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  1. Boiled eggs. I eat two most days, so I've got the cooking spot on. Really need to learn how to poach eggs, though.
  2. Beans and mini sausages. Teaspoon of curry powder (hot). White bread. Curried beans and mini sausage butties. Magical. I can also highly recommend having soy sauce on boiled eggs. Hash browns and beans with mine. With a fried egg if I'm feeling adventurous.
  3. Has what is probably my favourite joke in any film, one I love to repeat as often as I can: (after Elvira gets hit in the head) "how's your head?" "I've never had any complaints"
  4. Still can't get mine working. Have tried a fresh install and setup with no joy. I've only tried Dreamcast and Saturn games, though.
  5. Only took me a couple of minutes to do that one. The arcade mode thing (I think it was called that, it was like 50vs50 in a small arena) meant the first kill came along really quickly. And I'm shit at these types of games.
  6. Do I need to tell it which BIOS to use or do I just dump a US, EU and JP one in the BIOS folder and that does it?
  7. If I have a ROM (as .cue and .bin files) , the core and the BIOS all on my machine, can I tell RetroArch to associate the core and BIOS with that particular ROM? Is there an idiots guide to setting all this kind of stuff up?
  8. I'm a bit caught between two threads here. Not sure whether to post in here or the actual RetroArch thread. Has anyone managed to get games loading from external USB? I have a 64Gb stick with DC and Saturn games on, but keep getting an error saying "core does not support vfs". I've googled it a bit and everything is talking about the PC version, from what I've found. Also, I can't seem to find a way to copy stuff from my Linux laptop to my Xbox. I've been able to map the Xbox as a network drive in Windows, but I want to avoid rebooting every time I want to copy something. Not least because Linux has somehow lost the permission to write to my Windows drive, which is adding an extra layer of faff to the whole proceedings.
  9. Do Eneloop make fedoras these days, then?
  10. Eisenhorn / Ravenor / Bequin series for me. Though anything by ADB is worth a read. I find anything written by Chris Wraight is good as well. Was it the Nightlords series where you had to read an Ultramarines book to find out what happened to one of the main characters? One of the great things about the 40k universe is the sheer size and time of it all. There isn't really a here and now about it. In the Gaunt's Ghosts books, they mention Eisenhorn as being ancient history, for example. So you can have universe shaking events that don't really affect books set before or a while after.
  11. Not fruit machines per se, bit a mate of mine gambles a lot. Mostly roulette, some blackjack. He's pretty good at it from what I've seen. Same guy who doesn't play fruit machines any more. He had a back operation a few years ago, so was housebound for a couple of months. He signed up for one of the big online casinos - Skybet, I think it was - and played a bit. At first, he was getting the kind of results he'd expect to get, but fairly quickly started losing pretty badly. Just bad luck. Played the next day and the same thing happened - early reasonable wins, then it cleaned him out. More bad luck. He paid a lot more attention to the results the next time he played and realised there was a very definite point where the results turned against him. He changed the way he was betting and realised the run of results ran against him again. Yes, it's a game of pure chance but, as someone who has seen the wheel spin thousands of times, he could see it wasn't a straight game and he couldn't win. He stopped playing at that point. I've heard people say the same thing about fixed odds machines in bookies. They let you win for a bit, then take all your money.
  12. I think the biggest difference between how I play games and my kids play them is that they play almost exclusively freemium type games - especially Roblox. I was quite skeptical about buying cosmetics and in game item stuff, but it's just the way they play. I did put my foot down when my eldest wanted to buy a £20 cosmetic knife, though. Through Game Pass, they've played some "proper" games, like Super Lucky's Tale, Yokus Island Express, Minecraft Dungeons and Two Point Hospital, weirdly. But they prefer playing things they've seen on YouTube on their tablets. They only really play multilayer stuff as well, which I've never done. When they explain these things to me, I know how my parents felt nearly 40 years ago when I was talking about Commodore 64 games. But they're having fun, and that's all that matters.
  13. Aren't the tracks in TH heavily edited? Fairly sure that's very much not the version that's in the game.
  14. Is Tony Hawks a 12+? How? Why? I let my five year old play it without a second thought.
  15. Disvovered I had the wrong app. Should really have downloaded the one with the fucking picture of a fucking Series fucking S on it. Yes, I am that thick. So, how do I get DC games looking their best? Found it really easy on Duckstation - hit select, turn everything on and away I go. Can I get everything wide screen? Can I increase the resolution and frame rate? What do I need to do?
  16. A good 25 years ago now, a mate of mine poured £300 into a machine because "it had to pay out soon". Even if he had have hit the jackpot a couple of times, he wouldn't have recouped what he'd put in, but he thought he could minimise his loss by keeping playing until he got something back. He didn't.
  17. I had a mate who played fruities a lot. Like every time we were in the pub. I showed him this research and he's stopped playing completely. He always thought they were essentially fair, but this has been enough to put him off.
  18. Next problem. The app is saying my Xbox need updating to run it. My Xbox is up to date. Anyone else encounter this?
  19. There is, in fact, a button on the page. It's a plus sign next to the filter devices button, If you hadn't said this, I wouldn't be looking for it - the video I'd seen gave the impression it just popped up. Got it activated now. Going to look at getting RetroArch on it next...
  20. I think there was a Cathay army list in the Warhammer Armies book that accompanied Third Edition. I definitely remember seeing one that had ninjas and samurai type warriors...
  21. Seemed alright to me, but I don't play these types of games, do I don't have much of a frame of reference.
  22. They payment has gone through now, so I'm hoping it'll work tomorrow. Couldn't see a button. If it's not immediately obvious when I try again, I'll try to find a guide.
  23. Anyone want a game of PUBG to get the reward? Hate multiplayer ones... Never mind, there's an easy way to do it: there's an Arcade Mode (I think) that is a small arena, first to 50 mode. I managed to fluke a kill in that. You get an achievement for it as well, if you've never played PUBG
  24. I can't seem to get Developer Mode working. I've signed up for a dev account, though the payment is showing as pending. I've got the app and get as far as "enter this code in a browser". I go to the URL and it doesn't prompt me for a code, so I can't go any further. Any ideas what the issue might be? Is it because the payment hasn't gone through yet, or is the payment pending until I get my Xbox registered?
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