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    Halo: Reach

    Reach is looking pretty good isn't it. Loving the look of the pistol. The DMR and Needler rifle look pretty tasty too.
  2. I don't know if that is right. FIFA has sold masses of copies for years, with one or two (in a World Cup year) games a year. The public lap it up. Same with lots of other sports games. I don't see why COD won't keep selling well every year, for the same reasons: people like updates for multiplayer games. One FPS (sp + mp) game a year, with additional titles (3rd person squad game?) isn't overkill. They might try separating out the SP and MP games too -which I'd have no problem with (I've played mp MW2 for 10 days and haven't selected Spec Ops or Campaign once).
  3. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    There were man tears. It didn't help that there was a problem with Crackdown, so that even when they turned the Beta on to download, you couldn't download it. It took a title update to Crackdown to sort it out -which meant that most people didn't get to download it until the next day (UK time). When I did download it at around 7am in the morning the next day, it downloaded fast. Forum threads were awash with people moaning that they'd taken a day off to play the Beta and that it was a waste. Bungie extended to Beta for an extra week to say sorry for the cock up. Given that Monday 3 May is a bank holiday in the UK, I think everyone shouldn't bank (ho ho) on playing Reach beta much on Monday daytime. The servers will be hammered. Plan to spend the bank holiday doing something else, and you won't be disappointed.
  4. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    I'll be a solid 30fps for sure. Eurogamer's Digital Foundy blog dig a geeky analysis of the released footage, which seemed to confirm 30fps. I guess it is possible that the final game will be 60fps, just extremely unlikely. 60fps is obviously better, but Halo's frame rate is fine. As long as you never go from a 60fps game (i.e. MW2) to Halo in the same session. Halo looks like a weird slide show if you do that.
  5. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    Add me pls. GT is "Soi".
  6. Wasn't that explicitly said in GOW2, or am I making that up? I enjoyed the macho 80s action movie vibe of GOW. I found GOW2 to good, but not quite good enough: fighting over and over using the same mechanics, and piss poor vehicle sections. I got quite near the near the end, but never finished it. That said, I'd probably buy GOW3...
  7. I love the fact that the picture of the black EDGE t-shirt for sale on his site doesn't have the word EDGE on. Has the bloke got the t-shirt on the wrong way round? Or has a stock image been used (for which I hope permission has been sought)?
  8. Looking forward to this. We named our daughter Rose after this show.
  9. I played for 3 or so hours tonight, using OMA all the time. It hasn't been changed at all, as far as I can tell.
  10. Had some good games. I only ever Domination so it is a shock playing game types I don't really know. Despite playing MW2 for over 9 days, today I had my first game of Sabotage and Demolition. Anyway, thoughts: Crash: Dumb Domination map, our team was spawn trapped at A the whole game. Dumb. Good for the other modes though. Overgrown: Love the grassy look in contrast with the rest of MW2. Seemed to play ok. Salvage: small, but both Domination and TDM seemed ok. I liked it. Bailout: Seemed quite good. Storm: Again, liked it. The highlight of the evening was joining a game of TDM on Bailout after the game had started. It was my first game on the level, so I didn't really know what was going on. The other team were winning by a margin and were all in a clan. I died a few times on the trot and I ended up camped in a room quite high up (I can't explain, as I don't know the level well enough). Anyway, they have perma-air suport, so I opt to stay in my room, looking down. My kills start to rack up, and I got my Harrier, then Chopper. My Chopper gets a good few kills, and by the end of it the score is 7400-6900 to them. I'm out of ammo, so I pick up a SCAR+grenade launcher by my feet, fire off a random nade to get the nuke. The clan loses 7000-7400 thanks to me. Needless to say I got a few abusive messages. Still, pretty chuffed that my first game on a map ended in a nuke.
  11. What has happened to OMA?
  12. I can't see the link at work, what happened?
  13. I enjoyed last week's Flash Forward and will keep watching. Definitely much improved over the last few episodes.
  14. Season 3 was bad because there were 6 episodes and then a 3 month break until the next lot. Then it ended in May 07, and Season 4 didn't start until Jan 08. So I associate Season 3 with lots of waiting.
  15. They are different types of game. But at the time, the thought of playing with 3 other people huddled round a small CRT at 15-20fps seemed very dated compared to playing Quake online 5v5 at a good frame rate on my monitor.
  16. I don't "hate" Rippers, but they can be very annoying. Everything about that play style seems at odds with the rest of the game. All rushing about with little thoughts of cover or positioning. I'll be in a room, checking the angles and out of nowhere a ripper appears and gets the jump on me. That I can take. What annoys me is if they appear, I see them and then they teleport to kill me. It isn't even lag, as it happens if I'm host: the lunge is so quick it makes targeting them unfairly hard sometimes, especially if they are coming at you from an angle. Rippers rarely do well in terms of k/d, but often get lots of kills. I'd much rather have a Ripper on my team than be playing against one. A good Ripper will still die often, but is good at stopping the other team getting long killstreaks.
  17. Halo just had 2,4,8? What is that code for? At the time, I didn't play PD. I was too busy playing the multiplayer goodness of the Quake series. In comparison to my rail gun, bunny hoping Quake online play, PD looked like 2nd best. It was Halo's pad controls that made me a console FPS player (and the fact that I was a student by then and couldn't afford a new PC/graphic card upgrade for each new game).
  18. At the time of its release, Perfect Dark looked and played great. But from the perspective of looking backwards from now, Halo has aged a massive amount better than Perfect Dark. Eh? Halo LAN >>>> Perfect Dark split screen.
  19. Put like that, Perfect Dark looks a joke.
  20. They are cheap as chips: http://www.amazon.co.uk/BlackBerry-Wired-M...4611&sr=8-5 (that took 2 seconds to find searching Amazon for blackberry 2.5mm headset)
  21. Yes, headphones with BB hands free headset (has a mic) works a treat.
  22. Yeah, pretty much. Unless, Overkill + OMA gives you two primaries... I use OMA all the time, but I really hope that they nerf it hard with the DLC coming - I'm hoping for a full on balance patch with the new weapons. I use OMA because being able to choose which equipment, weapon or Perks2/3 I want at any one time is very powerful. If they have a UAV, I switch to a CB class. If I have a predator and want only one more kill to get a harrier, I switch to a Hardline class. If there is a dirty camper hiding in the room above B on Estate, I switch to noob tube + DC. OMA is just too useful not to use at present imo. I'd rather it was removed from the game.
  23. I agree 100%. At first, I found the mute character killed any drama. I spent every cut scene in HL2 throwing stuff around or jumping on stuff thinking "I don't care what you are saying, I want to get back to the game". I got used to it eventually, and was comfortable enough with it by the end. I really enjoyed EP1 and EP2 too. I found the first half of HL2 an utter drag though, and twice I gave up after the stupid (and random if playing on Hard) boat/bike section. Unlike Halo, I'd recommend zipping through HL2 and its episodes on Normal (or even Easy). Forget the dumb gun play and even dumber story and just concentrate on soaking up the excellent atmosphere.
  24. FAMAS for longer range encounters and for FFA. TAR/AK47 for everything else. UMP for when if I feel like rushing about. All silenced.
  25. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    Fair enough. I was clearly coming from the mp angle, as that's my bag (I've played nearly 8 days of mp MW2 and not even selected sp once). I like my sp Halo though, and I've replayed the best bits of Halo 3 a few times. Reach looks lovely.
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