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  1. Not really relevant to the thread, but my wife and I's first date was we went and saw The Crow. And it's an amazing film. Is it on Netflix or Prime?
  2. Can I be your mate? £90 for a birthday present is pretty generous! Speaking of which, it's just the price that's making me dither about getting one. I'm not sure I'd actually use it ninety quid's worth. Though I would have thought it'd inject a new lease of life into Forza 7 (and probably 5 and 6)...
  3. I was going to ask a similar question. It looks like it's compatible with the two wheels I have: MS Wireless wheel https://www.drivehubnow.com/microsoft-wheels Logitech Driving Force GT https://www.drivehubnow.com/logitech-wheels so I'm tempted to pick one up. But I'm wondering how well they actually work.
  4. In the PS1 games, you had to be able to play everything with a standard controller, is that not the case for PS2? I vaguely remember Endgame using the controller, but that might have just been because I was playing an early version. I have a G-Con 2 I have no use for, if you wanna buy it?
  5. Xbox360 would probably count. I was a PlayStation kinda guy from the PS1 days, through PS2 (which was pretty much my only console of that gen, other than a short dalliance with a Dreamcast*) and into the PS3. This was mostly driven (pun intended) by the one exclusive I was mad about - Gran Turismo. I didn't even consider the 360, really, I had everything I needed in Sony's box. I think it was actually after the Xbone launched, though it might have been a little bit before, that I bought a modded 360 off someone on here and suddenly realised I'd backed the wrong box. Be
  6. I'm in the same boat with my Amiga stuff. I have a load of it and can't decide if I should just try to sell it as one bundle or if I should take the time to eBay everything individually.
  7. Got it working! Yay! Discovered it gives me motion sickness! Boo! I am stressed at the mo, which doesn't help. So I may give it another go in a few weeks. Follow me for more threads about games I can't play. On the bright side, I have installed SNES9X on my laptop, download Super Mario World and got my 360 pad working with it. My team are going to wonder why I'm so quiet during team meetings.
  8. I've followed the instructions on there. I now have a "Build" folder, which seems to be a compiled version of the game. How do I run it?
  9. Oh interesting, I think I'll have a crack at getting the Linux version running. See how it is on my laptop.
  10. I was really hoping this was exactly what it was. Disappointed.
  11. Ah right. I've never used Facebook to buy or sell anything. Where do I look?
  12. And I can easily play in on my Wii, with a classic controller.
  13. Can't find it, but it's pretty much: Make bolognese Make mac and cheese (for 800ml of milk, it uses 100g parmesan and 80g cheddar. Stick a couple of teaspoons of mustard in to cut through the cheesiness), only cooking the mac bit to a bit less than al dente Pur bolognese in an oven proof dish Put the mac and cheese on top Chop some mozzarella over the top and add some more cheddar Stick in the oven on 200 (180 fan) for about half an hour
  14. Mac and cheese "lasagna" It's a layer of bolognese topped with mac and cheese. The recipe is from this month's BBC Good Food magazine. I would say it's hit near the top of my favourite home cooked dinners. Properly ace.
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