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  1. Also, I think that Affleck is definitely more suited to being involved in the Justice League than Bale ever could be, if that actually ever becomes a reality.
  2. No. Let's stop this before it starts, please.
  3. That was exactly my first thought. Affleck doesn't scream Batman when you look at him for the role, but then neither does Keaton (if you didn't know any better). I think that Bale has been the most suited to the role so far though, but that's just my personal opinion, it's going to take a lot to better his performance for me. I don't really get the general hate for Affleck, he's a great actor and has been part of some amazing films, he's also done some shit - but then who hasn't really. I didn't really enjoy MoS as much as I was hoping I would, so I'm just going to hold off making any sweeping judgements on this until I've seen how it turned out. And yes, Daredevil was shit because of the script and the direction, the cast are all great actors that unfortunately just ended up working on a stinker of a film.
  4. Yes, I've read a few nerdrage reviews that have speculated that. I don't think that's gonna happen though, I think it would be weird if they did. What would be the point really?
  5. You are indeed correct, I was just including the RDJ films as "one" before we move onto the next lot.
  6. //edit @Sprite Machine No, completely agree with you. However, when compared to all the other Marvel films of late (especially the Avengers collection of films) it's really the first time that a major character has gone off on such a tangent. That's all I'm saying. If it were a standalone film then I'd not be complaining at all, I can totally see why it's been so well received, but as part of a collection of films it just didn't fit for me, especially as the "end" to this trilogy. Had it been in the next phase of Marvel films then I'd not be complaining at all. That sentence wasn't meant to sound as dismissive as it came across. I just meant someone that was less bothered about the source material and more bothered about experiencing a quality film, not someone that enjoys average films. Apologies if that offended.
  7. I can't disagree with that, RDJ totally nails Stark. That's the best aspect of IM's entire film history so far, I can't even imagine who could fill his boots (pardon the pun). Yes, I had the exact same thought about the tattoos. I figured it was some kind of amalgamation of the two, I'm still confused though! I'm certainly not saying it was a bad film, absolutely stunning to look at and very amusing in places. I'm all for adaptations and reimaginations, but not when something so important to fans is lost. I think I've made my point, so I'll shut up now.
  8. I think you're being a little OTT there, it would have been possible to find a sensible middle ground. After all, Thor's entrance to the film universe was acceptable enough. It wouldn't have had to go completely overboard with the magic rings. I actually thought that portraying him as a modern day terrorist was a good way to introduce him and was interested to see how that panned out. I guess this was the only bit that confused/consoled me, I think I'm just too much of an IM fan, not to mention Kingsley fan, for it to not have been a disappointment.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with you, if you enjoyed it for that reason then that's great. I'm not trying to tell you it was shit and you were wrong to enjoy it.
  10. No. Not at all, I've not said it was a bad film, I still enjoyed it. Again, it wasn't a bad film, I want to see it again already, but I think I'd built up something in my head (Iron Patriot's appearance wasn't what I was hoping for either) that it was just a shock to not get what I'd been expecting.
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