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  1. Haven’t posted in this thread yet but nobody in my house cares about football so I’ll say it here: fuck me what the fucking fuck
  2. Mega Mall Story is total crack. Also love Grand Prix Story and the Tennis and Football ones
  3. Totally forgot the PS5 update is out. I claimed the PS+ version and played for an hour before realising I should wait for the 60fps mode. I’m also a cheapskate and won’t be paying £60 for the PS5 version. Seems like my best bet is to delete the PS+ version and buy a disc PS4 version and upgrade that for £9? I have no issues with using the disc each time.
  4. Lewis has got this, Max’s tyres will be totally fucked in 10 laps
  5. Bottas really is fucking shit isn’t he, 6 secs behind a Ferrari after a few laps after the safety car. Edit: 6 secs off lead and behind a Ferrari
  6. I’m getting close to the platinum trophy and still highly addicted to this wonderful game. All I need is the surveys for 4 of the biomes, easier said than done as the random nature of the levels means they are petty hard to find! After hearing how someone took 6 mins to reach and kill the last boss, I thought I’d have a go: 18 mins. Found a carbine with leeching rounds and very little else, was good fun.
  7. Finished this last night. One of the best games I’ve played in the last 10 years. Took me many hours and an embarrassing (and undisclosed) amount of deaths but I’m so glad I pushed on through. Some of the best audio and visual design in a game ever, especially some of the later bosses. Going straight back in today for the platinum. Some boss kills didn’t trigger a trophy and need many more scout logs!
  8. On a good run and stuck in a lockdown room despite killing all enemies
  9. Finally beat the 3rd biome, glad to be done with that level! Also beat the 4th biome boss on first attempt but had a horrible audio glitch, sounded like my speakers were going to explode. Feeling more confident that I can go on to beat the game now. Also, I fucking love this game. Going to take something special for this not to be GOTY.
  10. 2 crashes today, the second I was on an immense run. Had a tonne of health and protection and having cleared every single room in biome 1 and 2 it crashed on the approach to the 3rd boss. I’m relishing the challenge but losing all progress due to a crash has really wound me up today. Had no crashes for the first 4 days!
  11. Nemesis is fucking me up all over the place. So much shit to avoid it’s unreal!
  12. What a terrible and underwhelming finish to what was a half decent season.
  13. I can’t stop playing this, it is absolutely incredible! Am I right in assuming each biome has 3 unique datacubes to collect? That would make 18 and I’ve killed the first boss 3 times and on a subsequent run I found a data cube that I couldn’t pick up.
  14. PSA: Once you unlock daily challenges, be aware that you get 1 shot at them. My attempt ended very quickly!
  15. Is it me or is the hollowseeker gun a bit shit? Massive clip size but does barely any damage? Not sure if I’m using it right.
  16. These are challenge rooms. On the map they are shown with a star above the door symbol. They are bit harder than normal areas with 2 or 3 waves of enemies. They also seem to give a decent reward at the end.
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