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  1. I think I've asked this before, but I can't find an answer. I don't play PC games, my brother does. Is there an easy way to let him use my Game Pass on his PC while I play on Xbox? Could I just add him as a child account, sort of thing?
  2. Is this the kind of thing a not very game-y 8 year old who loves animals might like? Her older sister loves the Two Point games and I was hoping for something similar but simpler for her to have a go at. Anyone know if the Paw Patrol racer is any good?
  3. Didn't they give away good games when this started? Looking at the list, there were some big hitters in the early years.
  4. I really wanted to like Tunic, but just didn't get on with it. I actually feel like I've missed out.
  5. I'm not sure you can just say "comparisons". RE has an awful lot of elements from AitD. Prerendered backgrounds with 3D characters and items. Tank controls. Item management. The way the story is told to the player using books and other documents they pick up along the way. An emphasis on problem solving and avoiding the enemy over straight combat - including strictly limited weapons and ammo. The claustrophobic mansion setting. The old-school horror atmosphere. And so on. There's a lot of similarities, is what I'm saying.
  6. A few years ago, I had the urge to play the original Tony Hawk's on PS1. Sourced a copy off eBay, waited for it to arrive, dug out my PS1, set it all up, popped open the lid and was greeted by my copy of the original Tony Hawk's...
  7. Mine too is in the loft. It's also the only console I've ever repaired. The power supply had packed up. I picked up a replacement for about a tenner and it was an almost disappointingly easy job to replace. Couple of hex screws and it's essentially just a PC inside. I haven't played it anywhere near enough. I was put off by the massive Xbox pads, not realising that there were smaller ones. And I had two of them. I'm not even sure I have a way to play it now
  8. Yeah, I gave that a go for one of the Game Pass challenges. It didn't really click, but I might revisit it.
  9. Had this exact conversation with our director of IT yesterday. I've been all digital since the Bone, don't have anything 4k and think the S looks better. While I accept that the X is more powerful and flexible, I couldn't justify the extra cost for one. Love my S. This is the first generation that I've adopted relatively early and exclusively played current gen since the PS1. Helped a lot by Game Pass, it has to be said.
  10. Looking for recommendations for arcade, quick ten minute blast type games on GP? Thinking something in a twin-stick or vertical scrolling shooter vein? Been playing a lot of Sniper Elite 5 of late and fancy something a bit less involved and a bit less gritty and realistic
  11. Wordle 462 3/6 Annoying. Was a coin toss between two first letters. Went with the wrong one.
  12. Yeah, I know I keep saying this, but it's genuinely funny. Really easy to get through, to the point that it's barely a game, but still worth your time.
  13. I'd heard he had a crash, I just wasn't expecting it to be so bad. You always kinda suspect that everything going wrong is carefully planned to go wrong and there's no real danger involved. With this one, he properly fucked up. The way the car was sliding before it hit showed it was completely out of control.
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