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  1. I'm not even into Lord Of The Rings, but Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor ( and the sequel too i guess ) is AMAZING, and so much fun. So i'll have that! its version of A.I. is bonkers, how an enemy you let escape remembers you...
  2. Yes i mean something similar to the Apple TV but with a Switch or upgraded kit inside it
  3. The answer is probably at the moment NO! but i don't suppose anybody anywhere here knows if a new Switch will come out? A small Nintendo gaming box with the tech it in would be amazing.
  4. I don't know whether its the done thing, Even though all my drives are SSD, i do store some on an external drive ( just the smaller games like the goose game and what the golf ) no issues at all.
  5. Compatibility and reliability mostly. I blindly always go for intel. Theres nothing at all wrong with AMD Ryzens, in fact they are probably better performance wise these days. - somebody whos an AMD Ryzen aficionado reply please
  6. Not clicking on it Uzi - could be a virus!
  7. same price as the currys one more or less, depends if you'd like Intel or AMD really I'm an intel man
  8. See that goes back to my point on CPU you can spec down on CPU as long as you beef up the GPU - Well, duh! - but you know what i mean guys. Might be tempted to bump Veznas one up to a Ryzen 5 though
  9. See the problem is, this bugger at nasty old Currys is 1399 https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/pc-specialist-vortex-st-s-gaming-pc-intel-core-i7-rtx-2070-super-2-tb-hdd-256-gb-ssd-10196471-pdt.html one of Rllmuk or a friends could probaby make that for about 1100
  10. Well if you want to throw a lot at it - add 300 pounds to that 700! and maybe as much as 400 Next question - Build yourselves or pre bulit i suppose
  11. You don't have to go crazy. But you are saying " Future Proof " which doesn't really exist unfortunately. Thankfully a lot of the best PC games are indie games that actually don't need much spec. If you are going Intel processors an i7 8th or 9th Gen is good value. And of course 10th Gen has just come out. Even an i5 is plenty. AMD Ryzen wise - Anything from a Ryzen 7 upwards i suppose? I don't follow Ryzens so much. Motherboards are a muchness. As long as its a gaming one that takes up to 32gb DDR4 jobs a good un. Then of course Graphics wise, just get a newest as you can Nvidia card. ( I've got a Radeon but thats the cheapskates route haha ) Overall I would say around 800-900 quid. ( for your " Future Proof " wish ) But you'd have to go part picking to save money. Otherwise? 700 quid is plenty!! of cash to make something that can play stuff decent. Have a look on youtube how well old processors such as a Pentium Gold can handle games with a decent graphics card. ( and a Pentium Gold processor is about 45 quid! ) - not that i am telling you to buy that processor of course.
  12. I too drifted across to PC over the last 12 months. Mainly because theres a lot of console games coming out now on PC. - i mean i'm playing Trials Of Mana at the moment - something that wouldnt have happened about 2-3 years back. The void has closed! I have an i7 9th Gen with 32gb ram and purely on saving money I went for a Radeon 8gb card - which is a major sin Nvidia fans i know anyway its lovely and will allow me to hold off getting a console for a couple of years or so and online play is free of charge! ( and secretly i can't wait to see if it can indeed run some new cross platform PS5/Xbox series X stuff )
  13. Chickens have not featured much recently. Need more chickens.
  14. Who remembers M25 Racer! Great concept, not so great game, but fun enough. We have the technology to make something like this properly now, but i fear the health and safety bods would be ontop of it. Something Forza Horizon style would work, but much more focussed on driving around the motorways than racing a Jet Fighter The original Need For Speed captured its version of the concept well. - Caravans and all...
  15. I’ve got to a point where Trophies and Achievements are a turn off. ( This is an easy way of saying I’m shit at it ) Because of Trophies you get crap like find all the hidden packages or shoot 100 enemies in the balls!
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