revenge. Needless to say he left the lobby after that match.
  2. Now I can sort of understand why someone would get a mate to join a cage match so that they could get a specific reward quicker (getting Sit Rep Pro by destroying 120 claymores/C4/tac insertions is really time consuming), boosting to get XP seems very odd to me. The people doing it will get to Prestige 10 quicker, but so what? Why not simply stay on level 70? (personally, I have no plans to Prestige -unlocking stuff is the worst thing about MW2 imo)
  3. You do you do stuff like that? Private games with XP (not for boosting, but just for playing) sounds good.
  4. As many times as you want, with no limit. You lose the sidearm, but apart from that, OMA seems the best Perk 1 by a mile.
  5. OMA does the same. If you put down 3, the 1st explodes harmlessly. Masu: it isn't cheating to keep replenishing claymores with OMA, IW have never said that. OMA, for better or for worse, was designed that way.
  6. Soi

    Tekken 6

    Sounds like a problem with your connection tbh. The reason could be any of these (or more): 1) Is your NAT open? Run Network Test and see. If it is “strict” or “moderate”, put your router into google and follow instructions to either forward the correct ports or put your 360 into a DMZ. 2) Are you using wireless? If so, interference from another wifi router/microwave could be causing packet loss between your 360 and the router. Solution: use wired or a home plug adapter. 3) Are you using the internet at the same time? Solution: turn off the P2P downloads on your PC 4) Have you got your router set up with an overly strict router firewall? Some routers are set up to drop incoming packets as they think they are malicious, when actually they are just Xbox live packets. Solution: Turn off the “SPI Firewall” in your router. I has an issue with Tekken matches disconnecting, which I traced to a router firmware upgrade that enabled a very strict router firewall. I turned this off, and it worked fine again.
  7. It is comically bad. The loading is horrible, the world is sterile and you have to queue to play arcade games. Queuing in a virtual world to play a virtual game is not entertaining. I'm sure some people find some uses for it, but it was definitely a mistake by Sony. It is clear that vasts sums were spent on it, with little return.
  8. If all 3 shots of the burst hit, then both a silenced FAMAS or M16 is a one burst kill (this is without stopping power). So if they enemy is in your sights, one burst of a silenced FAMAS without stopping power will kill. I've only used the FAMAS/M16, and I've not found a big difference in killing power regarding with/without silencer or with/without stopping power. Silencer and no stopping power probably mean I need an extra burst sometimes for very long range, but they get the job done. And if you are consistently fighting with a FAMAS at the "long range" I'm talking about, then you probably should be using a sniper instead. And in any case, for me at least, the pluses of not being on the radar coutweight the negatives of needing an extra busrt once in a while. I mean, if they can't see you on the radar, what's another burst matter? Of course, a burst weapon is very reliant on being able to fire in quick bursts. Years of Halo BR shooting has taught good trigger timing to ensure that the bursts come out as quickly as possible. If your burst timing isn't up to it (or if you find aiming whilst rapidly pressing the trigger hard), then an automatic is a better choice.
  9. Which is fine, unless the game (like Halo 3) doesn't let you change in game volume.
  10. Soi

    Xbox 'Avatars'

    Avatar Golf is awesomeness.
  11. I'm at work now, but I'll check this evening. PM me if I forget!
  12. Mine looks pretty much identical to that. That one works with what seems like all BBs, so I'm sure it will work.
  13. Mic works great. My BB hands free has a clip, and I tend to clip the mic near my mouth to stop it wandering off. My mate (who I've tested loads of mic options with) says the BB hands free kit gives the loudest, clearest sound his end of all the options I've tried.
  14. Soi

