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  1. Oh shit shimmy there are leaderboards, go to level select and then hit y, should say right at the top
  2. Don’t wait until midnight because the 15% off is meant to expire on the 20th although I don’t know if that means directly at midnight or not
  3. Yeah, I’ve thought it looked wicked since last years conf.
  4. There is a Gloucester comicon?!?
  5. Wickedkitten


    Oh man, I got sent a short clip of them doing schism and the sound was utterly fantastic. So happy for everyone that got to see them live
  6. Marisha.is playing in playing in the Fortnite pro am!
  7. There are so many Fortnite players that build like they are on grand designs and dont know the reason why. See them all the time in team rumble where they will have a build war with themselves because that's what they see streamers do, and then you can either knock them out of their build or wait for them to jump out and shoot them in the face lol.
  8. I'll be back on in a half hour,e could have had him on that last one with the turrets
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