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  1. The problem I have is that I'm trying to sell a bundle with nearly 50 boxed games
  2. This is the issue I'm having - any kind of insured delivery is about £60. Which puts people off. It's worth going on the Amiga Owners group on Facebook and putting it up on there. You'll get an honest valuation and will probably get someone wanting it, without eBay unpleasantness.
  3. I've always meant to play throu Full Throttle, so I'm using a guide to get the achievements as I go. Going to do the same with DOTT (though I ran through it back in the 90s) . I've been meaning to play the Walking Dead games for ages, so I'll do those as well. Not going to play anything just for points, it's only the things I would play anyway.
  4. Loved this on the SNES. Loved it. Played it for hours and hours, though it definitely reached a point where the difficulty outpaced my skill and I got stuck. Never played the sequel, weirdly. I'll be interested to see if the additions make it worth a purchase, or if I'll just stick to emulating it...
  5. I've been meaning to play those anyway. Is it literally just "play through them" to get all the rewards?
  6. Gran Turismo 3 for me. It came at a time when I had plenty of opportunity to play games. And I loved it. As well as a few hours a night for years, I'd spend literally whole weekends playing it - I had three memory cards, one of which had a save where I'd completed the licence tests, which I'd copy to another card on the Friday and then see how far I could get through the game by Sunday night (I'd have weekends where my housemate would be away and I wouldn't see my missus, and was saving for a wedding and a house deposit). So well into the thousands of hours, I'd say. And all done on a controll
  7. If I already have game pass, what the cheapest way to top it up? I've got about 6 months left...
  8. Which games would these be?
  9. I do mine at the same time every night. Put the kids to bed, head into the back room, where all the kids' stuff lives, switch the xbox on while I plug all the tablets in, do the two dailies. Annoyingly, I managed to miss out on the 1000pts by one daily last month.
  10. I've worked my way through Abnett's Inquisitor books - Eisenhorn, Ravenor, the Magos and the new Bequin books. I don't know if he's only recently started doing it, or if I've only just noticed it, but he's in the really bad habit of using really obscure words, when there's a perfectly good, common word he could have used. On pretty much the first page of Penitent, he uses half a dozen words for "yellow" that I had to Google, where "yellow" would have done the job. I'm all for an expanded vocabulary, but there are times where it seems like he's picking random words and looking up the most obscu
  11. Yeah, definitely. They're pretty much Sharpe in space, but they're full of great characters, really good story arcs and loads of action. I've recently reread them all and was thoroughly entertained throughout. Speaking of which. I've just finished the latest Bequin book, which seems to be about to make a massive change to the 40k lore, which might be interesting. Looking for recommendations on what to read next. What's new and exciting out there?
  12. Is this on any of the streaming services? The Mitchells vs the Machines Great film. Couldn't really fault it, to be honest and the kids absolutely loved it. 5/5
  13. Mortal Kombat 11 had a preorder bonus character that was a fiver otherwise. I seem to remember there was something similar for Forza Horizon 4...
  14. Is that the 2D side scroller with really simple graphics? I think we played that and got stuck...
  15. Ultimate would just add the dlc. Be careful, though, there's a couple of versions of "ultimate" one of which doesn't include the extra story or some of the characters. I was somewhat irked about this.
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