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  1. Soi

    Pokemon Go

    Ah. Sorry I missed this. I opened it around 9:30. I'll be better organised for Best friends!
  2. Soi


    Great article, and a lovely game. After Towerfall and Celeste, is there a better games designer out there than Matt Thorson?
  3. Soi

    Fantasy Strike (by David Sirlin)

    Anyone have this on Steam early access?
  4. Soi

    Pokemon Go

    I've added myself to the google docs thing and a few of you as friends. 9177 2617 8748
  5. Soi

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

  6. Soi

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Question: Does Sony have an easy way for "hobbyist" developers to self-publish on PSN?
  7. How does 1v1 work? I mean, how are games usually won?
  8. I played this on PS4 this evening for about 40 mins, which was enough to show me that it's amazing. It it didn't make much sense from the videos I saw of it, but once I stated playing it just clicked.
  9. Soi

    Neo Geo Mini

    From what I've seen its the layout most arcades in Japan use for SNK fighters these days. Makes the controls for KoF more like SF: LP HP LK HK
  10. Soi

    Neo Geo Mini

    Any word of what type of controller ports are included?
  11. Soi

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    Xbox Turn Off
  12. Driver was a lovely game. I'm in the "got to the last level and didn't finish it" camp too.
  13. Circuit Breakers.

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