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  1. Panic over, switched to another game, went back to AC but quick resume didn’t work so feared the worst but was able to load from the main menu! Thank fuck for that
  2. I can’t make a new save without it being corrupt and my last manual save that works is 15hrs ago!
  3. Thanks, I’ve done just that Dual axes at the moment, I seem to be shit at blocking with the shield!
  4. I’m still fucking around in Norway, climbing fjords and finding treasure. Loving it. Should I be upgrading weapons? Are they basically all the same level just different speeds etc? I don’t want to waste materials upgrading them if something better comes along straight after.
  5. For those experiencing tearing on the XsX, has that been since the start? I’m 2 hours in and it’s been smooth af so far. Really enjoying it, feels surprisingly nice to control Eivor, especially the climbing.
  6. Sorry to hear this. If it was me I’d be on the phone to Xbox support and demanding a replacement, they should be arranging a pick up for your current one and offer a replacement or repair. This is what the guarantee is for. My One S had a fault and the process was really good, had it fixed and returned within a week.
  7. Loving Gears Tactics, so satisfying!
  8. Had a very quick look at Ori 2, Gears 5 and Tetris Effect and they all look immense. Forza Horizon is in the queue Also played a few mins of Mass Effect, so smooth!
  9. It just downloads the version for your console, don’t know what the issue is?
  10. Really impressed with my X. Pros: Download speeds have been really good, hitting 70-90mbps where PS4 Pro and Xbox One can’t get anywhere near that. Controller is obviously very similar to before but has a better feel to it. The console looks amazing and is completely silent in normal operation. The benefits of fast loading, switching between apps and general moving around cannot be praised highly enough. Cons: Blu Ray drive is just as noisy as the One S before it, guess I expected it to be but it’s disappointing. UI is the same, not just similar it is exactly the same,
  11. I do hope this DHL tracker is delayed cause my guy has taken 3 hours to do 5 drops and still has 60 left! It’s going to arrive as I leave for work lol
  12. Do you have Game Pass ultimate or just GP? EA play only included with the former
  13. It’s out for delivery, curtain twitching like a mother fucker here
  14. Didn’t realise SSX was on EA Play, that was a good one right?
  15. I might have a shit job but at least I’m not working at Argos customer services dept this morning
  16. I’m gonna need more storage space
  17. Ooooh Star Renegades on console, didn’t know that was coming, excellent
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