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  1. My point was that you can't expect to see weight loss by dropping only a small amount of carbs. If you aren't going to do it wholesale then you would be better off just counting calories which is of course the basis for most diet plans. Nice analysis of Atkins BTW. ANY diet causes rapid weight loss in the first week or so due to water weight loss. Long term weight loss on Atkins isn't through water loss.
  2. If you are looking to reduce carbs then you'll probably want to avoid fruit altogether for now due to the sugar content. The best fruit you could eat would be strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc. Baked Beans will have sugar in too. Ice Cream has TONS of sugar. Carrots are starchy like potatoes so you might want to ditch them. Noodles are the same as pasta practically! Carb city. Safest low carb bets are any meat, fish, cheese, eggs, cream, butter. Generally try and stay clear of any food which has been refined in any way. Avoid diet products altogether as the carb count will almost certainly be much higher. Drink lots of water. Avoid stuff like diet coke, tea and coffee. Herbal tea is your friend! The best veggies would be things like peppers, onions, corgettes, cauliflour, kale, spinach, mushrooms. The logic behind Atkins is that your body becomes so starved of carbs that it begins to burn it's internal fat store (ketosis). Realistically unless you make radical changes this isn't going to happen so your efforts will be for naught. You'd be better off counting calories instead. You will need to cut down to 20g-40g carbs per day to see an effect I would say. It's easier said that done, you can easily blow this by eating one sugary snack. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  3. No thats Shadow Dancer! For me I think Shinobi 3 is the best of the series. The levels flow much better than revenge for me, Shinobi Joe is a lot more nimble. Ninja Gaiden style wall-bouncing, double-tap dashing, etc - it just makes it so much cooler. The horse riding and surfing (!) is a little silly, but its all good fun. I think revenge is better for the musical score, but it isn't bad in shinobi 3 either really.
  4. Somehow they'll make all the pieces fit I am sure! B)
  5. The Wii is the latest Pixar movie. Shallow as a puddle but looks good and is a bundle of laughs for all the family.
  6. Yay got my free HD-DVDs today! B)
  7. Portal really surprised me as it was the part of the orange box bundle I was least interested in initially. Once I actually bothered to play it I was hooked. It really messes with your mind at the start. What is funny is how by level 12 onwards it all starts to click into place in a strange way. Great atmosphere and a really original concept. Awesome.
  8. What about this? Or a big rubber cock? B)
  9. Some of the speccy magazine cover games like Batty or Bear-a-grudge were quite good fun for my pocket money budget. I did like some of codemasters £2.99 efforts too - Dizzy, BMX simulator, ATV simulator, Robin Hood - all good stuff!!
  10. Just log out, then back in again and it should show you
  11. Every episode where tormented Brian squeals: Anger. Pain. Fear. Aggression.
  12. Yet it was still 100x better than Katherine Tate or Ruddy Hell I wish Harry and Paul would please stay off the tv
  13. I for one am really enjoying this game. I liked the previous paper mario RPG games a little but found the battles and endless text reading tiresome. For me this game is the perfect blend. I'm only on about 2-3 so far, it's been very easy but the dimension flipping works so well, it's just non-taxing fun. The dialogue is very witty and well written. Give it a chance, maybe it's like gaming marmite but i am on the 'love it' side of the fence!
  14. Lylat Wars not enough? Europe VC Releases - 20th April
  15. Here's my humble set up as it stands at the minute: It's a pretty lean set up: Toshiba 32" LCD (32WLT66) Xbox 360 Humax PVR9200T (160GB twin freeview recorder) 360 HD-DVD drive Nintendo Wii Yamaha CRXM170 DAB/CD Player/Amp KEF bookcase speakers on Alphason stands (only 1 shown!) Ikea NORREBO TV bench + some overpriced swivel stand for the TV to angle it in the room! Nice and neat! That ikea entertainment unit fits over 100 DVDs underneath, but no more room for consoles or gizmos! hehe B)
  16. Imagine there's no Nintendo Wii It isn't hard to do Nothing but generic first person shooters And no innovation too Imagine all the people Playing the PS3 and 360 You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday Nintendo will come back And the world will live as one
  17. Check out the Virtual Console Archive on the Wii Internet Channel: http://www.meanmachinesmag.co.uk/wii The site will now redirect you to a mini-site optimised for the Wii's browser. There will be some sorting options added to view the reviews eventually. Let me know how you get on with this stripped down version of the VCA. B)
  18. I just added some thoughts on the Internet Channel on the Virtual Console Archive: Internet Browser on the Wii There are some videos on this page I uploaded to Youtube also if you are bored and want to check it out.... I gave a brief mention to the Forecast Channel as we were too lazy to mention it the other day! B)
  19. I was lucky enough to get my official japanese wii component cable this morning, £13 from yes-asia. the quality is excellent, zelda looks so much crisper now. the virtual console games all work on my NTSC-US Wii in 480p even though some reports indicated this could be a problem, mario 64 was much improved, sonic showed up the pixelation present in the original megadrive game, the blurryness is GONE!
  20. AllYourBase

    Excite Truck

    Perhaps Nintendo shouldn't have bothered releasing anything else then as Zelda has ALL the bases covered? I think there is room for two quality games in completely DIFFERENT genres! Good to know PAL land got 4x4 monster truck at least!
  21. AllYourBase

    Excite Truck

    Small consulation, Excite Truck is a quality title not just some tacked together mini games to show off the wiimote
  22. AllYourBase

    Excite Truck

    23rd of Feb 07. Want any more proof that NOE hate you!?
  23. AllYourBase

    Excite Truck

    I really like this game, it kept me off Zelda for the first 2 days when I got the Wii. It is just great fun, who cares if it's 30FPS, etc - it plays like a dream. Burnout but more fun. The wiimote is perfect for controlling the truck, great idea! The music is laughably bad however, the good news is you can fill your SD card up with MP3s and play them in the game instead! WIN!!!
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