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  1. BC statement coming March 2019
  2. and I might have a new TV by then
  3. I just wish these console manufacturers would spend time to get it right 1st time and release something that is sound and doesn't need tinkering with. I've always said that its Television Technology that ultimately forces these changes. Its true that PS4 and Xbox One were released during a transformation of TV's. Remember when they revised the 360 to have a HDMI port? i'm surprised these consoles and TVs haven't explored Display Port connections! is there another type of connection coming that would replace HDMI ? anyone know please
  4. Oh I started using it again but I was a bit WTF at the time. I probably could or should have seen the future upgrades I suppose. a fool and his money point being from the past I have paid top dollar for imported Playstations Saturns and Dreamcasts etc.. but at least they faded out and was more acceptable to me!
  5. You missed my point, or rather I didn't make it clear enough. I think my PS4 from Argos was about 450 quid with a game or two. It was so quick for the new PS4 to be released - well about 2 years - but still fast console wise. It was a big kick in the bollocks for me, that. And as a disgruntled consumer I couldn't be arsed with the PS4 for a period. ( I didn't get an Xbox One immediately but I would have felt the same for that I think ) I've spent the entire lifespan of the console playing Shadow Of Mordor and Shadow Of War ( with a smattering of Skyrim and Fallout 4 )
  6. Well, that makes the PS4 my most un-used console ever. I was a 1st Month of release purchaser, and it started off well. Then all the Xbox Scorpios and PS4 Pros came out. its a shame I didn't have a crystal ball to predict it all. As it stands, I have as PS4 standard console, an Xbox One S [after holding out for it to happen at the time] Plus an 8 year old 1080p Television. - reckon I will buy a PS5 or Xbox TWO day one? will I fuck Although it is very nice to see things moving along of course. I'll be the one on the sidelines for 12 months plus, ready to buy one and a new TV! * I'm still waiting for Nintendo to release the Switch as a console with no screen
  7. Hello Goaty ♥

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Sounds rude, that
  8. Hello Goaty ♥

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Just played it very briefly and I was transported back to about 2015 - its like a proper old skool ting!
  9. Hello Goaty ♥

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

  10. Hello Goaty ♥

    Blade Strangers - new 2D fighting game from Studio Saizensen

    no worse than Dead Or Alive :D
  11. Hello Goaty ♥

    PES 2019

    haha its the one area that ruins the experience in pes. and no I cant just switch commentary off! - its an important detail to me
  12. Hello Goaty ♥

    PES 2019

    the commentary - will it still be really shit?
  13. Hello Goaty ♥

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    The gates of hell open for Rushy and team To be honest I really like the look of it, so cant wait to see!

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