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  1. Sainsburys are doing the double up nectar points from 11th-18th Nov if you redeem points on the app. Going to get myself a few games for the X this way.
  2. Argos Thank you for your Xbox pre-order. We just wanted to let you know your delivery for Xbox Series X console will be delivered to you via DHL tomorrow 10th November 2020. Your tracking number will be with you by this evening
  3. I’ve had a few sessions of Knights and Bikes with my 11 y/o son. It’s really very good indeed. I’m pointing out the great 80’s references and he’s splashing me by jumping in puddles and customising my bike with unicorn tassels and stabilisers!
  4. Got a bit excited when I saw an Argos text but when I checked the order number it’s for AC Valhalla
  5. I was in the same situation with the PS4 headset but got some replacement ear covers from eBay for a few pounds, then replaced the middle band with some faux leather I had left over from recovering a chair. Here’s a video showing how to replace the band:
  6. It is, but if you haven’t played Titanfall 2 then play that instead!
  7. Had a cracking 3 or 4 hours yesterday on Eastshade. Plays and looks like a 360 era Bethesda Elder Scrolls where you explore a pretty little island and paint pictures for talking monkeys and bears.
  8. I’ve heard about that but haven’t tried yet
  9. Shinyman Morales does indeed look incredible. The utter shit show of pre ordering has left me with massive fomo!
  10. Some of the millions of PS4 players that have no interest in a PS5 or don’t have PS+ Edit: I see what you mean now, but the PS+ freebie is for the PS5 version only. The link I showed just means you can claim this PS5 version on release.
  11. Fallen Order should be mint with a better frame rate. My day one installs/games to flick through is looking like this. These are games that I haven’t played yet or have part played and waited on the X for better frame rate/loading times: Assassins Creed: Valhalla The Falconeer Gears Tactics Gears 5 Alan Isolation Wasteland 3 Ori & The Will of the Wisps Eastshade Forza Horizon Forza 7 Carto Halo MCC Batman Arkham Knight Fable Anniversary FF 15 Mass Effect Andromeda (EA Play) A Way Out (EA
  12. Just spotted these available today, all Xbox and PC
  13. Not sure if this was known but just saw this on the PS store, confirmation that PS4 owners can add the PS5 version to account for when they upgrade.
  14. Why? To make room for a PS5?
  15. Show her the price difference between digital games and buying then selling the disc version and how a Series X will save you money within a few months!
  16. If you manually search on the web store they appear free (did for me 10 mins ago anyway)
  17. I put a few more hours into this and I hate it. It’s not just the visual side as mentioned before, it’s everything. It’s so unbelievably dull and dated, I’m getting nothing out of it at all. Selling it before it’s worth £15!
  18. Looks like A Way Out is on there which I’ve been wanting to play along with Mass Effect Andromeda. Titanfall 2, SW:BF 1&2 and Unravel 1&2 are on there.
  19. This arrived today and was going to save for Series X but gave it an hour on the One S. Graphics wise it looks absolutely terrible, horrible character models, pop in, jaggies, frame drops etc. I just witnessed a bin lorry drive past me and the textures didn’t appear for about 10 seconds, the thing had hexagonal wheels, I properly laughed at loud at that. All the cars have a weird shine to them and the handling is shite. Picked my first character, Kasun, who doesn’t appear to even move his mouth when talking to people and when he does the lip sync is awful. The camera is cr
  20. I read snippets of a review that said this was the best way to play. Let us know how you find the difficulty
  21. Keeping my pre order, it’s seems like there’s plenty to be enjoyed even if it’s a bit rough around the edges. The hard part is resisting playing it until I have the Series X!
  22. The answer is always Hades Also, Slay the Spire
  23. Hades Total crack and gets better the more you play. Beating bosses for the first time and finally escaping is such a rush, but there is so much more after you’ve beaten it. It’s my GOTY.
  24. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2020

    Imagine not having a race here again when there is a Russian car park on the calendar. Lewis GOAT
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