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  1. No the 145ms for that xbox game is not because of controller latency, by which I mean its not because there is a significance delay due to the xbox's wireless controllers. That's around 2ms I think, which is tiny. Who knows why the Xbox latency is so high for that game - that's a shit value. A more like for like comparison is to compare the PC value of 79ms to Stadia's 166ms. Practically speaking, there will always be a delay between pressing a button and what happens on screen. The ideal sequence of events is something like this: Frame 1: receive controller input Frame 2: calculate how to draw frame based on received controller input Frame 3: show frame based on received controller input For a 60fps game, one frame is shown every 16ms and so some delay is inevitable. As the DF article shows, the best console games for latency (e.g. COD) have input latency of around 40ms.
  2. I don’t understand how removing the console has any material effect on lag. The wireless path from my PS4 controller to my PS4 is very low latency.
  3. I haven’t seen the presentation yet, but the bbc mentions direct connection via WiFi to their data centres. Given the range of WiFi, are they going to put a dara centre in my garden?
  4. I think it’s one hit for 187. Which is a headshot on someone with a level 3 helmet. I’ve hit for 187 a few times
  5. Great vid. I guessed correctly what was going to happen. Why do people do that?
  6. Sometimes typos come out better than what was meant! Though I think you are replying to the wrong thread...
  7. I had a game earlier where I was paired with two Spanish guys who were obviously fiends. I had no idea what they were saying so I muted them. They had just won the last game and they were high level. The game starts and I let them lead and decide where to go etc, knowing my place as the third wheel in this group. They decide to pick a battle where I thought the other guys were better positioned on high ground. I would have played it more cautiously but they rush in and both get downed. I flank sneakily and get lucky and manage to take out the squad, and revive my team mates. A few minutes later they again rush into a battle, down 1 and then both get downed. Again I clear up the squad. I revive them and then they basically stand still. I’m like “what the fuck”. Turns out this was their way of saying “we’ll follow you”. They stuck to me like glue for the rest of the match. We didn’t win, but it still felt good.
  8. Console people: what FOV do you play on?
  9. Pretend it’s the cost of the game. It’s worth it.
  10. Bring up inventory, tab right to Squad, click on the mic icon under their name. I don't know if you can globally mute on a system level (and not at PS4 to check). If you can't, then you could always start a party chat with just you in it. That would mute all game chat.
  11. That is an odd list. I think the Havoc and Devotion are too high. To put the Spitfire on the level with the worst guns is crazy. Little recoil and a huge clip makes the Spitfire one of the most forgiving guns in the game, and when things get hectic being forgiving can mean getting the kill. The Devotion on the other hand takes an age to start shooting and then when it ramps up it sprays everywhere. Once you've factored the relative scarcity of energy ammo, to rank the Devotion among the best guns and the Spitfire the worst seems wrong. The Havoc is ok, but I still don't like its slow start up. I'd take a Flatline over a Havoc all day. I also quite like the Hemloc, though it is definitely among the weaker guns.
  12. In Apex, if you point the center of your reticle at a target with a sniper scope, it gives a reading, e.g. 55 meters. The 2, 3, 4 and 5 markers below the center of your reticle show how much bullet drop there will be at 200, 300, 400 and 500 meters. So, if you aimed at a target and the scope said that the target was at 200 meters, then before shooting you would aim so that the 2 marker was lined up with the guy's head. Apex scopes are great because they tell you exactly how far a target is away. In other games, if you want to use the scope markers you have to guess range.
  13. My best win is with 7 kills. Best total was 8, where I came second. The other two teammates quit really near the start, at which point I had two kills. I then played the rest of the game solo and managed to wipe two whole squads, including the one who came 3rd. It was mostly luck though - as a solo I could be sneaky and I got lucky and managed to pick off both squads one by one.

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