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  1. Also should of mentioned Santorini, would suit both your cases. I got it from @Pelekophoros on here and really love it. You can start off with the easy god powers and introduce complexity when more comfortable.
  2. Codenames Duet, Azul and Carcassonne are games I introduced to my parents and went down well.
  3. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2020

    What a total bore this race is
  4. I read there’s an option to change the skip dialogue command to a button hold which solves this problem. At work right now though so can’t check for sure.
  5. I’m still finding this really overwhelming, especially in combat. Just using the scan function so much micro text appears on the screen it’s really putting me off using it for ‘quick’ hacks when I could just of shot someone in half the time.
  6. Had to turn off HDR on Series X, everything looked far too bright and washed out.
  7. Only played for an hour on Series X and it seems good so far. It’s nice and smooth but detail in the background and some textures look ropey. Indoors and character models look decent though. Had a few minor bugs (including the floating guy pictured above) but nothing major at all. Combat and stealth seemed fine and was pleasantly surprised, contrary to what I read here, that car handling was absolutely fine. The best thing though? It has an actual manual in the box! Having a break so I can read that as I really don’t know anything at all about the game or game world. Some postcards too, and a map! Can’t wait to get back to it later and start exploring the city.
  8. Yeah I started a fresh char and it starts you at Cosmodrome
  9. Jumped into this today for the first time in 2 years and ended up playing all day - it’s great on Series X, really impressed. Set the FOV to 90 which seems right for me.
  10. Is it turn based combat in Monster Sanctuary? I’ve set it to download but on late shift tonight
  11. Ive no idea, I had it installed already and the 70gb is extra
  12. I saw this earlier and it appeals to me, downloading now
  13. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2020

    Has a driver ever got a win/podium for their first points finish before?
  14. Nosejam

    Formula One - 2020

    Merc will swap driver places anyway won’t they if George is ahead of Butters near the end?
  15. It was a reference to the pictures that make you laugh thread. Never mind me
  16. Finished this off tonight, 120 hours played (more than that really as I had to reload countless times for broken quests and getting stuck in scenery). Fully completed every area, finished off all of the Order etc. There’s more endings than Lord of the Rings and a heap of bugs and glitches, but I’m willing to forgive as a lot of people have probably worked their asses off during a pandemic to produce this.
  17. Phogs is pretty fun, played for an hour with my lad.
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