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  1. What did he just say was £1.79?
  2. I am, really enjoying it too. Main chars are about level 16/17 and haven't hit a pay wall yet. Perfect nostalgia blast for an hour or two a day.
  3. Great race, the safety car and everyone on different strats meant for some great overtaking. Really good to see Ferrari winning again and surprised myself that I didn't mind it was Vettel. Impressed again with the TR newbies, funny to see them ahead of RBR. How long is Alolnso's McLolren contract? Hopefully this isn't a one off and this continues, would be great to see Kimi win a few!!
  4. Ok this has just clicked for me Used the summon bell and had someone join about 15 secs later, helping me kill CB (previous solo best was him down to about 20%). It seems a lot easier to understand the fight with someone with you, rather than him being in your face all the time and the camera being shit. A few bows and salutes later and I went from wanting to ebay it to wanting to get back to the sewers to sort out the rat infestation. I feel like I have accomplished something finally. I feel like I'm dying a lot less and seem to of got into the rhythm of it now. i might actually leave the game for a bit though and wait until the patch fixes the frame rate and loading issues as they are my biggest annoyances Also, the Kirkhammer that's for sale in the Hunters Dream, have I just unlocked that? Please don't tell me it's been there since the start?!!
  5. Struggled against the first boss last night, if I keep doing some 'souls' farming and levelling up a bit will it make the boss significantly easier?
  6. I am so shit at this game. 5 hours in and still haven't killed the first boss. Not enjoying it at all really.
  7. Just picked my copy up. Case has a reversable sleeve! White or black background!
  8. I shall be using the Sainsburys 'double up' promo that's currently running, getting a £40 voucher for £20.
  9. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet - the latest official headset update has a profile for Bloodborne.
  10. I'm very interested in this but have only had a few hours with Demons Souls before. I'm not totally convinced I'll like this, so will buy a pysical copy that I can sell on if I don't. I gather there's not much of a story to these games, but what is the basic premise?
  11. Geralts beard will grow over time Preordered.
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