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  1. Aquaman we only watched this because my missus has a big, frothy wide-on for Jason Momoa, but it was actually a lot of fun. Full of plot holes, but an enjoyable watch non the less. 4/5
  2. Just had a notification from Amazon telling me the release date for this has been pushed back a week...
  3. I've just preordered one. If it's shit, you owe me £100
  4. I was quite surprised to see who plays the Mandalorian, I was convinced it was Timothy thingy from Justified. All in all, it was alright. Some dodgy SFX in places, but decent otherwise. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen a few episodes.
  5. I feel like I'm missing something with Dead Cells. People are talking about builds and stuff and I'm just playing until I die and not really getting anywhere. Enjoying it, though.
  6. Currently trapped between "I'll wait until the price drops" and FOMO right now. I've wanted a C64 for years, but the practicalities have put me off, so I think I should just order one, but I still have this nagging "What if it's like the PS1 Classic?" voice in my head...
  7. Yep, Edge described it as needing to work for a good race, or words to that effect. You can definitely pay to win. I find a lot more fun in using something slightly less competitive.
  8. Gran Turismo 3: A Spec (to give GT3 it's full, Sunday name). To say this is a favourite of mine is an understatement. I'm fairly sure that this is, by far, the game I have played the most in my life. I really loved the first two games in the GT series, but this was a complete obsession for me. I got it on release (the day before, in fact. Someone who used to work for me went to Sony to be an assistant producer on it, so got me a copy early) and played it almost exclusively for years. And if I wasn't playing it, I was on various forums reading and talking about it or reading FAQs, finding new tunes or devising new strategies to get as far I'm with minimal effort... I've recently played the first two in the series. The first one was a technical tour de force, but there actually wasn't a lot if game there and it wasn't a lot of fun to play - the handling was amazingly twitchy, there weren't many events which meant you had to grind to progress and the AI was just A. GT2 improved on the game-ness with lots (and lots and lots) of events, with a decent competition structure that allowed a proper progression. Still a bit grindy, still crap AI, still stupidly twitchy. So, to the first of the PS2 iterations: GT3. For me, this was the pinnacle of the series. I'm sure someone will tell me 4/5/6/Sport is better because reasons, but this was just spot on as far as I am concerned. It vastly improved the handling, though it leans much more towards understeer now. Fiddling with the car set up improves this a lot. The competition structure is a big, big improvement and hasn't really been bettered IMO: you get a lot of the same events, with stipulations like Mercedes / Audi / Mitsubishi Evo only, FWD only, Type-R only, across multiple race length and difficulties and a mix of single and league events. It's also quite generous with the prizes, so the grind is sufficiently lessened to the point where it vabishes, if you know what you're doing. It has a load of fantastic tracks that are a lot of fun the race on. The rally events could be a game on their own, they're that good. And the graphics, oh the graphics. I know "PS2 era" is an insult, but this still looks amazing. It's not without its faults. The AI is still dumb as dogshit. And it sometimes resorts to straight up cheating to ramp up the difficulty. There's also the problem that you can spend to win - there's no restrictions on things like horsepower in any of the races, so you can bring a metaphorical gun to a knife fight. The lack of car damage also means you can wall ride instead of actually going around corners or us AI cars as emergency brakes. I find myself once more fully hooked. I picked up a save from a game I started a little while back (the early part of the game is where I find the most fun) and found myself planning my next steps while I was driving to work this morning. I need to find the power supply for my wheel...
  9. I picked up one of the converters off Amazon. It was on sale and I had some credit on my account. It's a Kaico one, evidently, that should have been £15, but was reduced to a tenner, so I paid a fiver for it. It seems to do the job perfectly well. I've been playing GT3 and it looks great. I fired up Tekken 5, which also seemed to be spot on. Can't complain so far, really.
  10. I know this isn't the thread for discussing this, but you should have the classical station on all the time. You know you get Skill Songs where you get double points during the current track? The classical tracks are double the length of any of the tracks on modern stations. And the rest of the music is shit anyway.
  11. Of that list, I have Micro Machines V3, but the Platinum version.
  12. A little while ago, I got myself a monitor with HDMI, with the intention of using it for last gen consoles. As the amount of consoles using HDMI has increased, I bought a shoe rack to put them all on. Works well. So, there is: PS3 (soon to be modded) 360 (rgh modded, hence the 500gb HDD sat on top) Wii (nodded and running SNES and MD games) PS1 Classic Fat PS2 (MC Boot, with and 80gb HDD) Controllers did sit in the shoe boxes, but they're full, so I need a better solution
  13. Anything else you're after? Looking to sell my PS1 games...
  14. Anyone interested in an official steering wheel for their Saturn? I have a boxed one I'm looking to sell. I'd rather it went to someone here than I stuck it on eBay.
  15. There's a guy I work with who is obsessed with finding a copy. I'd never heard of it until he started going on about it.
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