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  1. It's not my problem that you wouldn't know humour if it'd hit you in face like a brick. Like I said: I was joking. Because I knew it'd piss the likes of you off. And I was right. Using alt-right terminology, I see? Oh, how the mighty have fallen! "I'm pretentious enough to know you better than yourself, I have zero arguments to back up what I have to say, and I will shit on this forum's raison d'être and its people to make a point, completely oblivious to the fact that with this statement I've just proven that *I'm* the one who doesn't belong here." You're a hypocritical cunt who's behaving like a child with a thesaurus. So stop fucking up a perfectly fine thread. I'll tell you what: throw yourself off a cliff, and I'll consider it, sweet cheeks.
  2. Turn items off. It'll be more manageable.
  3. Sexist would be to say that I think women shouldn't make as much as men. That I want there to be inequality of pay for the same gigs. I didn't say that. I said that, generally, women now get paid the same as men for the same jobs. I am confirming that women are doing increasingly well these days. I find that celebratory. Get the hint. (Nor do I secretly believe the contrary; I'm glad women share the same principle liberties as men, and that should never be reverted to how it was in more oppressive times. I hold women in the same regard as I hold men, and the fact that I treat men and women slightly differently depending on the context — something everyone does; I'm merely not afraid to admit it — is merely the product of the inherent differences in the sexes, and stems from my very desire to treat everyone as best and honestly as I can. And that translates amazingly well in real life, which explains why my social standing is the element of my life I am least worried about.) Pointing out that the wage gap (which definitely exists, and is down to things like pregnancy and men in general being more willing to work dangerous jobs and do overtime, etc.) has essentially nothing to do with women getting paid less for the exact same gig as men, has nothing to do with a supposed hatred of women. (And, come on, man: why the hell would companies even hire men at all if they could get away with hiring lasses for less!? Insisting that women are cheaper to hire is a self-defeating point.) It has to do with statistics and choosing facts over feelings — this topic just happens to be about differences between men and women — kind of like how none of us care about the feelings of flat-earthers or global warming deniers. That this place happens to be such a liberal place that it seems natural to the most of you that the topic at hand is somehow still happening at an institutionalised level, is a shame, but hey, I know that and I like to poke fun at that. I will make crass jokes, because I have always made crass jokes and because, yes, it keeps triggering you. I also know that nothing I say will change anyone's mind — no one here is willing to give up their worldview in the slightest — so this entire post is meaningless, basically. We've never had it as well as we have it today when it comes to social justice. Stop pretending that it isn't. Anyway, you can repeat it as often as you want, ZOK, but I'm not a sexist. My life is proof of that. I'm just someone who's tired of your bullshit. Agreed. And fuck all intellectually bankrupt people who generalise everyone they can't get to terms with under super negative labels like that. Fuck people who can't take a joke. Fuck people with skin as thick as a Bible page. And fuck the negativity in this thread as a result of them. Anyway, Smash! Zero Suit Samus is still pretty good. Hurray for girls!
  4. You should change your name to Strife! LOL!
  5. Smash, Strafe! Smash! (Something which, like politics, I’m better at than you!)
  6. Ha! Like clockwork Neat, let's see how this changes things.
  7. Don't sleep on the Battle Arenas, by the way! Their outcomes don't impact your GSP and most of them are 1-v-1
  8. Slightly more, but I still get a lot of free-for-alls (meh) and team battles (OK). It's OK, though: I treat them as a chance to train my focus Not getting overwhelmed by the chaos helps the strategic mind. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. As with every crime, it occasionally happens and should be dealt with as such. But it's not an institutionalised issue like some people are making it out to be to further their own political agenda. They're two very different things. Now back to Smash Bros.! Which is called Bros. and not Sis. because obviously men are better than women!!!
  9. Humblebrag alert: shit, you get almost no GSP after reaching the 400k-450k mark. Matchmaking's great, though: people are getting better the higher I go.
  10. He's actually one of the more technical and complex characters in Smash!
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