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  1. Sometimes it’s great having poor long term memory, I’d forgotten just how damn good the recruit Archangel mission is. So many feels.
  2. Glad I’m not the only one, was really enjoying it before the difficulty ramped up.
  3. Started ME2, what a glorious start that is. Got as far as meeting the illusive man and went to save the game and it fucking crashed! Despite auto save being on I had to start again and of course all the cutscenes are unskippable!
  4. Finished off ME1 today and although it’s a little rough it’s still a cracking game. Had a few odd visual and audio bugs, funniest of which was when Garrus said one of his lines in a cutscene and they used the wrong voice! Looking forward to ME2 which I loved back in the day. Never played 3 before.
  5. Thanks @cassidy that actually worked, although I got stuck on an infinite loading screen a few seconds later and now uninstalling!
  6. Thought I’d have a try of Astria Ascending and it won’t even start from the title screen! Seems others are having the issue too.
  7. Seems Argos are doing the Series S and FIFA 22 for £249.99. Edit: digital download
  8. Something funny was going on with a the app yesterday, all new releases said ‘install on day 1’. Avengers installed via app but others didn’t.
  9. Oh wow Insighted is excellent, was up until 2am on a school night playing it. Crack.
  10. I played an hour earlier. It’s alright, not going to set the world on fire but worth a try, especially as the download is only 1gb.
  11. I tried Lemnis Gate today and just the tutorial made my head explode, not for me at all. Just started Dandy Ace which is more my thing. Poundland Hades? Yes please.
  12. Just caught up with the race. A good race in Russia wtf! Absolutely gutted for Lando though, he must feel like shit right now.
  13. I also tried Dirt 5 this week and agree that apart from being lovely and smooth it doesn’t look that special. What did surprise me though is that there is a really decent game buried amongst some truly horrible (but thankfully mostly skippable) cutscenes and voiceovers. I’ve really enjoyed the course and car variety and the racing itself has been close and exciting. Not sure if I’ll play it to completion but it’s an entertaining enough diversion while waiting on FH5.
  14. Played Superliminal instead, what a game that is!
  15. Skatebird was looking great until you actually skate
  16. I let my 12 year old play it after me, most of the dialogue and jokes go right over his head, but he’s enjoying the spectacle. There’s an early bastard (and I thought a few shits, but could be wrong) and one of the characters makes a deep evil voice, so make your decision based on that.
  17. Nosejam


    She’s not old enough to have a celebratory champagne in the US
  18. Nosejam


    Time to shut these fans up
  19. Started and finished this today and using chapter select to finish up the 2 achievements I missed. Absolutely loved it from start to glorious finale. Maybe the most beautiful game I have ever seen, the colour, detail and character design is insane. It’s as much of a ‘game’ as Journey or Gris but the overall experience had quite an effect on me.
  20. Indeed, I’m only half an hour or so in but already it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
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