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  1. one of them left geek and sundry to start hyperrpg and the other guy is his brother who took hyperrpg over with his wife.
  2. I bought the book a couple of years ago and finally got round to reading it before Christmas and yeah, this is actually really good.
  3. Wickedkitten

    RIP Neil Peart

    Fuck Cancer. I found out on twitch the other night and the stream I was watching turned into a Rush listening party He was so good on the drums.
  4. Strudel is almost finished and pizza is ready to go into the oven in twenty minutes. Recap just started eeeeeeeeeeeeee it’s been so long
  5. Yeah, there are loads more people streaming all three games on twitch at the moment.
  6. I know I've probably posted this before but I still love it, especially after watching Matt's episode of Between the sheets. It's from I fucking love how far they have managed to come over the past year from just being a bunch of mates that played a game around a table
  7. I love how shocked people are that Henry said in an interview that he would rather stay at home and play video games than go out You can tell that he has played the hell out of the game because he has Geralt DOWN. Even the way he does the Hm I can't believe they actually started this off with Blaviken and episode 8, holy shit. I need season 2 already
  8. Yeah, not to mention they already had two winners with recruitment companies
  9. That advert with Lottie is so bad The logo though, the cogs aren't even touching each other
  10. nobooooooody Holy shit at the size of that sausage roll
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