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    Halo: Reach

    The problem with duel-wielding is that the weapons that you can duel-wield are rubbish when single-wielded. This is inevitable because of balance reasons. If the y were good single-wielded, then they'd be too awesome when duel-wielded. In Halo 2 mp, most games (before they realised the problem) were SMG start. A single SMG was useless, so after every spawn the player would rush off to find a different weapon or a weapon to duel-wield the SMG with. The single SMG was therefore pointless. In Halo 3 (and Halo 2 post changes), you'd always start with a non-duel-wield weapon. But again, picking up a single duel-wield weapon was pointless, as (perhaps mauler aside) it was useless on its own. Halo 3 maps usually have duel-wield weapons placed together or near each other because of it. tl;dr version: duel-wielding is always bad as it inevitably means that the single-wield versions aren't very good.
  2. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    LOL. 9869 games quit (at an average of 3 minutes to find a game and then quite out) is around 20.5 days staring a screen quitting games of Halo. Assuming that he "plays" 4v4 every game, that means every game he quits 7 people have a less good time than they would have had if the game was full. 9869 games quit means that his actions have made the games of over 69,000 people less enjoyable. It's ok though: Bungie put in the quit option, so it's all fine...
  3. Yeah, it would make a good emblem. The blast of a stun grenade does enough damage to kill someone in last stand. A few times i've deliberately used one to kill a last stand bastard to annoy them or save a semtex.
  4. Third rate assault rifle? Way worse than that. Last time I used an ACOG sniper, it was on Wasteland and I snuck up on another sniper looking at A. I was about 10ft away and I couldn't line up on his head the bastard thing was swaying too much. I wanted the headshot, and 2 or 3 seconds of trying to line it up (an age, as I way out in the open by where they were spawing) and I got killed by someone else. Never again will I use an Intervention with an ACOG. If you can't easily headshot someone from 10ft away in 2-3 seconds, then something is badly wrong.
  5. I'm put off 7-9-11 for a couple of reasons. 1) the best 9 streak is Pavelow and that is bugged so that it often doesn't count to your kill streak and 2) getting 5 kills is a lot easier than 7 -the more kills you get in a row, the more likely a revenge killer is going to get lucky.
  6. My favourite anti-Ripper gun is a stopping powered Famas or M16. I'm in love with the Famas again. Up close it has the "one hit kill" (I know it is a burst, but up close it may as well be one shot) power of a shotgun and it keeps this power for ages. The only time I use another gun at the moment is when playing Domination and aggressively trying to get near/behind their spawn. For that, I'm likely to encounter more than one bad guy at a time, and so I choose the silenced AK47, as it is a beast at taking down 2-3 people in one spray. The TAR is a good substitute. I love the SCAR, but the bigger mags of the TAR/AK save me often (as I'm usually running OMA and therefore don't have a secondary to fall back on).
  7. Painkiller is there to stop people dying again and again within 10 seconds of spawning. It doesn't matter if you are a good player or a bad player, randomly chancing on someone with painkiller (who could be top of the leaderboard -the person with 3 deaths doesn't have to be bad) is annoying. And not that fair in FFA, as it may well not have been you that killed the person. If I had my way, I'd make it so every player is invulnerable when they spawn at all times. This invulnerability (which would have a visual marker) could last for whichever is shorter of 1) 5 seconds or 2) them aiming down the sight or shooting. That would be a much better solution, and much better than random painkiller.
  8. This has nothing to do with MW2, but this is my favourite Penny Arcade strip. I'm in a sharing mood.
  9. Any popular game has its share of idiots. Live has been like that since day 1. An oldie, but a goodie:
  10. LOL. He's talking about playing a FFA match. You can't "spawn camp" in FFA. Someone spawning right behind you in FFA is a result of a bad spawn system, not "spawn camping". (I must say that compared to lots of games, the spawn system in MW2 is pretty good -spawning is incredibly hard to get right). I think that Painkiller should be turned off in FFA (but kept in team games). My argument is that in team games, the player killed 3 times in a row gets the painkiller advantage for 10 seconds against the whole of the opposition team. Therefore, the painkiller counters the advantage that the team got for killing that player. In FFA, the recipient of painkiller gets the advantage over every other player regardless of who killed the player. In FFA, painkiller acts randomly against whoever is unlucky enough to be near the painkiller. This is unfair. Saying that, I'd have much less of a problem with painkiller if you could tell before shooting someone if they have it or not. Painkiller only really annoys me when I start shooting someone in the back, only for him to turn round and shoot me. Without stopping power, it takes 9 UMP shots to kill a painkiller. This takes a long time. Long enough to casually turn around and fire two Tar/Scar/AK shots (with SP) to kill me. If the painkiller had a bright white vest on while painkiller was active, I could choose to avoid most painkillers.
  11. I love your dedication to stats. I love stats. After 1000 kills, I had almost exactly 1000 deaths. My k/d has been rising since, but looking at the breakdowns in the way you do above, it has been very consistent. Last night I passed 10,000 more kills than deaths.
  12. FFA is far better than care package glitched Domination, and so has been getting my time. FFA + Sitrep Pro (enemy footsteps x 4 louder) is great. Like having a 360 degree HBS great.
