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  1. If its any consolation! i was going to make a post about this too Love Elmo and Adore Iain Lee
  2. I’m going to blank out the penalties because we should never have got there. If there was no sitting back around the 60 mins mark, and a couple more subs like what Italy did... we would have won that game. No Foden either. Booo
  3. I have plugged these earlier in the thread, but here's the new single " Back Of A Lorry " their new album should be a corker!
  4. Poor old Arnautovic, channelling his inner Jason Williamson ( Sleaford Mods )
  5. In the earth is a proper pile of pants! Edit: i see ive picked up a posirive already by stating its rubbish. I get it that its amazing if you are into your arry farty film pieces, but this is just a load of ARSE. I will give you a tip. Go and watch The Borderlands instead. Thats proper unnerving.
  6. Yes Doc Brown was awesome in this! Just finished watching, its like a comedy version of Taken i suppose? bloody great/10
  7. Blatantly Roobarb as I referenced above - and i love it
  8. I will get this! and anyway, for us old people:
  9. Heh Well... i did have this one lined up for the reveal...
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