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  1. Actually looking back at the email, it’s doesn’t look like an auto response, it’s quite friendly! Hi, Good day! This is Jennifer from Microsoft Rewards support. We apologize for the late reply. I gather that your completion of the Microsoft Rewards Top 10 and November Monthly Bonus Round punch card won’t register in the system. I understand how important it is for you to be able to receive your points. No worries, I’m here now and I will do my best to address your concern. We would like to let you know that Microsoft was made aware of the issue and is currently working on fix. This may take a while which is why I would like to request for your patience. Rest assured that once I have enough information to share with you, I will get back to you the soonest time that I can. We appreciate your continued patience while we work on the issue. Regards, Jennifer Microsoft Rewards support
  2. Oh, just the usual fortnightly memo
  3. Sorry what was Brundle saying that RB have to protest against now?
  4. You should watch Drive to Survive on Netflix as a catch up
  5. Just like Austin, Mercedes being reactive not proactive
  6. 1 day left on the Top 10 reward and still not fixed. I did get a reply to the bug report saying it will be fixed but not looking hopeful is it!
  7. Took a break from FH5 for Dicey Dungeons, it’s a bit good!
  8. Online is completely borked today right, not just me?
  9. Don’t forgot if you got the premium pack there’s 8 Formula Drift cars to download. If you go to the Autoshow and sort by price they should all be under 0 credits section.
  10. Does ‘post a clean time on the leaderboard’ just mean not using rewind? Or does it mean not bashing into all the walls, which is my usual driving style.
  11. Just lost all progress in the Forzathon weekly challenge with the Fairlady Z, spent ages and was on the last part!
  12. I seem to have lost the ability to filter icons on the map screen. I’m sure it was RB earlier but has disappeared now!
  13. It’s simple as Menu > My Festival > My name. Pretty sure it’s not unlocked until after setting up the first festival though.
  14. You can change it somewhere in the options after. I’ll have a look in a minute.
  15. Greetings from New Zealand, I’m in
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