  13. And the frame rate is much worse too. Play MW2 and then this, and BC2 feels really juttery. (not as bad as MW2 to Halo 3 though)
  14. Rock is overpowered. Paper is fine. -Scissors But I agree with this list: If Scavenger needs changing, so does OMA. I use OMA all the time (for gun changing mostly, though I do indulge in danger close toobing from time to time), but I can see that it is overpowered. The problem is, if OMA exists, I'm not sure how it could be changed.
  15. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    I love Halo. Love it to bits. But after MW2, going back to the frame rate of Halo 3 is hard. I'd really like to see reach run at a higher frame rate. Now I know that Bungie is under much higher pressure to deliver graphics than frame rate, so my wish isn't going to happen. I guess, what I really want them to implement is an option to have worse graphics (e.g. fewer particle effects) and better frame rate for mp. Kind of like how Bioshock had a mode where the frame rate was higher, but there was no v sync (and therefore it teared horribly). Of course, I'd like 60fps and wonderful graphics, but being realistic that isn't going to happen: they'll aim for a solid 30fps and the best graphics they can manage.
  16. I'm an hour or two shy of 5 days... And yes, the metagame is fantastic.
  17. Scrambler has its specific uses, especially in objective games. Scrambler + HBS is a good combination for defending a flag. Giving away your rough position isn't important in this situation, as they already know/guess that someone will be by the flag. Combined with the HBS, you can often get the jump on attackers -who can act less cautiously as they think "scrambler noob" as their map fuzzes out. Scrambler + Marathon + Lightweight is also effective for flag capturing (especially those middle of the map "B" flags). If you are capturing a flag, then the other team know roughly where you are, scrambler helps by meaning that they don't know exactly where you are. A fast moving scrambler can be very confusing to the other team. Within the scrambled radius, you effectively get a silencer for free. I don't use it much, but it definitely isn't useless. Though I certainly wouldn't recommend it for general use. I'd rate Scrambler as more useful than Last Stand or even Steady Aim. But maybe that is because I mostly use OMA (where Last Stand doesn't give you a gun!) and don't hip fire that much (and when I do, it is from close enough range that accuracy isn't an issue).
  18. The UMP is a beast. Without Stopping Power, is a 3 shot kill at all ranges, even when silenced. With Stopping Power it is a 2 shot kill very close. So close that Stopping Power isn't that useful. This means you can use other Perk2's. If you have an SMG like the UMP as your primary weapon, you run faster than if you have an AR like the Tar. So using the UMP compared to the Tar sort of gets you Lightweight "for free". Also, if have an SMG as your primary, you can move at pretty much full speed when aiming down the sight. So the UMP is great for mobility. Try this: UMP + silencer Perk1: Scavenger/One Man Army (depending on whether you want/need a secondary weapon) Perk2: Hardline Perk3: Ninja Pro Now I'd use this to run around behind enemy lines causing havoc. The UMP is a great compliment to Cold Blooded, as I find people are less expecting you to rush in behind them if UAV/air support is up. Likewise, Hardline is very useful (and much underated). Only needing two kills for a UAV feels like cheating. I love to start a Domination round with UMP + silencer and Hardline. I rush a non-obvious route and try to flank the enemy rushing to the flags near them. Personally, I use OMA and once I've had my rushing UMP fun, I quite often switch to an AK47 + Stopping Power class or a Danger Close grenade/claymore class. but I love my UMP class for getting from A to B quickly.
  19. I fully agree that the Harrier is miles better than standard chopper. But there is another advantage that the chopper has: 3) the harrier only fires forward, so if it isn't pointing at you, you are safe. The helicopter can fire in all directions. I've snuck behind many a harrier in the past running from cover to cover.
  20. Isn't it easier to just mute people being a pain? Muting only takes a second. I hate idiots on Live as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't want to only hear friends. I like talking to some randoms!
  21. Once home you certainly won't get mucj gaming time for a while. But there is hope. I have a 3 month old daughter, and for the last couple of months I've been gaming more than I have in years. My wife feeds her at around 8 and then goes to bed herself at around 9:30. I bottle feed the baby at around midnight. So I have between 9:30 and 12 for gaming... And by gaming, I mean MW2. Hope your son is ok btw.
  22. LOL. What I am talking about, I meant braced against my stomach. No idea where "knees" came from... Anyway, the G18 is mental.
  23. I've fired one of those in real life... Two handed, standing legs apart with my elbows braced on my knees and STILL l found the recoil was uncontrollable. (before anyone thinks I'm a loony, it was at a range in Lithuania)
  24. I'm not disagreeing, but it is worth mentioning that the geeky types at Den Kirson's forum say that the Raffica has much less autoaim than the FAMAS/M16. More specifically, different guns have different auto aim properties. The Raffica has aim assist close up, but this disappears with range. The FAMAS has aim assist for a much greater range. Which means that indoors, the Raffica is basically the FAMAS. Outdoors, the FAMAS is a lot better obviously. Since I unlocked OMA (about 48 hours play ago!), I've not used a secondary. But I'm addicted to the flexibility that OMA gives, and I've no plans to prestige. I got Fall camo on my AK47 last night, and want to keep it.
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