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  1. Great news about AC Odyssey, been holding off playing it for months waiting for an FPS boost.
  2. Going to give this another try, didn’t click when I played it on its game pass release.
  3. Nosejam

    12 Minutes

    I kind of like a lot of things in this game but my god it’s irritating to actually play. I will finish it though, even if I have to look up some internet hints.
  4. I tried Omno on the Series X on release day but the frame rate was really off putting and I gave up after 20 mins. Picked up a Series S yesterday and just gave it a go after reading the comments here; runs flawlessly smooth! Unless there has been a recent patch then that is certainly odd.
  5. It’s great reading this thread and seeing more playing for the first time due to game pass. I’m trying really hard not to start fresh on a new format but it is tempting to see if I could escape quickly and see it all in 4k 60fps appeals and omg just a quick run to see what it’s like and ahhh shit I’m back in boys!
  6. Yes, this is what I’ve settled on, a group for S games and one for X games. They still both appear on both consoles though.
  7. Thanks, it sucks but I’ll have to live with it
  8. Just saw on the Xbox store that you can download a beta of this which is playable between 20-23 Aug.
  9. Got myself a Series S yesterday and set it up easily and working great. However I went to my Series X today and it’s duplicated all the Groups I have from my Series S (showing games that aren’t even installed on the X) and whenever I change the content of the Group it changes it for both consoles. Surely it’s possible to have separate layouts on each console, but can’t for the life of me find an option for it! Hope this makes sense Help pls rllmuk !
  10. Nosejam

    Disco Elysium

    Finished downloading and all looks fine, just the one install
  11. Nosejam

    Disco Elysium

    Decided to get this for PS5 as still on sale. There are 2 separate downloads (PS4/PS5) is this right? Presumably the PS5 one is just the 4k assets etc?
  12. Mine is still not registering games played
  13. I play a lot of games, have completed 35 games this year so far, but I simply can’t keep up with Game Pass right now. It’s ridiculous!
  14. 100% complete, what a game! Up there with Returnal as best game of 2021. So glad I listened to TCGS as David and James convinced me that this was worth a punt.
  15. I cashed in a few MS reward points and got this for £1.64. It’s a bit special isn’t it! Incredible level design and tough without being unfair. My only real issue is having to hold down L2 then B to fire arrows, in the heat of battle I keeping trying to just hold B.
  16. Good advice. I’m on a holiday and spent most of my spare time watching flight sim videos! Hoping to be able to remember some of it when I get back to the game
  17. I haven’t tried this myself yet but from watching a few videos you may need to press the CDI button (centre bottom on G1000) to change from GPS mode (magenta arrows on the compass nav thing) to VOR1 or LOC1 (Green arrows) this will then direct you to your VOR waypoints. The frequency of the VOR should be shown in the upper left along with its name (if they are in your flight plan)
  18. Knights and Bikes Night in the Woods Donut County Rain on your Parade The Wild at Heart
  19. I’ve had that happen a few times and did what someone else suggested and bound it to Y and changed Autopilot master to RB + dpad up
  20. Can you use any Bluetooth mouse with this? Or do I need one that comes with a dongle?
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