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  1. I'll play. I'm awful too.
  2. Cheers Plopboy and Joffo. I'll give them a go. I can live with the salty messages that will undoubtedly follow.
  3. Enjoying this, but need to up my execution. Or is it fair game to use Super East input gems?
  4. Exactly. Forcing your legitimate customers to look elsewhere is "Capcom DLC policy" level dumb. Saying that, I'm really looking forward to this game (long time lurker of this thread).
  5. I tried to buy it, but only US credit cards work...
  6. I'm enjoying it. Got around 30k kills on MW2, but didn't touch Black Ops. I think MW3 is a better balanced game than MW2 (can't compare to Black Ops). I only play Domination (perhaps with a touch of FFA every now and again) and MW2 actively rewarded selfish play. Even if you didn't want to play selfishly, the minute you were a kill or two away from a powerful killstreak (and AC130, Chopper Gunner etc were game-breakingly powerful on some maps) all anyone did was hang back. The importance of the killstreaks meant that many players would never make any attempt to put their body on the line to capture B. I usually play with a mate who would regularly get the most points on either team in MW2, while going 15-23 or whatever. Apart from points (meaningless), MW2 gave him no reward. The support package in MW3 gives the "capture B" type of player a big boost. Now my mate can choose UAV/CUAV (no 3rd slot) and ensure that there is constant UAV/CUAV coverage. Or he can Stealth Bomb or Jugg. Shooting air support now counts for something too, so his dutiful work downing UAVs etc is also rewarded. Now he still comes top on points, but this time has something to show for it. Basically, MW3 makes Domination much more about playing the game, rather than farming kills for streaks. Yes, some players do still play for k/d, but in my 28ish hours of experience of MW3 domination, the number is far fewer. And when there is a Reaper, AC130 etc, it gets downed in seconds (usually by me or my mate) because we get rewarded to do so.
  7. Soi

    360 controller

    I've read the delay is just under 4ms. Wired won't be associated with no delay either btw. But given that Ben Heck's latency testers show that the best console games have input latency in of 66ms (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-lag-factor-article), and then factoring in any display induced lag (under 20ms if you have a good tv/monitor), you'll see that the 4ms is nothing. For example, playing MW3 on a decent monitor (lets say a "lag free" one with 10ms delay), you have a delay of 76ms. Another 4ms isn't going to be noticeable. To give you an idea of how small 4ms is, try this: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/index.php If average reaction times are around 220ms, 4ms isn't going to make any difference.
  8. Just seen this thread. My wife and I both consider The Vampire Diaries a guilty pleasure. The first few episodes of season 1 were dull, but since then it is great, comforting, easy tv. The televisual equivalent of a good summer pop song. We are just getting to the end of season 2 (recording the ITV2 repeats which have been shown at 3am...), with what has happened of season 3 recorded and waiting for us. Anyone watching The Secret Circle? It is very similar.
  9. Circuit Breakers was better imo. Some beers, 3 other people and a PS2 multitap, and Circuit Breakers was legendary. Micro Machines was too fiddly when drunk (and too fiddly at all for most).
  10. For what it is worth, after our 1st was born once things were sort of settled (4 weeks), I had masses of gaming time. 9-midnight every night (after wife had gone to bed, and before I fed the little girl from a bottle). Our second is due in a couple of weeks, and I'm looking forward to Skyrim as my baby time game.
  11. I love B&B... They must keep the video watching, maybe change it to youtube watching of people falling off things - as that is what today's Beavis and Butthead's do.
  12. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    Poor Spartan Battle. It isn't like he played particularly awfully. They just were set up perfectly and their use of nades as a team was awesome.
  13. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    They've said that they don't allow fully editable controls because they are worried about button glitches. They are worried that if people have free reign that they'll discover ways of doing things like cancelling reload animations or double meleeing. You could fire off two BR rounds instantly in H2 via a button glitch. Whether they are right about customisation leading to glitches, I've no idea, but Bungie has definitely stated that as the reason.
  14. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    Because the version of the level that shipped with Reach (Asylum) isn't completely true to the Halo 2 level (Sanctuary), and is "worse" (e.g. there is a direct line of sight from one sniper to another, that wasn't in the Halo 2 level and changes how the map flows). So, the MLG guys remade the level as MLG Sanctuary.
  15. A pilot series is a good way of thinking of it. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, some episodes were a bit flat in places, and the ending of EP6 was a bit duff. But still, it is much better TV than most things we (she) watches. I'm up to date with the comic, and I found the diversions from the comic a good thing for me, as I don't know what is coming next. The best news about series 2 is that the writers have been fired. The dialogue could have been a lot better in series 1.
  16. Soi

    Playstation Vita

    I don't want another phone, but I'd be interested in a properly high spec'd PSP2 with decent stick stick controls. I'd like a proper mini console that doesn't need a TV (I've got an iPhone for simple games). I don't particularly care about portability (I'd never take it anywhere), so my ideal PSP2 would be big enough to hold comfortably. Basically, give me something 360 controller sized with a screen attached, and I'd be happy. It won't be that though. It will be too thin and uncomfortable to hold for long periods.
  17. Soi

    Playstation Vita

    I'd be interested in a twin stick FPS that I could play online while lying on the sofa whist my wife watches telly.
  18. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    This is a guide to doing Nightfall (3rd level) on mythic difficulty (Legendary + all skulls on) in under 5 minutes. http://halo.bungie.org/gameplay/reach_mythic/nf.html You can basically run past the whole level.
  19. I'd buy it in a shot. 60Hz playable with a 360 pad = win as far as I'm concerned. Live MP would be awesome.
  20. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    I saw you'd posted that on Twitter, didn't realise it was *you* who it happened to. Cool. Edit: reminds me of this: Real life sniper ricochet.
  21. Soi

    Gigs 2010

    Good. I'm seeing them tonight.
  22. Soi

    Halo: Reach

    I've not been following this thread that much due to work. Did bcass like this game enough to actually play it?
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