    Tekken 6

    Looking forward to some post patch games this evening! Got to love the Tekken.
  15. They are excellent. Very comfortable and great sound quality. Those looking into 2.5mm hands free kits, beware of Nokia ones. They are 2.5mm, but don't work as they are the wrong sort of 2.5mm connector (google for more info).
  16. Or even better, use a one-piece hands free kit that has a 2.5mm jack (I use the one that came with my blackberry). That sits happily under my Sennheiser HD595s (open). To balance the sound (i.e. present one ear being louder that the other, I put another ear piece in the other ear. I've seen "stereo" (two ear piece) 2.5 mm hands free kits on Amazon. They would be ideal. I use a 5.1 headphone amp with optical in, and with my set up I get very good 5.1 perception with great sound and good voice chat. It has taken a while (trying many different set ups) to get my headphone gaming set up right...
  17. On an open map with people who are idiots, a Chopper Gunner could easily take you from 11 Kills to 25 (my best is 31, mostly thanks to the Chopper). So it isn't about getting to 25 kills, but getting to 11. If I was going for a nuke, I'd go Harrier (7 kills), Chopper Gunner (11 Kills) and then Nuke (25 kills). Once you've got 7 kills, it isn't unreasonable to expect the Harrier to pick up a couple more. It might even do the 4 needed to take you to 11. I'm not saying getting a nuke is easy, but it is a lot easier than getting 25 kills. With the above method, you might "only" need to get 8 or 9 kills without dying. Hard, but much easier than 25.
  18. COD4 never clicked with me. Then again I only tried to play it after everyone else had got good. I hated the kill streaks (rewarding the better players with more kills is awful if you aren’t good) and the way that the perks/guns I wanted to use were unlocked. It was massively frustrating trying to eek out the first few kills needed to get a red-dot sight and a silencer. It might not have taken that long, but it really annoyed me. I got alright at the game after a while, but I never loved it. I’m liking MW2 though, even if I’m not sure why as it is more of the same in many ways. It still has the kill streaks, but somehow they seem fairer on newbies (I think Hardline and Care Packages go a long way to help). Unlocking guns wasn’t too painful this time round, mainly I guess because I wasn’t a COD beginner at the start. The wait to get Cold Blooded and Ninja was a pain. As was the grind of getting 50 or so Kill Streak awards to get Cold Blooded pro. The actual gameplay of MW2 is great. Once the grind is done to unlock stuff, testing out the combinations of perks, attachments and kill streak awards is great fun. And the decision to remove the Martyrdom perk was a great one (I know it is a death streak, but it is rarely seen).
  19. That moment where people tallied up how any thousands of people he's annoyed was magical.
  20. You sure it was a flash forward party? I don't remember that, and this page doesn't mention it: http://flashforward.wikia.com/wiki/Camille
  21. It is clearly all a load of gibbons, but what I was trying to explain does at least make sense. I think the buy looking at the board was looking at a board trying to figure out why the flash backs occurred. So, the board guy did have a flash forward. BUT, I don't think it is the same flash forward as the one we saw. I mean, the flash forwards we saw were to 29 April 2010. The people in the flash forwards had experienced a flash forward (the board confirms this). But I think in the flash forwards, people had experienced a different flash forward, to say 3 May 2010. If the people in their flash forwards had experienced the same flash forwards, then they'd be all "OMG flash forwards". I think we'll get Charlie from Lost spouting all sorts of hokey quantum parallel universe malaky.
  22. They haven’t broken the show, they’ve woken up to the idea that the future they saw in their flash forwards was “one future”, but clearly not their actual future. The “flash forward future” could never have been their actual future, because they weren’t sitting around going “OMG, this is our flash forwards”. The interesting thing is that in the “flash forward future”, a flash forward had clearly occurred in the past. This is clear from the clue wall, amongst other things. So in the “flash forward future”, I think a flash forward happened in the past, but to a slightly different time. In other words, the “flash forward future” was a vision of a future in which a different flash forward had occurred sometime in the past. Anyway, I’m annoyed that the characters didn’t realise this straight away. And I refuse to believe that the suicide FBI guy was the first person in the world to kill himself to deny himself the “flash forward future”. It would have happened immediately and been huge worldwide news.
  23. Soi

    Tekken 6

    I love this game. It's ranked mode is excellent. I love the way it just throws you into the match once you've picked your character without any counter picking nonsense. I'm not the best player by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm finding that more often than not it puts me against people of a similar level. When you get a good connection, it is superb. The lag can be a pain, but most matches are playable. When it is laggy, you just have to change your tactics a bit and keep to easy, safe moves -i.e. be as "cheap" as possible.
  24. Soi

    Tekken 6

    I had some nice games with Preacher last night. The lag wasn't perfect, but I still found it fun. The game itself is very much to my tastes. It is fast, aggressive and has a great diverse line up of characters.
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