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  1. iwubcode


    ta muchly! time to install
  2. iwubcode


    I'm intrigued by your enthusiasm - what game is this?
  3. 🕹 High Score Day #117 - https://highscoreday.com Better than expected!
  4. 🕹 High Score Day #116 - https://highscoreday.com The auto completion in their search is very case sensitive, I almost gave up on the last one but finally got it with a bit of trial and error.
  5. 🕹 High Score Day #115 - https://highscoreday.com
  6. 🕹 High Score Day #114 - https://highscoreday.com Pretty tough this time!
  7. 🕹 High Score Day #113 - https://highscoreday.com
  8. It does, including the DQ8 orchestral soundtrack that can be toggled from the options menu if you want some variety.
  9. I like Halo's approach to this by telling you what the intended experience is at the difficulty select screen (if there is in fact a developer intent).
  10. £70 for an interactive screensaver - just watch the cutscenes on youtube and save yourselves a few quid.
  11. This feels like a proper handheld game. No fat, a font size I can read without squinting my eyes, and speedy gameplay. Brilliant.
  12. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I noticed KOF 2002 UM had been updated with more bells and whistles on steam. I'm going to fail miserably, aren't I? (Two out of 12 down)
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