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  1. Sure. But I don’t find the problem with “normal” levels is that they are too hard. It’s more that they can often take 2-3 lives (or more) to work out their tricks. With 5 starting lives, that’s not much leeway. The last run I had, the first level I played spat a spiky shell at you immediately so you died if you didn’t jump straight away. Stuff like that doesn’t make a level hard, but it does mean you might die before you learn what to do.
  2. I might be in the same boat. Easy is too easy, but Normal can have levels that, while not outright hard, take a few lives to work out the trick. Get two of those in a row, and the run is short! I've not been brave enough for Expert. On the Celeste scale of hardness, how hard on average is Expert?
  3. Well done. I thoughts levels needed to be cleared at least once before they were added to the Endless pool?
  4. Sympathy plays for kid's courses is a great idea. I want my kids' courses to be added to the Easy Endless pool. In fact, having played 118 Easy courses yesterday, I'd quite like to make some myself. A good Easy course can be fun to play - especially with a gentle sprinkle of light trolling
  5. I was ill this afternoon and came home from work early. I put Endless mode on Easy and had a wonderfully chilled afternoon. Most levels were pretty easy, but that was a good thing. (Sort of got sucked in and stopped, with my streak up to 118 breaking into the top 10,000)
  6. Why is coop building restricted to using a single joycon each?
  7. As someone who loves playing fighting games, but has limited time to learn stuff, I like the fact that its simple to learn and play but still a proper game. I've played a fair bit of the Steam version, but my PC is crap and I want this on Switch. I had a great session a while back where I played it with some mates who hadn't played fighters since Tekken 3 days. Without execution as a barrier (no way could these guys pull off stuff like qcf, qcf+p), they were playing the "proper game" in minutes. EDIT: I bet it's a great "2nd game" for fighting game fans of different games, as it's easy to pick up and skills are transferable.
  8. @GwiDan Again, don't want to derail, but what's the best way of finding forumite's Switch friend codes. Is there a big list somewhere I'm missing? Assuming there is a list somewhere (or Google doc), maybe have that as a pinned post in a #Welcome channel on the Switchmuk discord server?
  9. Looks a good group. Don't want to derail this thread, but you add a room for Mario Maker and post in that thread. A single place for muk related Switch activity is a great idea
  10. This finally comes out on Switch and PS4 on 25 July for $30 (don't know UK pricing).
  11. @Rob RuleThat looks good. What is the multiplayer like? EDIT: any while on the subject of Switch top down racers, have you tried Mantis Burn Racing or Table Top Racing? Again, most interested in the multiplayer
  12. This thread keeps making me disappointed. I keep seeing good Indie games (Ultimate Racing 2D looks great) and being sad that they aren't on Switch yet...
  13. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    A more robust, kid friendly, cheaper portable only machine in time for Pokemon in November... Prints money etc
  14. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't care about size or joycon detachability. But I would like the option of buying a cheaper one for my daughter. She'd never use it in docked mode anyway.
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