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  1. We watched Narrative Telephone last night and I'm just going to say Taliesin’s is every bit as good as I thought it was going to be This person sounds exactly like the type of person that makes their community toxic to the point even they have distanced themselves from it somewhat.
  2. ma shoe! I loved that one. Perkins’ ones were too damned short!
  3. Forgot to post but Dnd live was this weekend and all of the vods should be up on twitch.
  4. Yeah I just did this the other night, turned off the light and just sat in front of the window listening to music and watching cars go past and it was great. definitely helps being present listening to it
  5. Wickedkitten


    Fucking love Gunship and got my therapist into them and Tool
  6. We've been watching this since it could be ages before Crit does episode 100 and absolutely love it.
  7. my first console ever was the atari 2600 so probably pacman.
  8. My mate finished this on hard Friday night Started right up again on badass around lunchtime yesterday and holy shit it looks tricky but he's almost to the end again after stopping around 3am right before the Grandmaster. It's definitely worthy of the reviews https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyUglyLyrebirdKappaRoss Badass is wild because you only get 1hp
  9. I know one of the daughters died but I saw the wife last year on Below Deck, which is a reality show on Bravo basically where rich people charter a yacht, Amd Jackie has not changed one bit. I remember reading that the husband made a lot of his money by scamming people
  10. Sumalee was ace, as was Mark Hulmes purely for putting Caleb in his place regarding that bloody bowl lol need more Darin de Paul
  11. The pandering was the worst bit because it broke the RP as they ended up playing around her character instead of her getting in where she fit in with the mighty nein like every other single guest that they have ever had on it and it took episodes after she had left for them to get back to their usual rhythm. Joe MangoddamnJello would never!
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