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  1. Use a standing solution instead. I've started PS4 gaming standing using a monitor at eye height. Right now the monitor is mounted on a pile of books, but I'll get a proper mount soon.
  2. @mechamonkey Towerfall is 6 players on Switch if you can get another couple of controllers. Also I’d add Runbow to your (very good) list. Runbow supports up to 8 players.
  3. Yeah. Looks like you can have 4 local players playing online against other teams of 4. That sounds amazing...
  4. Killer Queen Black (which I think looks amazing) launches on Switch on 11 Oct:
  5. Some favourites of ours that you can play with your kids (in no particular order): - Kirby Star Alies (relaxing, easy platformer. A great first game for your youngest) - Mario Kart (obviously) - Astro Bears (cheap, 3d snake clone that is a great multiplayer for up to 4p) - Towerfall (awesome multiplayer game with up to 6p. It has great handicapping options which mean it's easy to set up a fair game with you and the kids) - Mario Odyssey (my 9 year old daughter and I rinsed it in 2p coop, and my 7 year old enjoyed watching us). - Zelda (I played, kids watched completed entranced by the story and scope of the game. The rules were I played and they decided what to do. I did lots more cooking than I would have done if it was just me playing) - Super Mario Maker 2 (Again they liked watching me blast through story mode, and we all enjoy making levels for each other to play). - Fantasy Strike (Proper fighting game with one button controls for special moves) - Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (lovely coop spaceship game - much more relaxing with kids if you put the difficulty down a notch or two) Overcooked is lovely, but I find it is a bit too hard to play with kids (having played with mine and lots of their cousins and friends). The first few levels are fine, but it becomes quite tricky quite quickly.
  6. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Was it easy to put back together again?
  7. Soi


    Well done! So was it very hard then?
  8. Soi


    @Jamie John Yeah, chapter 8 is the bonus level after completing the main game and has its own unlock criteria.
  9. Soi


    I've rinsed it on PS4 (main game, only a few B sides), and want to play Chapter 9 on my Switch version (new save). I'm so glad I've only got to "simply" complete Chapter 8 to play Chapter 9... EDIT: of course I'll love playing it all again, but to imply that unlocking and beating Chapter 8 is simple is ridiculous...
  10. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    It's a decent 2-4 player multiplayer game for 15 minute bursts. Well worth 15p...
  11. Does it have lots of screen shake/flicker and can you turn it off?
  12. @NickC It’s good isn’t it. I’ve played it with 3 mates over some beers too. Was pretty fun
  13. I'm enjoying the change of pace of solos. It's definitely slower, and inevitably involves more stealth than 3v3. It's much less campy than other BRs though. I once was playing Blackout solo and my phone rang. I was inside the first circle, so I hid in a closed bathroom and took the call. I got lucky with the circle and ended up coming 3rd or something by staying exactly where I was. There's no where like that to hide in Apex.
  14. Astro Bears (£5 I think) is great for kids - the new version (not the Party one) has coop. Its basically Snake on rotating small planets, with bears. My daughters played 116 coop games in a row (maybe 30 minutes play) as I dosed on the sofa on Saturday afternoon.
  15. My favourite fighter of all time. I wouldn't say it's ideally played with a joycon though...
  16. Yeah that's the one. It's grown on me, but I know what you mean about the art style.
  17. Those old games are lovely, but they are old school in their execution requirements. Modern games with double quarter circles have more lenient input windows. If you want a fighting game that's perfect for Switch, try something like Fantasy Strike. No quarter circles required.
  18. I made a troll level for my 9 year old daughter. She loves that sort of thing. Your kids might too. A gentle sTROLL 0WY-B62-0HF
  19. Fantasy Strike is out today. Will be so so good to have a proper fighting game I can play with a single joy con
  20. I think there is room for both complex and simple fighting games. I like (but admit that I'm far from being excellent at) complex execution and have spent more money than I would like to admit on arcade sticks over the years. I think the design goal of Fantasy Strike was to make a proper fighting game that does not require much time learning the moves or how to do them, and from what I've played I think it achieves that goal quite well. I've got a few real life friends who love the idea of fighting games but do not have anywhere near the time or dedication to play them properly. I'm talking not being able to consistently qcf or dp level of execution skills, let alone learning combo timing etc. I'm hardly an advanced street fighter player, but it is fair to say I'm not going to lose often against someone who is proud of themselves when they manage to throw a fireball. I've played Fantasy Strike with people like that and within 10 minutes they have all the basic tools they need to play the game. Doesn't mean that they are good players after 10 minutes - but it means that when they lose they lose because they were out played rather than simply because they can't play properly.
  21. Fantasy Strike is out on the 25th July on PS4 and Switch for £28. This is billed as a "proper" fighting game that has easy execution. Simple to play doesn't mean "easy". This video (see 4:40) explains it well. Any other takers?
  22. Sure. But I don’t find the problem with “normal” levels is that they are too hard. It’s more that they can often take 2-3 lives (or more) to work out their tricks. With 5 starting lives, that’s not much leeway. The last run I had, the first level I played spat a spiky shell at you immediately so you died if you didn’t jump straight away. Stuff like that doesn’t make a level hard, but it does mean you might die before you learn what to do.
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