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  1. Woody is brilliant, that is all
  2. Undeadwood is pretty good, it's just so short at two hours per episode
  3. Tommy is one of the best people on here, wait until you get to episode three
  4. We only watched up until the break last night because I was falling asleep and my mate has to get up at a reasonable time today but that entire first half up until the break was fucking amazing even with Laura trying to meta game as usual. Really looking forward to finishing the other half later tonight along with undeadwood, we've been looking forward to watching that for weeks now.
  5. these bloody patches just keep getting bigger and bigger
  6. Just imagine the amount of energy if they could find a way to harness the rage tantrums.
  7. Yeah, he's cool as fuck and also streams on twitch as Jaymewes. He does Fortnite, Apex and also lego builds and irl streams.
  8. Konami code at the Black hole
  9. They actually managed to break their event
  10. This season has been shit to the point where I made it to level 100 but i can't even be fucked finishing my objectives. Since they added in forced crossplay it is just absolute trash playing on a console with a controller at 60fps against people on pc at 120+ with keyboards and mice that can kill you so quickly that you will be shot and still walking around because the server hasn't caught up with the fact that you are dead yet. My mate never even bought the season pass for the first time and hasn't made it three games in the row all season without stopping and going back to wow It has been fun as hell playing it with Jason Mewes though which has been the only good thing about this season because he gets proper into it
  11. People like Lottie never had to be told to shut the fuck up by their parents because they weren't ever really listening to anything they said anyway.
  12. And it's never to be seen again However
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