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  1. Hello Goaty ♥


    Phantasy Starr Online ABBA
  2. I don't have many physical books. They are all on my iPad, mostly looking all " Booky " . So yeah!
  3. I know that really, but i guess i've moved on from those kind of games - or rather the way they are presented
  4. The description! not the game When you look at Dracula X above, we've not come that far after all
  5. b00dles just used a phrase " Throw Back " And i guess that nails it perfectly in the jest of this thread. Whenever I see a Now 80's or Now 90's album advertised on TV in this era. I get the same feeling of GROAN been there done that. I just don't want to go back to any of it. My point STILL stands that these are interesting and vital games for those youngsters that are experiencing these graphic styles for the first time round. I am impressed though at how programmers hide next-gen processes underneath the old graphics. I'll give them that one.
  6. Ok i was off the mark with Braid - sorry about that I'm really aiming at stuff like Mercenary Kings that has been made to look the way it does on superior hardware. An apology in advance if you like this game
  7. I wonder? and its sketchy at best - Did the success of BRAID kickstart the trend for these games again?
  8. I've been fortunate enough to be employed most of my life. Well, pretty much all of it from 17yrs of age onwards. This is what has killed " proper " piracy for me. - Because i can just buy the things i want now. I still dabble in the Retroarch stuff of course. When i was a kid, anything from Spectrum games to Amiga games right through to Snes games and a Wildcard were got via Piracy. - because how else would i get hold of it... ( Paper-round i suppose. I used to get 1.99 Firebird games with that money )
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