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  1. I'm about two hours in so far and Weird West is actually pretty damn good. My friend Pedro style shooting on the horizontal this time so it does take a bit of getting used to but so far so good
  2. and he had just turned 50 back in Feb as well. This is one of those things where I caught the headline around 3 this morning and actually said "No way, it can't be THAT Taylor Hawkins" Phenomenal drumming talent.
  3. Wickedkitten


    And a clip
  4. "I thought I would make a good PM because I'm into interior design" FIRE HER SIRALUN!
  5. I like to get in a driving game and actually follow the rules of the road. One of my favourite things to do when Test Drive 3 first came out was pop a cd into my pc and just drive around listening to music. I got my life when Test Drive Unlimited first came out because I wasn't even bothered about the racing really, I just wanted to bomb around the island listening to the radio lol
  6. We were looking for a watch the other night and randomly hit on this. Why isn’t this bigger than it is, it’s brilliant. Up to ep 3 of season two and there isn’t a character that isn’t good.
  7. See, I even tried to misspell it but my phone didn’t let me
  8. Time could have been good if they made it a roguelike, Arctic Roll could have been a mobile game maybe
  9. I actually thought he was going to get to Tatooine and the Darksaber would be missing
  10. Absolutely loved the ep although it really made me want the next season of Mando already. Glad we got an almost hour long ep as well!
  11. More than half of the mens team should have been fired already. This is the second week in a row that they have come up with something that looks like a shit.
  12. short for bourgeoisie but in modern parlance someone stuck up their own arsehole with champagne taste but wkd money
  13. we could have discussed your inability to follow said directions as well ah man, I was just talking to my mate at work today about Gears of War and how “shotguns take skill” those were great times
  14. Finished the last ep last night and absolutely loved it!
  15. Im just watching the ggambu ep now and DAMN This is really good
  16. Only 15 minutes until part 5 of Money Heist. Love the fact im off today and can watch it before spoilers pop up everywhere
  17. We watched Nightmare of the wolf the other night and unf Didn't know it was made by the same studio that did Castlevania but it made me want to NG+ Witcher 3 and rewatch Season 1 so thats my bank holiday weekend sorted
  18. We were watching and cringing last night because we just knewwww there was going to be sime shit about Lib not makjng Jake’s heart race the most. Teddy is a whole fool
  19. I'm happy Matt shot her into orbit because she was just using him. Still can't believe Millie even entertaining Liam though. She knows that he will lie through his teeth without even blinking and is a cheater so the fact she is even giving him a chance is mindboggling. He isn't even that fucking cute
  20. Needs more Helen Mirren, also Completely and utterly over the top but i wouldn't expect anything less at this point. Roll on FFX
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