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  1. Great quality so far, Zhou in Q3 too
  2. A bit late here, just caught up with the latest. Has anybody said HOLY FUCKING SHIT yet? This has been creeping up my list of best shows ever and think it’s just reached the top. Absolutely outstanding TV.
  3. I had this issue, attached the pad via usb cable and works perfectly now!
  4. Finished this earlier today and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Some of the best writing I’ve seen in a game together with an intriguing plot, good characters and a nice subtle soundtrack. Surprised there’s not more chat about it in here, seems like the kind of game that would usually be very popular here.
  5. To be fair it is ridiculously wet
  6. Lol at these tyre trollies
  7. What’s going on, it’s only a shower
  8. Didn’t have the best start on this, during the tutorial no guards spawned so I couldn’t get the key to the boathouse!
  9. Oh my, the last two guests on the pod have been great. I’m half way through todays with Tim Clark, he has so many amazing (and laugh out loud funny) stories, in particular the Kojima karaoke tale!
  10. Super spreader event too
  11. This grid walk is mental!
  12. I had it in my head that Sniper Elite 5 was out this week but seems it’s 26th May
  13. I just played this too, got about 6 achievements in 10 mins before it crashed!
  14. Wait, did we know Trek to Yomi is day one on Game Pass on 5th May? I thought I saw the trailer on a PS showcase recently and assumed it was exclusive.
  15. Yes, the Patreon page provides you with a link to a subscriber only feed which will have all the podcasts to date.
  16. Great, great, shite
  17. Was going to play this tonight and had a quick look at https://howlongtobeat.com/game?id=71763 Oh my, it’s a beast then
  18. I finished this last night and got the platinum trophy. Took just over 75hrs. Despite the stunningly beautiful world, characters and combat, I thought the story was weaker than ZD. My main problem was the awful platforming/climbing - it’s very fiddly and annoying. It also suffers from being very bloated. There is just so much stuff/talking/collectibles crammed into this game. I, of course, should have just stuck to the main quest but gaming ocd meant I had to check off everything!
  19. Didn’t see that Pole coming, fair play!
  20. Gonna watch C4 coverage of the last few laps, can’t wait to hear DC’s reaction
  21. Excellent battle here
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