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  1. Rllmuk2 Is ready to Join! Potentially we could meet Rllmuk on the battlefields...
  2. unless ios13 magically becomes available of course! its on 12.4.1 but as I say its a series 3 mini. Be nice if it updated
  3. With me being a thick o- the only Apple product I have is a series 3 ipad Mini what will this this give me access to? In terms of this lot?
  4. Hello Goaty ♥


    I watched TOOL several times supporting Rage Against The Machine - great bloody times!!
  5. I would like a source that picks out the original stuff. Rllmuk is a good source (sauce!) As that game " a short hike " is one i would have missed!
  6. Would about now be time to buy Wildlands and play through it? Or has that boat set sail?
  7. Their storylines are shit! like an English version of what Need For Speed comes up with.
  8. As do Turn 10 studios!
  9. I'm in, used my team I made for the work league New Wishful XI thanking you sir
  10. “ No Mans Sky “ should've been called “ Not Quite Ready “
  11. By the way, dirty..out of touch programmers here are what your games should be called: Soul Tits Tits Alive!
  12. Super Monkey Ball should be called Monkey Marbles
  13. Unless some genius at Nintendo have put him in there, Doshin The Giant should be wandering around in Zelda Breath Of The Wild really!
  14. Can’t please everyone but what no Vigilante or Pacland?
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