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  1. Yeah it really went into the theme of generational trauma and why Montrose is the way he is. Absolutely love how Hippolyta has turned into Dr Manhattan plus the superhero in Dee’s comic and also embraced her true self
  2. its 7am and they are still going on this ep.
  3. Not only does it sound like him but Sam is a theatre kid plus he did voice one of the Ninja turtles
  4. Yeah it's all got an Umbrella arc and underneath are different things happening to each of the characters.
  5. Hardly when they are selling a critical role wallet lol I could have sworn they said at the end of this last ep there was meant to be an ep ”next week” but here we are a fortnight later and they are too busy ”adulting” so there is no ep this week either. Kinda taking the piss seeing as how they are prerecorded.
  6. Shit I just finished bingeing season 2 and didn't even notice he wasn't there until reading this I'm thinking Shue for season 3 because they mentioned what she does back in season 1. Absolutely loved it. William Zabka killed it and yes Team Johnny
  7. this 100 fucking percent. I thought the last ep was utterly fantastic
  8. Oh I definitely make sure I get it all off. My dad has a massive vinyl collection and I grew up watching him so I know my way around a record, the solution I use is about 20% That being said I was going through some of the stuff that we have and I really want a turntable now We have a copy of Off the Wall that is mint but the sleeve is so battered it makes me want to cry
  9. This is well late, but part of my new job is pricing up vinyl to put on eBay and the ”industrial” vinyl cleaner that I use is just isopropyl alcohol. Put it on a microfibre cloth, rub it in a circular motion and then go over it with a record brush and it comes up an absolute treat.
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