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  1. Welll..... Its Mario Kart Or it could be Forza Horizon
  2. I'm watching this being played on Twitch TV, their character is quite something! https://www.twitch.tv/tcgsco
  3. Are there any COD games at the moment on the consoles or i suppose PC , apart from this that are really well played by loads? fancy a Call Of Duty fix but not for 60 quid
  4. It's happening! sort of San Francisco to allow police 'killer robots' - BBC News San Francisco's ruling Board of Supervisors has voted to let the city's police use robots that can kill. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-63816454
  5. Well. I still haven't worked it out Premiered an hour or so ago, and would probably win Eurovision
  6. I'm sure most of you are aware that when you win an auction from those places, a few final charges go on top! So say a console went for 100 pounds, the price including fees could top 200 quid. all good fun though!
  7. See if any of these tickle your fancy! https://www.ewbankauctions.co.uk/Vintage-Video-Games-Consoles/2022-11-18?arr=&bidded_lots=0&box_filter=&category=&category_by=&currency=&department_id=&exclude_keyword=&export_issue=&filter_360=&high_estimate=&image_filter=&keyword=&list_type=&lot_no_from=&lot_no_to=&lots_per_page=&low_estimate=&month=&page_no=1&paper_filter=&search_type=&sort_by=&view=bidders&year=
  8. Remakes are good as long as it doesn't get in the way of making new things. I also guess remaking something gives practice.
  9. The BBC need to treat it more seriously. So much has gone wrong since Christopher Ecclescake rebooted it.
  10. I fully completed a lot of Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Mainly down to those stupid Achievement points! That we now know mean duck all
  11. I get that. And games especially made for it work well. Zelda Breath Of The WIld was a revelation. But as soon as they release cross platform/console games it generally goes to pot.
  12. Yes thats a Dock for a limited handheld. I want a proper console thats in no way portable ( apart from putting it in a bag to take to another TV ) do you get it?
  13. I want something that is not a handheld. That basic!
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