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    Phantasy Starr Online ABBA
  2. I don't have many physical books. They are all on my iPad, mostly looking all " Booky " . So yeah!
  3. I know that really, but i guess i've moved on from those kind of games - or rather the way they are presented
  4. The description! not the game When you look at Dracula X above, we've not come that far after all
  5. b00dles just used a phrase " Throw Back " And i guess that nails it perfectly in the jest of this thread. Whenever I see a Now 80's or Now 90's album advertised on TV in this era. I get the same feeling of GROAN been there done that. I just don't want to go back to any of it. My point STILL stands that these are interesting and vital games for those youngsters that are experiencing these graphic styles for the first time round. I am impressed though at how programmers hide next-gen processes underneath the old graphics. I'll give them that one.
  6. Ok i was off the mark with Braid - sorry about that I'm really aiming at stuff like Mercenary Kings that has been made to look the way it does on superior hardware. An apology in advance if you like this game
  7. I wonder? and its sketchy at best - Did the success of BRAID kickstart the trend for these games again?
  8. I've been fortunate enough to be employed most of my life. Well, pretty much all of it from 17yrs of age onwards. This is what has killed " proper " piracy for me. - Because i can just buy the things i want now. I still dabble in the Retroarch stuff of course. When i was a kid, anything from Spectrum games to Amiga games right through to Snes games and a Wildcard were got via Piracy. - because how else would i get hold of it... ( Paper-round i suppose. I used to get 1.99 Firebird games with that money )
  9. No its crazy Sunday now! mind you i start work in 30 mins. Carnage by lunchtime then. Mind you, somebody out there must dislike these pixely blocky things
  10. Its probably not even a worthwhile thread ( when is anything i do anything but! ) I will play PC Engine Gameboy and Snes games... all day long because thats representative of the hardware. But I am generally not a fan of "modern" games that are purposely made to look Retro. I still think Minecraft was created to teach about gameplay over graphics. @b00dles has already corrected me on this today But why do programmers decide to go with the retro look? Money/Cost? General Feel? or something else. I picked on Super Meat Boy and Celeste earlier. Two games that generally look retro. But i'm sure are very good. Whereas i can play something like Ori and its sequel all day long. Now those i suppose could easily have been released looking like Celeste. But what guided the choice to make it absolutely fucking beautiful? rather than a goddamn blocky horror show? ( i'm copyrighting that ) The Touryst game for example - I can just about go with that. Its great. But why the decision to fall into the retro territory again?
  11. Looks alright this does, and Mani is in it too
  12. Should have chosen Flimbo's Quest instead! Arseholes
  13. If its any consolation! i was going to make a post about this too Love Elmo and Adore Iain Lee
  14. I’m going to blank out the penalties because we should never have got there. If there was no sitting back around the 60 mins mark, and a couple more subs like what Italy did... we would have won that game. No Foden either. Booo
  15. I have plugged these earlier in the thread, but here's the new single " Back Of A Lorry " their new album should be a corker!
  16. Poor old Arnautovic, channelling his inner Jason Williamson ( Sleaford Mods )
  17. In the earth is a proper pile of pants! Edit: i see ive picked up a posirive already by stating its rubbish. I get it that its amazing if you are into your arry farty film pieces, but this is just a load of ARSE. I will give you a tip. Go and watch The Borderlands instead. Thats proper unnerving.
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