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  1. Hello Goaty ♥

    Doctor Who

    Her smile is very “This is fine”
  2. Hello Goaty ♥

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

  3. Hello Goaty ♥

    Favorite Gig?

    I've been to a lot of gigs over the years and i'm inclined to say Rage Against The Machines debut tour in the UK. But? - for the setting alone it has to be The Prodigy in Belgrade Serbia at Kalemegdan Fortress: We all decided to head off to the warriors dance festival over there were about 20 of us and the flight back had the band on board too Lets just say, the organsiers were a lot more forgiving than what a UK festival would arrange The gig was just behind that wall and heres me with a big gun: bloody great gig actually when you look back. There was even a tattoo artist on site which was messy for some
  4. Hello Goaty ♥

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    commentary is like PES commentary on ITV they chat shit! in fact its POS commentary anyway yes dizoggs right though!
  5. Hello Goaty ♥

    Most impressive use of limited hardware.

    Commodore 64 Ghosts n' Goblins & Ghouls n' Ghosts! oh yes. and in the last video below, it was Remade in 2015!
  6. Hello Goaty ♥

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    So close. Great game!!
  7. Hello Goaty ♥

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Dirty Denmark gone
  8. Hello Goaty ♥

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Spain were shit - fair play!
  9. Hello Goaty ♥

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Well.. this is being posted right before the Penalties :O and Spain don't particularly deserve to win - but COME ON!
  10. Hello Goaty ♥

    Mortimer & whitehouse: Gone fishing

    It’s very much like the one they did three men in a boat with Griff.
  11. Hello Goaty ♥


    I haven't played this yet on any format. what do I do?
  12. Hello Goaty ♥

    Mortimer & whitehouse: Gone fishing

    I see what you mean. Probably should have had Bob Mortimer and Johnny Vegas just attempting to fish and failing to catch owt.
  13. Hello Goaty ♥

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    I love my switch but never really use it handheld. Its rather hard to explain why. But I will try. EDIT- Ironically I was typing this reply out whilst John mentioned what this console was above So then, With a 3DS or Vita game, the visuals and game are tailored or programmed to look and play well on a handheld. on the Nintendo Switch, it always feels like I've shrunk my 42 inch TV experience of playing the switch at home to fit into my rucksack. Therefore the games do not adapt to the small screen, they just play exactly like they would on a large TV. I think the screen is far too small for them sometimes because of this. Zelda especially. other than that bonkers assessment, the Switch is one of the best things Nintendo have made recently so long as they don't drop the thing in the next 5 years or so and keep supporting it.
  14. Hello Goaty ♥

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

  15. Hello Goaty ♥

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    so they can drink themselves to death!!!111

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