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  1. Knights and Bikes Night in the Woods Donut County Rain on your Parade The Wild at Heart
  2. I’ve had that happen a few times and did what someone else suggested and bound it to Y and changed Autopilot master to RB + dpad up
  3. Can you use any Bluetooth mouse with this? Or do I need one that comes with a dongle?
  4. You can set anywhere in the world map as an arrival destination, doesn’t have to be an airport. You’ll then get a mark to that destination on your screen.
  5. Definitely there on mine, I flew under it a few hours ago. The textures were not amazing, didn’t have the metal ropes etc, but still recognisable.
  6. Downloadgeddon aside, this is absolutely spectacular and everything I hoped and wished it would be like to play. I’ve done most of the tutorials, a few discovery flights and had some custom flights around North Wales and Bristol. My only real problem so far is that when I have HDR switched I get a bizzare graphic flickering effect on some ground textures. It very odd, I’ve tried recalibrating HDR but still there.
  7. Found out how to do this, the most over complicated system I have ever encountered. https://www.polygon.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-guide/21404006/invert-look-camera-cockpit-drone-thumbstick-controller
  8. Completely overwhelmed with menu options, I just need to change the right stick camera controls to inverted! I’m not talking left stick plane controls.
  9. This is like playing WoW on an expansion release day.
  10. Shouldn’t have bragged about getting a good download speed, it’s now only 9 Mbps!
  11. 27.5gb patch for me, getting a decent download speed though so should be ready in less than an hour.
  12. I’ll be doing all the tutorials
  13. I finished off Last Stop today and would recommend it. It’s very linear and the dialogue options really don’t impact anything but the stories are really intriguing, it has great music and voice acting. Glad I gave it a go.
  14. Yes Argos, a few stores nearby have stock on Thursday or Friday.
  15. Fuck it, ordered a Thrustmaster HOTAS. Don’t want to find out I can’t get hold of one next week.
  16. Blimey Atomicrops is absolute crack. Hades x Stardew Valley. So good!
  17. I knew nothing about Last Stop and it’s made a very good first impression!
  18. I’m enjoying this so far, 3 hours in, very old school JRPG in structure but the time mechanic makes it feel quite fresh. Not 100% sold yet on the graphical style but it may grow on me. Playing on Series X with a TV with VRR and haven’t noticed any screen tearing as previously mentioned.
  19. I really hope I get into this and it’s not a 30 min wonder. I’ve been watching loads of YouTube videos and it looks fantastic. Hopefully the controls will be ok or at least let you use a mouse for some of the operations.
  20. Anyone playing Bloodroots? Only played 30 mins so far but I’m loving the art style and Hotline Miami-like fast paced combat.
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