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  1. Just finished this! My heart was pounding so much on the last fight when I knew I was going to do it. Took 101 hours, level 145. Got the ending. Used sword and board with my trusty Grand Epee thrusting sword and Brass shield for almost the entire game, only whipping out the Grafted Blade Greatsword for the occasional fight. Always used Mimic tear or Ancestral Follower summon. 45 vig, 40 end, 71 str, 28 dex. Quite simply one of the most incredible games I’ve played in my life. Others in the thread have detailed why this is so god but if anyone is still on the fence due to (like me) not getting on with other souls games, then I would still highly suggest you give this a try. It really clicked for me after only a few hours and only got better from then on.
  2. This is my only real complaint about the game. I’ve gathered loads of great looking weapons but the thought of farming stones and using so many runes to make them half decent is crazy. At level 107 and I’m still using a 1h sword I got in Limgrave (now at +19) or a Greataxe from a boss remembrance and a few shields which I alternate depending on the situation. A preview of what the stats would look like when upgraded would be helpful at the least.
  3. I lost 56k runes last night in the Capital and wasn’t even annoyed as that place is so damn good that I just spent more time in there exploring. Just like Stormveil, if the Capital was one entire game it would still most probably be game of the year!
  4. Just got this fucker of a weapon
  5. I rode around like a madman on torrent for most of that area The reward you get at the end is
  6. Castle Morne post side quest question:
  7. I’m so obsessed with this game, playing it every chance I get. I’ve even got a note on my phone of all the bosses I’ve killed and in which order. I really believe in the far future this will be well known as an all timer and I’ll be able to tell the grandchildren about what path I took on my great Elden Ring adventure in early 2022. I guess I do like Souls games after all!
  8. Fucking hell this castle I’m in is absolutely huge and so intricately designed. It’s quite staggering really!
  9. Thanks, yes turning off the console completely worked
  10. Absolutely refusing to load on Xbox SX this morning. Have tried closing and restarting and this latest attempt I’ve left it for 15 mins and it won’t do anything
  11. I actually missed that area completely and found it late last night when I went back to explore.
  12. Can’t seem to play this today on Xbox, stuck on ‘checking network connection status’ Have tried quitting and still hangs…
  13. Thanks Dood, this is correct Killed a boss for the first time in a souls game.
  14. Can I change targets after I’ve locked on with R3?
  15. 450mb patch today https://www.reddit.com/r/horizon/comments/szd10v/horizon_forbidden_west_patch_105/ I’ve only had one proper bug and that was when I was unable to use melee attacks, happened twice and doesn’t seem to be in the fix list.
  16. On Xbox you can just change the time zone.
  17. If on iOS it’s this app https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/xbox/id736179781 Click on the icon in the top right and go to remote play, also needs to be enabled on your Xbox
  18. The side quests and NPC’s in this are such a step up from the first game, some quite funny dialogue in places too. Just did the quest(s) after discovering Plainsong (what a place that is) and the story bombshells have come early in this one. Fantastic stuff. Along with the open world gorgeousness, some of the interior cauldron design is amazing. It’s a world apart from the last few hours of Halo Infinite.
  19. Spent hours in the brilliant first area after the opening credits doing side quests, discovering the area etc. Then I zoomed out the map, the jaw may have dropped a bit.
  20. Only had a quick go on the board game thing, that could be very addictive indeed!
  21. Don’t forget about CD keys vouchers, making it £62, and less again if using topcashback
  22. Yes, got the PS5 edition For the simple reason that I don’t trust Sony to fuck up the process of upgrading tomorrow. Something will go wrong or I’ll end up with 2 icons like with Death Stranding. Or my internet will die in the storm.
  23. I went for digital in the end as I’m firmly in the Red weather warning area tomorrow so won’t be popping to the shops. All 98gb downloaded today, just got to hope the power holds out…
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