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  1. 10? At night? Bit past bedtime, innit?
  2. Had a curtain pole emergency. Tomorrow @ 9 ish? I'm ProdigalScouser on Live
  3. Cool, when is good for you? I only need this one to get the three - I got one for just playing a multiplayer game with randoms (only pops when the game ends) and one for buying something in the hub.
  4. I've always found the best jokes are the ones you have to explain.
  5. There's one for inviting a friend into a game. I haven't got any friends, will one of you be my friend? I think it actually gives both the inviter and the invitee the achievement, so it might be an easy way for a couple of us to get this?
  6. Another "I just have Game Pass" here. I actually find it hard to spend out in what is actually my main / only hobby, for some reason. Not helped by paying £80 (about half of which was covered by Rewards points) for the "Ultimate" edition of Mortal Kombat, only to discover that it didn't include two thirds of the dlc characters or the £35 expression. Felt burned to the point where I'm not willing to spend much on anything any more. TL/DR: about £40
  7. I very nearly went with "it's not bad it's just drawn that way" but I figured that'd be too obscure a reference. It's remarkably difficult to find a SFW picture of Jessica Rabbit.
  8. I've said this before and I'll keep saying it: I actually prefer the 360 version because of the way the races are structured. It just felt a bit more focused to me. You could either pick a car and complete the races for it at each location or pick a location and complete all the classes there. The Xbone version felt a bit too much "do what you want" and I think I just like to be told what to do. Don't kink shame me. I can feel both games getting reinstalled in the immediate future...
  9. I started to reel off all the games I could think of that made me smile and I really enjoyed, like Hades, Tony Hawk remake, Mortal Kombat, Sniper Elite, Forza Horizon... Then I realised that I only play stuff that makes me smile and I really enjoy. Given the selection and availability of games these days, why would I play something that I don't enjoy and doesn't make me smile? It's not like I've spent all my pocket money on a game based purely on the cover art and now I'm stuck with it...
  10. She was a solid baker, I reckon she could do a great pudding after a Sunday roast, but she was out of her depth when it came to doing anything inventive or with any kind of fitness. Scouse Pies all round, then?
  11. That was my initial thought, but I reckon they mean Jaguar / Land Rover in Speke (she mentioned something about living near a Tudor mansion, which is probably Speke Hall). I find her accent annoying, but she has picked her game up from the first week or two, I thought she'd be out by now.
  12. I remember liking both of these, I may have to give them a rewatch.
  13. It's not even five minutes, I'd say. Sub-three maybe? Edit: just checked and the Rewards Hunter video is 2:59,including the preamble explaining the quest. So defo under 3 minutes play time.
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