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  1. Oh he's definitely been trying to push it for a while now, but he is still very lax at letting them do what they want to do. We’re getting quite tired of them abusing polymorph to get themselves out of fights and Episode 121 spoiler
  2. I’m pretty pleased because I sent my left joycon in to get fixed on the 4th and despite them saying there is a huge backlog and it would take about five weeks, they actually posted it back this morning. cant really see myself going back to using them after getting a pro controller though, it’s too good plus it doesn’t make my hands numb using it
  3. My mate just got a 1080p gaming monitor that does 144hz and has a 1ms refresh rate and he adores it but then again he doesn’t think 4K is actually needed
  4. January Switch Pro Controller - £3 Zacro Switch Dock - £25.99 Syberia 1 & 2 -49p
  5. Mike is fucking phenomenal for 54. He's still got those voodoo hands and you could see he was taking it easy on Roy. The post fight conference was good too. He has really grown as a person and this is a new beginning for him.
  6. The best bit about that Paul - Robinson fight is Snoop on commentary. Robinson got rocked
  7. Yeah it really went into the theme of generational trauma and why Montrose is the way he is. Absolutely love how Hippolyta has turned into Dr Manhattan plus the superhero in Dee’s comic and also embraced her true self
  8. Not only does it sound like him but Sam is a theatre kid plus he did voice one of the Ninja turtles
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